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  1. Hi guys! I got the last update of the game and I loose the display setting I was using. The game, now, is not being fit to the screen when I open it and it's align to the top right corner of the screen, not making me to be able to hit the options menu. I rolled back to the 41.50 and was working perfectly. Disabled the "fullscreen" option and enabled the window borders. I updated again to the 41.51 and changes were there. When I tried to set up to fullscreen again and pressed the apply button, the game disappeared, after the "do you want to keep the changes?" time finished the game win
  2. Worked! I loaded the game without the scrap armor mod saved it loaded again but with the mod activated and worked. I lose the scrap armor items and the magazine's recipes but the knowledge was there. Thank you!!!!!
  3. Hi guys, I am facing an issue. When on the main screen And I click on "continue" Then the loading screen appears And and error pop-up is shown in the bottom-right corner And the game is stuck there Attaching the debuglog.txt there is some NullPointerException in some point that seems to be messing around. Let me know if you need something else. Thanks! 18-06-21_15-49-51_DebugLog.txt
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