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  1. haha thanks, i would like make one like this OR
  2. Yes, I also thought the same about gas mask
  3. Hi , i upload a swat & riot pack to workshop MOD Only For BUILD IWBMS 41.37 this mod also needs to install files manually, Please read the mod install instrucctions below in Install section . -------------------------------------------------- -------- 5/22 – Update to Version 2.2 SwatBalaclava error on Ground and crash FIXED SwatGasMask Error on Ground and crash FIXED Added Swat Frag Grenade Added Swat Smoke Grenade Added Swat Stun Grenade -------------------------------------------------- -------- 5/19 - Up
  4. its a bug, but you can use like this first , generate guid code in https://www.guidgenerator.com/ try write New Era cap and add into xml cloth put the file "mods\yourmod\media\fileGuidTable.xml", in the mod folder and in the installation folder just add <files> <path>media/clothing/clothingItems/yournewcloth.xml</path> <guid>yout guid number generated in the xml</guid> </files>
  5. Hi, i am having trouble adding new Cloth Items. i put the GUID Cloth items in the mod\media\fileGuidTable.xm but never show models or icons change color randomly ingame The only way for them to work in the game is to add them in the root folder Steam\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid\media\ and then edit fileGuidTable.xml with new Guid Cloth Items. After that the models appear and the icons are displayed correctly i think its a BUG because the fileGuidTable.xml in "mod" folder doesn't work and I already saw a lot of people have the same problem sorry if it's already reported!
  6. your problems will be fixed if you add the items GUID into the folder: <game install>\media\fileGuidTable.xml. The 3d models will be show , item have stats , and icon color never change. if you put the fileguidtable.xml into: (user)\Zomboid\mods\(namemod)\media he didn't work, looks like a bug, i think this need reported to admin im triying to add full clothes of Swat into a mod on steam but I have come across this issue. i keeping trying
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