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  1. Here are also some of my thoughts on this: -The secret military base, which by the way is in the game, is a very good thing. Of course, this is the story of our death, but who prevents us from trying to cure the survivors from airborne infection. Moreover, labotos with experiments are also registered in the game. - Development of the rest of the world. The first 7 days we can see the development of events in America. I think it would be interesting to hear news from other regions. -Collecting. As mentioned above, this is quite rightly an entertaining thing for the category, espe
  2. I'm trying to pick up a car key, but it just doesn’t respond, an error also comes out https://drive.google.com/open?id=1KBwZB35aFX-eSAtXZKE0WJ5rAXy_XjV_ (Link to video)
  3. I think many already about the need to fix the weapon, but I still did not see the answer of the developer about whether they know about this problem and whether they will fix it. There is no word about this in the news posts, and it seems to me that this does not go beyond the discussion of the players themselves. If you combine all the requirements, you get something like this : 1) accuracy. It doesn’t even immediately hit (With a police officer perk). 2) Ammunition weight. Huge, 100 grams in a game versus 4 in reality. 3) Speed recharge. With the same policeman perk, h
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