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  1. DavidBlane

    New Big City

    Hello all. A new portion of screenshots from the map. Took a couple of ideas from Drayton.
  2. DavidBlane

    New Big City

    DiederikV, I planning on adding it to the existing world (and already done it). Most work right now - fix bugs in map and buildings. its a big map - i have more than 1k buildings in the city. (Sorry for mistakes, bad english)
  3. DavidBlane

    New Big City

    Nebula, not yet available for download. Still in the progress. But already done 85 %
  4. DavidBlane

    New Big City

    Hope somebody like it)
  5. DavidBlane

    New Big City

    Suggestions or critism are welcome)
  6. DavidBlane

    New Big City

    Thanks all, for the comment and the like's. I will post an update, when there is more to see)
  7. DavidBlane

    New Big City

    Hello all. I collected most of the buildings from the site and decided to make a city out of it. Most of the buildings was remade, and their bugs (if they were there) was fixed. But not all. Still in the process... So i just want to know what u think about it. some random parts of map
  8. Hi, i am new here, and its my first building. You can use my building, without my permission. Enjoy visotka1.tbx
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