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  1. I noticed that whenever you fish with a spear, once it breaks it remains in your off-hand until you equip something else in it. And so, to avoid this bug, I equipped a spear in ONE hand. Once I tried fishing that way, however, my character acted like he was holding an ordinary fishing rod. It was odd at first, until it opened up the error menu (or whatever F11 is in Debug Mode). Then once I closed it, my character was frozen in place, just holding his spear like it was a fishing rod. I couldn't move, couldn't even budge an inch. Only thing I COULD do was turn around. To fix this, I equipped my spear in BOTH hands and started fishing again. He was still stuck, but the bar over his head appeared, indicating he was still, technically, fishing. Once the bar filled, his animation reset, and he was good as new! console.txt
  2. Whenever I load, I get a HUGE amount of lag. I'm thinking it has something to do with the holster/belt system. I took this picture, and if you look at the bottom of the window, the WRENCH is in the holster when I load, not the pistol. I think this might be the culprit.
  3. Now that I look back at it, I think it has something to do with the new belt interface...
  4. When I tried putting some dirty laundry in the washer in the West Point Farm (More specifically, a cowboy hat and belt), I got so many errors that the game started to lag like crazy! Probably a loop on a checking event somewhere... not a coder yet, so I can't really tell much about it, other than it may be a looping check for an unidentified object? Anyways, here's the console log. Said something about the ISHotbar.lua, under line 161 "attempting a def of non-table: null", if that helps... probably speaking Gibberish, but hopefully the coder(s) here can translate it for us! xD console.txt
  5. Restart Steam. It worked for me, at least. Same here. It won't work for me, and I'm hesitant to play without the option to quickly grab my weapon on a whim. :(
  6. Aight, sounds good. And yeah, I pretty much just used a text generator, due to certain time constraints at that time.
  7. Not sure if this one was already suggested, but here goes. When a player dies, they drop their weapons, I think. Correct? ( Haven't really died enough to be 100% sure. ^_^' ) Anyways, what if there's also a chance that, upon dying, they wind up KEEPING that weapon in their hand(s)? Doesn't necessarily mean that the zombie will be able to USE it, though, as... y'know... ZOMBIES. No "Learning". Only "Eating". (Though a pistol-holding zombie's finger pulling the trigger COULD be a threat, though mostly because guns are freakin' LOUD...) But what if y'all made it where, instead of dropping their weapons, survivors' zombie forms hold onto said weapons, at least until they start "Reaching" after the living survivors when close enough, to which they THEN drop the items, instead? This way, we could easily spot the "Dead Survivors" who may very well have valuable loot, as well as add a bit more variety to the zombie hordes, without necessarily making things that much more difficult to deal with, and yet, also make things simpler for "Loot Priorities" when it comes to looting a dead horde. Perhaps in addition to that, the zombies that DO spawn with weapons could also be holding onto them, so that we don't "Magically pull an Axe out of a zombie's arse" when looting the dead bodies... and besides that, it could also add a bit of variety to the "Survivor Zeds" whenever the backpack updates roll out, so we see a bit MORE variety between the "Bag Carriers" as well. Anyways, just a small idea I had. Didn't see it in the "Common Suggested" thing, so figured I'd throw it out there.
  8. By the way, sorry if the formatting isn't that great! I'm still kinda getting used to the features on the site!
  9. In the middle of June, 1993, a mysterious viral outbreak began to infect the citizens of Kentucky. Before the end of the month, already 95% of the world's population was either killed, or infected with the virus. Survivors from across the nation struggled. The military did all that they could to keep the situation "Contained"... their mission was a Critical Failure. The president in Washington did all that he could to keep the nation calm. In the end, though, he was just another victim like the rest of us. Communications went dark. Somewhere within the Radio Tower, repeated messages from the days prior to the "End Times" would appear on the Televisions across the darkened streets, for the few who are lucky enough to hold a generator in their safehouses... a small, peaceful reminder of the days long gone. A few weeks have passed, now, and most, if not all that remains of humanity, now rests within the small town of Muldraugh, Kentucky... and a few handfuls of its surrounding areas. But food continues to grow scarce. In the end, the people are left to either ration out their supplies, or work for their own portions of food, water... even beds. The clock no longer ticks. Time has already run out for us all. Now, as you wake up from yet another nightmare, only one question remains. How long will you last, within ? The main goal of this server is to build a group of communities that, together, work as a whole to survive the end times. Loot will be Rare, and Everyone is "infected". However, PvP will only be used as either a way to "Put infected players out of their misery" (through THEIR consent, of course!) or to initiate "Faction VS Faction" battles, which are only to be done inside lootable buildings. Said buildings are to have at least ONE player from both factions camping its doors to avoid other players getting caught in the cross-fire! Should players wish to