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  1. If I understood correctly, function `Rand.NextBool(i)` is equivalent to "chance 1 out i". At the beginning i = 5 is determined, that is, chance 1/5 (is 20%). Next, checked presence of traits `ThickSkinned` and `ThinSkinned` and for each of them, i increases by 10. This is equivalent to a chance of 1/(5+10) = 6%. Thus, an ordinary character, making his way through the forest, has a fairly high chance of being injured. But for a character with the "thin skin" or "thick skin" trait, this chance is equally low.
  2. It looks like damage chance is the same for "Thick/Thin Skinned" traits. It is also very different from the base chance. zombie.characters.IsoGameCharacter: private void damageWhileInTrees() { //... if (Rand.NextBool(i)) { addHole(BloodBodyPartType.FromIndex(j)); i = 5; // basic chance = 1/5 = 0.2 = 20% if (this.Traits.ThickSkinned.isSet()) i += 10; // chance for ThickSkinned = 1/(5+10) = 0.0(6) = 6% if (this.Traits.ThinSkinned.isSet()) i += 10; // chance for ThinSkinned = 1/(5+10) = 0.0(6) = 6% if (Rand.NextBool(i) && (int)getBodyPartClothingDefense(Integer.
  3. For the test, create a simple mod with a single lua-file, in which we write the following code (no matter what for - it's just a shortcut to confirm the bug): require "OptionScreens/ModSelector" require "ISUI/ISLabel" local def_create = ModSelector.create function ModSelector:create() def_create(self) self.test = ISLabel:new(0, 0, 17, "test", 1, 1, 1, 1, UIFont.Small, true) self.test:addToUIManager() --self.test:removeFromUIManager() end Such a mod turns on without errors, but if you want to enable something else or disable this mod, the following will happen: ERROR: General
  4. Demonstration in vanilla game: While indoors, start reading the wrong skillbook (less or greater than your current level). The character will say "I don't understand..." or "I already know that...", after which the level of boredom will decrease by 5 points. The error appears due to the use of the function `Say` in client/TimedActions/ISReadABook.lua: 37: self.character:Say(getText("IGUI_PlayerText_DontGet")); 39: self.character:Say(getText("IGUI_PlayerText_TooComplicated")); 41: self.character:Say(getText("IGUI_PlayerText_DontUnderstand")); 5
  5. projectzomboid\media\scripts\*.txt https://github.com/FWolfe/Zomboid-Modding-Guide#the-scripts
  6. Try disabling the "Smart Open Mechanics UI" mod for this save. The update has something to do with the mechanic window - possibly conflicted.
  7. If path to mod contains national (no-ascii) characters, then in linux-version this mod is not visible in mod-list, and occurs error like this: WARN : Mod, 1599768637312> ChooseGameInfo.readModInfo> can't find "/home/narrnika/.steam/steam/steamapps/workshop/content/108600/1411032745/mods/Hydrocraft - Traduction Fran??aise/mod.info" LOG : General, 1599768637312> ------------------------------------------------------------- attempted index: getId of non-table: null LOG : General, 1599768637313> ----------------------------------------- STACK TRACE ------------------------------
  8. When using functions getFileReader, getFileWriter, getModFileReader, getModFileWriter in lua, national (no-ascii) characters are lost (more precisely, they turn into question marks when writing and into an unprintable character when reading). In the original game (without mods) this is manifested when saving/loading character settings or sandbox settings: Try to read a corrected file: It is not very critical in this particular place, but sometimes creates problems in mods (both when writing and when using). In this regard, the sugges
  9. Yes, I would like "favorites" to protect items from accidental destruction (seems this is already implemented for adding fuel)
  10. Build 41.42 Now this error appears regardless of the loading method (continue latest save or load from save's list)
  11. Outdoor temperature: -1.3 Room temperature: 22.0 Temperature inside the car: 3.6 The conditioner in the car is off.
  12. Narrnika

    Menu Bug

    No, the mechanics menu (only it) blocked everything before.
  13. Ok, "ui:drawTextLeft" changed to "ui:drawTextRight". Left to correct the calculation of the X coordinate :-)
  14. 1. Also relevant for other challenges (Storm, Winter, CDDA ...). 2. In the log before the described "STACK TRACE": attempted index: OnInitWorld of non-table: null OnInitWorld() - it's function from scripts of challenges (YouHaveOneDay.lua, AReallyCDDAy.lua, AStormIsComing.lua ...), which are not executed when using "Continue" (see here). 3. Apparently, it's not about the mods - it are here only to force reset lua, which makes the bug more obvious.
  15. Narrnika

    [WIP] more mod tags

    Sounds/Music Adventure/Quests/NPC
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