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  1. from what i can test it mostly happens when using SD/SA keys together
  2. this has been a issue for a long time, but i just never reported it cause i didn't see it as that big of a deal until today, if your walking diagonally (WD, SD, WA, SA) you can't open doors. you have to click on them with the mouse in order to get them to open, i figured it wasn't a big issue as i always click on doors to open them. but after watching Ravenim get killed by the issue i realized it's a lot more of a issue. it's funny because sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, a few minutes before ravenims demise he opened a door diagonally the same way and it opened, but when he was trying to run away it wouldn't (should also include that most of the time it won't work if you are jogging, you need to be walking to open doors) i hope this issue can finally get resolved and people can run and open doors diagonally as well as vertically/horizontally (when i say diagonal i mean moving down and right or up and left)
  3. the removing mag bug was fixed with .39, and most likely the racking animations along with it
  4. Update: it also seems from further testing it seems all firearms that have some form of bolt/pump animation completely skips the pump/bolt animation. that's a little more of an issue because you don't have a delay when firing the firearm (besides the normal little delay from the firing animation) which can make guns like the JS-2000 basically fully automatic firearms... which can really break the game
  5. is this a known bug that is being fixed? or will i have to suck it up and move on dealing with this silly little bug for the rest of .38?
  6. i'm sticking with my "Gameplay over Realism" idea. the fact that almost every PZ player atm just ignores all MSR rifles over every other gun proves my point
  7. yeah you don't wanna do a Bohemia
  8. the recent update which included the reloading menu broke the remove magazine from firearm, no instead of the remove firearm animation your character plays the insert magazine and then halfway through the animation it just stops. it's really silly looking I tested without mods and made a new save
  9. I know it's based off the model 700. but the common model 700 has a 5 round internal magazine (my family owns at least 12 different variations of the gun... all of which have a 5 round internally fed magazine) just because it says it can support a 3 round external mag doesn't mean it's thee most common... right here it says it can have a 3 to 6 round INTERNAL magazine or a detachable 10 round magazine. you guys have a 3 round detachable magazine (also known as external) but as i've said... 3 round external mags are not practical at all because of how often you need to reload and waste time which will end your save quickly.
  10. i know this comment makes little to no sense... that's what happens when you take three comments and turn them into one
  11. even if they are based off of 3 round rifles which are not common any wheres because it's not at all practical in any sense. it's still stupid. nobody uses them because of the low amount of bullets per mag... and besides if they where based off of 3 round rifles the magazines would reflect that (visual model) but they are CLEARLY the size of normal magazines we would see (.308 magazine is clearly a 5 round and .223 is clearly a 10 round). and what the magazine is based off of is just that... a magazine... you can make a magazine bigger very easily... and as i said the models in game are not 3 round magazine models... 3 round magazines for .308/.223 are very tiny compared to what they are in game. sure it's based on these supposed "3 round magazines" which as i said are so few and far between because ITS NOT PRACTICAL but ITS NOT GOOD WITH GAMEPLAY you have to think about gameplay over realism sometimes...
  12. so ok get this. blood on cars is not linked to zeds... but to damage done whilst driving, our good old game breaker hurley figured that out while testing his supra mod's new blood textures. he hit a tree and blood started developing on the car. i can't test it myself but from what hurley's said it is infact a vanilla issue.
  13. ok so. both the MSR rifles are basically never used by anybody... why? well they both have a 3 round external magazine (which isn't practical or make any sense) and are very loud firearms, by the time you have fully loaded or put a new mag in hordes of infected will be on you, and with only 3 shots available you might as well just kill yourself. the MSR rifles should be changed in the way their magazines work. (personal preference) make them like what the firearms they are based off of (Winchester hunting rifles) and make them have internal magazines (meaning no magazine to pull out) and have the .308 MSR rifle (i forget if it's the 788 or the 700) have 5 rounds while the .223 version has 10 (.223 is smaller than .308) (what would be easier to do and would be personally ok with) have it so that the .308 magazines have 5 rounds and the .223 magazines have 10... honestly that change is probably the easiest thing ever and could be done in a matter of a minute and yeah you could use the RifleClipFix mod or some of the others BUT that becomes in issue when mods that change the entire items.txt file because that breaks every mod that uses/modifies a bit of the items.txt file will become NULL and not work until the mod that DOES change the entire file gets removed
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