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  1. So I've searched through the suggestions and planned features, and I can't find anyone else who had an idea like this, so... Here's my suggestion. Skill Internships! That's right... An internship is where one learns professional skills working at a company. So what the H would a Skill Internship be and how does it apply to Zomboid? Okay, so now we know how it works... But... We already have recipe mags. Why would this ever be useful? Say you've searched Enigma Books and looted every house in West Point, and you still haven't found that darned How to operate generators magazine! Or maybe you're late game and all of these magazines have been scattered or used as fuel for fires by other players! Or you don't even know how to read in the FIRST place! Poor, illiterate child... Well, you're just out of luck then survivor! But not with internships! Internships make co-operation in the apocalypse even more meaningful, and the late game more dynamic. This could even potentially apply to NPCs in the future! That's my idea. Feel free to let me know what you think. It may not be much, but I think it's an interesting prospect. Thanks for reading!
  2. This is fair. Glad my game isn't glitched at least! Also the responses here were both insightful... ...And humorous. Thanks everyone.
  3. Playing build 41.44 right now, and i'm outside of town trying to boil water on a burning campfire. The water is in two bottles sitting inside the fire, and I've waited three full hours and it still hasn't boiled. I even tried pouring out, refilling, putting the bottles back in, adding more fuel, etc, and they still would not purify.
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