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  1. I really think the Mod menu could use some updates. 1 A 'disable all mods' button.... 2. The ability to save your active mods as a list, and load said list. This can be utilized for testing what mods work with what, along with server mod lists. 3. Both within the Mod menu and on the Steam Workshop a build version separation for mods. Or maybe for within the Mod menu. even if you have a Mod installed/subscribed for a newer or older build it won't show up if you are not running the build version it is for.
  2. Same issue. Has to do with Nvidia GPU's and the lack of Open GL drivers/support with Apple. the build 41 update has higher openGL compatibility Reqs. Unless the Dev's can figure out how to change what the texture's rely on basically back to what build 40s requirements are we are shit out of luck. Personally i think they've given up on this issue and that we will be stuck on build 40 unless we buy/build newcomputers.
  3. So since apple is never gonna update or fix these driver issues. Is there any chance of testing if what PZ uses for open GL can be reduced? Or if it can be tested to switch to CORE Open GL rather than supported?
  4. Well since apple is not gonna update those drivers. And it seems like the PZ won't be able to set what i'm thinking is maybe the shader renderer to a lower OpenGL standard i'm gonna have to wait till i can afford to buy a new computer.
  5. Still nothing. Wondering if they have just given up on trying to fix this. as it's been like 2 months with no update.
  6. your skill level in stealth doesn't mean anything if you aren't actually in stealth mode.
  7. Oh no the oven part yeah thats a cool Idea, but i don't think you could dry wet clothes in the oven in build 40. So I don't think this is a "bug" what i hope is a joke is the blue bucket thing, though i guess it should heat up, and then melt...
  8. Yep, skin color if nude, t-shirt color if a t-shirt is on. Hat's show up fine, weapon models show up fine, backpacks show up, but may also be single color. when you wear a jacket the jacket shows up but then the player model becomes invisible except for weapon/ backpack / hat /hair. This is the same for zeds and can be a bit unnerving. Jacket seems to have texture in that it is more than one color, but honestly i'm not sure. I wonder if it's the shader language version? Compatibility for me on that is 1.20 Might be texture buffer or texture multisample also?
  9. I mean honestly I was planning on a GTX 1080. Mini-ITx Board with a Ryzen 3 CPU. But i'm not planning on building a Mac so the driver issue probably won't be a factor.
  10. Yeah I don't exactly have a ton of unused HD space at the moment. I've got a lot of media sorting i've been slacking on. The thing is a really need a new computer soon anyhow. And still a boot, or VM set-up or wine is still gonna rely on the actual hardware. I figure by the time i get a new system set up and built many of the bugs for build 41 will have been worked out a little more.
  11. Guess I'm just gonna have to wait till i can get a new system. And yeah build 40 runs just fine, it's a touch laggy at times but nothing extreme. Mostly the UI windows honestly. I've tested the backround fps a bit here and there and i think found a balance. The thing is with the issue in this build it's not as if i have no textures. And the game itself runs much smoother. Everything else texture wise and items seems to be just fine. It's only the Player model and Zed's models, Also clothing for the most part. I think that's part of it. And while I acknowledge that my GPU is shit old and has almost no VRAM(yes the 256). There are at least two other people with the same issue who have 1.5GB & 2GB VRAM GPU's. So i'm not really sure if that's a valid argument of whatever is causing this. I'll play test a little more to see if i notice anything other than this one issue. Hoping that didn't all come of rude or anything. i'm just betting that whatever fixes the issue on these other Mac's is probably gonna deal with mine also.
  12. Honestly If running the game through Virtual box, or a attempting bootcamp partition end's up being my only option i'm just gonna have to wait until I can build a new computer. Cuz I can't partition my internal without well wiping the drive and erasing everything. And I don't have the extra USB ports to run one off that. Plus like you said it's still gonna rely on the card I actually have. With any luck the dev's will be able to figure out which extension or core portion of openGL the texture processing on the models is relying on. And then if Possible they can adjust it to rely on less. Which given the graphics quality, It should be able to require less. Not to say it's bad, but it's that low-poly sorta pixel texture style which I love... but realistically PS1-PS2 era level graphics shouldn't require PS3-PS4 level drivers & GPU's. Like I can run Skyrim on this 2010 MacMini, soooo i feel like anything less than that graphically should not need something high than it's requirements.
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