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  1. I dislike the music stings when a zombie is close by , it feels cheesy , its especially bad when you play with music off like i do , i also dislike the new zombie kill sounds , when i hit a zombie in the head with a bat and kill it , it sounds no different from hitting it and not killing it. I like the update overall but the noisework section seems to have dropped the ball.
  2. Im making a mod , and when i try to load it into the game it crashes on reloading the lua , this is my first time making a mod and i cant figure what im doing wrong , i attached the mod zip so anyone can check and see what im doing wrong. Armored_contact.zip
  3. im currently planning on making a mod to add in military vehicles , and want to know , before i make models on anything , if there is a mod/way to make a tank act like a tank
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