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  1. Thank you for the quick response I've tried 32bit version of the game and it seems to work without any problems, 2 hours without crashing I guess it solves my problems for which I am very grateful. I'll have only one last question, is there a way to start 32 bit version from steam library or I have to start it from game folder every time?
  2. Hello there I've been playing pz for hundreds of hours and enjoyed every second of it... Well until wbums 41 happened. I'll try to explain what's going on with my game at this moment and I mean try because English is actually not my first langauge. At the beginning of 41 build my game started to crash for the first time of my life, game worked perfectly in previous builds no crashes no bugs nothing. So I thought that it's the issue that'll be fixed over time with next iwbum versions and so I waited and well, I was wrong it keeps crashing usually between 10-30 minutes of gameplay or even
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