rob others, you are NOT to kill on sight! You are to approach them IC'ly, make your demands, and wait for them to respond. The maximum amount of items you can rob from them are 3 or less, and you can only rob the same player once every 3 in-game days (1 hour, 30 minutes IRL), regardless of their yields! If they don't have anything, then you are to let them leave, and only rob them again after the 3 day limit is up! If they choose to flee, give them five seconds to run, THEN tick your "PvP" to "On" and give chase! After thirty seconds (after the five seconds have passed), if you fail to kill the victim, then they have escaped, and are no longer a target! Therefore, you are to turn your "PvP" off! (That's the red box at the bottom-right corner that replaced the green box you ticked first!) If you are seen walking around with the red box in check, your character will be seen as "having ill intent", and/or "open to PvP", which makes YOU as much a potential victim as everyone else! Only activate it when ABSOLUTELY necessary! The main goal of "PvP" is essentially to allow "Mercy Killing" the infected players by their consent, however! If they've been bitten or scratched by a zombie, they can request that someone put them out of their misery. In the case of a "Mercy Killing", it is recommended that the infected player be the one to turn "PvP" on, should the executioner not wish to have your blood on their records. (The "Players Killed" thing.) However, this option is up to the players in question. Should a safehouse not be "Claimable", you are to build a wooden sign in front of the entrance, and ask that I, Justin Daniels, paint it for you! In the "Options" tab, there's a way to change your character's "Voice Color". The sign will have your voice's color on it as "Proof of Ownership". Claimed Safehouses are NOT to be looted, if they have a painted sign outside! Should you wish to claim multiple safehouses, you are to let ME know, first, so that your claims can receive a routinely "Checkup". If you need a roof built, let me know, and I'll build you one! OOC chat is either done via ( <-These-> ) or "Global" chat. IC "Radio" Chat is done via HAM Radios and Walkies, now! If you fail to find any, let me know, and I can spawn you one for your safehouse(s)! Though it isn't a 24/7 Server, I hope to keep it running for as long as I can! If your character dies from lag, bugs, or unfair situations, let me know, and I'll help you regain your stats you've lost! (Recently reset everything, and opened it up via "Dedicated Steam Server". Should now be possible to join at any given time! Server will pause when everyone's offline, though, so it isn't a guarantee that you'll wake up from a 3-month nap!) Should be a no-brainer that burning houses is grounds for a ban. Fires CAN be spread, so be sure you burn responsibly, and NOT near any safehouses! The server is currently unmodded, but adjustments are more than welcome to be made, by players' requests! Finally, have fun! And let me know if you have any questions on the server, its rules, its lore, etc. and I'll be happy to assist! Bottom line, though, just think realistically, use common sense, don't associate "REAL LIFE" from "VIRTUAL LIFE", and if all else fails, let others know! Odds are, even that "Bandit" that just robbed you is actually a good person outside the game! Interested in joining the (relatively small) community? Feel free to join us! Search for "The Deadlands" in the Server Browser, and/or visit our Discord by clicking on > THIS < link, and say "Hi" to the community! The rules are further expanded on in the Discord Channel, after all!
  10. In PvE, there's still a way for players to kill others... by turning into zeds after being infected. What I suggest is this... what about a button similar to the "PvP" button, that would allow YOU to be harmed, while you can't harm other players? Like say, for example, you get bitten by a zombie, but manage to return to base. The fever has already hit you, and you tell your friends, "You have to shoot me. I don't want to turn on you guys..." Having this as an option would allow some pretty interesting scenarios for people in the PvE side of things, without the risk of turning a server PvP JUST to allow "Mercy Kills". Heck, y'all could even use a "Target" icon since the skull's already been done. ^_^'
  11. Okay, so for starters, sorry for suggesting this on a Saturday. The odds are, if someone already posted this idea, I'm probably just repeating something already answered, and for that, I apologize. Okay, so now that the apologies are out of the way, here's a couple thoughts I had while viewing the Mondoid. _____________________________________ First of all, what fascinated me was the fact that we will be crouching down and browsing through the backpacks and stuff, like we would in real life... but I couldn't help but notice that the character was unarmed and sorting through the stuff, as opposed to observing the environment. My thought is, what if y'all made it possible to just look up and around, while crouched like that, in order to view approaching zombies/survivors, but when sorting through the stuff, your character's visual distance briefly disappears/shrinks to a barely noticeable size, at least until he/she finishes going through the bag, or when that character looks up/around? Some people can multitask, but barely anyone can do things blindly, and there's even more of a chance that, should that bag have sharp objects/if that item has (a) sharp object(s) around it, then should the player not be paying attention to the bag due to him/her looking out and about, he/she could potentially cut himself/herself in the hands/lower arms. Clumsy characters could also gain an extra risk in that department... and at high panic, it could make it happen regardless of where you look, due to shakiness and whatnot. While holding items in your hands, you can't honestly expect to go through a bag like that. As such, why not also make the character temporarily place the item/weapon on the ground next to the bag? That could lead up to a few additional things to concern one's self with. For example: I'm carrying a baseball bat around. I think it's time to grab a bite to eat from my bag. As such, I would take a little longer to get to the food in my bag because I have to place the bat on the ground to get the bag off of my back. I then proceed to lower the bag and go through my stuff. My perception around the world fades, and I'm left with just myself, my bat, and my backpack. I hear something ahead of me and lift my head up as I continue scooping around for that last bag of chips I had on me. To my relief, I only spot a single zed shambling from a distant building; TOO far away for it to be a threat, and with a chance that it hasn't even spotted me... yet. I'm about to look back into the bag when a sharp pain fills my hand. I wince as I look down and, to my annoyance, I've cut my hand on a steak knife I had on me! I'd have to buy more time and grab my bandages afterwards. The zombie moans. I look up, and now it's THREE zombies... and they're looking RIGHT AT ME! Screw the chips, then! I need to just CANCEL MY CURRENT ACTION, AND GRAB THE LAST THING I GRABBED, since it would be ABOVE THE ITEMS I'VE PLACED IN THE BAG OVER TIME. I get the bandages just in time before noticing that the zombies are just a few meters away from me! I am now filled with extreme panic. I ditch my bag, AND my bat, and just hurry away, right as the now TEN zombies pile over where I was just a second ago. I decide to mark that spot mentally. I can get that stuff later. But for now, I need to get these zeds away from my stuff lying there, before someone else grabs it! As we could see, this didn't go too well, simply because I had to spend those extra few seconds putting that weapon I had in my hands down. Had I either not been holding that bat OR AT LEAST HAD IT HOLSTERED SOMEWHEREI, I probably would've at least gotten away with my bat in time. Furthermore, I was left with a challenge of looking ahead, but alas, my ADD got me cut, and forced me to skip on a meal to, instead, get a box of bandages out that I just got done looting five minutes ago. Now, here's an alternative approach. I'm hungry for some chips. Since my bat is holstered in my BELT, I don't even need to put it away. I lower to the floor and take my bag off before sorting through my stuff. I hear a groan, and look up quickly, BUT DECIDE TO PAUSE MY SORTING PROGRESS, since I know I have a few sharp things in my bag. I spot a single zed in the distance, shambling my way. It doesn't look like it spotted me, though, so I decide to continue going through my stuff, LOOKING BACK INTO MY BAG AS I DO SO. Finally, with that bag of chips at hand, I open it up to take a few scoops of it out. I hear a growl, and look up. To my horror, there's now FIVE zombies just a few meters away from me! I immediately drop the chips on the ground and spring into action! Seeing that the zombies are so close, I ditch my backpack and pull my bat from my belt, then lead them away from my stuff, taking a few quick swings as I do. With four down, and one only crawling, I run back to the bag, HOLSTER MY BAT IN MY BELT, kneel back down, and move the chips back into the bag before picking it up with my hands and getting to a safe enough distance to put it on my back again. Not only did having my bat holstered speed up my looting time, pausing from going through the stuff allowed me to avoid getting cut, and in turn, I got to keep my chips and my stuff! I have a few more ideas to throw y'alls way, but these are just some of the basic scenarios that could be made in addition to the current progress on the looting system. Again, if it's already been suggested, then please forgive me, as I'm kinda a late poster.
  12. I'd love to join in as well, if that's okay? I even have a plan for my character's backstory, even! Name: Justin Daniels Age: 24 Race: Caucasian Info: Justin was once the employee of a local gas station before everything went to Hell. His long work shifts and lack of breaks, along with his lack of a Driver's License has improved his running speed, and moving the boxes of supplies has given him plenty of strength to carry more stuff around. (Improved Running and Carrying Capacity.) He has Crohn's Disease, though, which means he needs more food for the proper nutrition, and makes him unable to run for long periods of time without suffering from fatigue. (Asthmatic and Hearty Appetite Perks.) Naturally, he's a kind-hearted person who tries to find the good in everything. If someone has a bad day, they could always bet that Justin will try his best to make things work out for them, even if it doesn't work out for himself.
  13. My dad just bought a Dehumidifier from Walmart, and it got me thinking... "Maybe THIS could fit in a Zombie Apocalypse!" After about five hours of being turned on, it already picked up around a quart of water, if not more, just from the air! He also told me that it's pure, but that one might be debatable in an apocalypse. The other awesome feat about it is that it barely makes any noise... almost like a simple fan being blown. Anyways, I just thought I'd shout that out. Sorry if it's not enough details to go by, but I kinda figured "Takes water out of the moisture of the air" could sound like something people would go for in a zombie apocalypse.
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