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Found 16 results

  1. Dry suit and wet suit must be one of the most effective armor against Zs and shud be quite common in a militart and turist are as the game is located. Maybe its will be hard to repare them and that will prevent them from be to OP but will make good stripes to improve other armor. And maybe a good clothing if some sort of stuck effect when to bulcky geard will come in to the game.
  2. Hi guys, What do you think of a Mod which would allow modifications of cars like adding extra armour, putting metal sheets over windows, making bumpers, spikes or attaching guns ? Basically customising cars ! This would make the mechanics skill more attractive to have (leveling it up doesn't give much as of now) Additionally i thought the it would be a good idea to make the fuel consumption and speed dependent of overall weight of the vehicle. This would balance over armoured and armed cars ;) Do you know if such mod exist already? would som
  3. nolanri

    Armor Mod

    This Mod adds Certain clothing / armors that you can equip to gain defence against certain kinds of injuries on certain body parts. The armor type items for now only spawn in zombie corpses. Right click on a armor type item to equip it or to see what defences it can give you with "Examine Armor" option. Obviously if you remove the armor from your inventory after Equiping it it will no longer give you defence. As with shields they will be put in 2nd hand when equiped, removing them from 2nd hand will result it no longer gaining the defence from the shield. When your equipped armor
  4. So, this is either gonna sound really cool or really stupid. You know how certain fast food chains have costumed mascots to advertise their products? Like the Chik-Fil-A Cow, or Ronald McDonald, etcetera? Well, one would think that with a chain like Spiffo's being popular enough to warrant its own feature-length film, it would stand to reason that the restaurants would have a Spiffo suit lying around for some hapless employee to climb into and sweat his balls off while holding a picture of chicken and waffles on the side of the highway. Thus, I suggest a Spiffo mascot
  5. I'm thinking it could work like the "thick skin" trait, maybe different type's with different protection. But they would also make you hot. And maybe some rare police/press vest's with added protection,and firefighter gear. I think the line should be drawn somewhere along bomb suits. Thats my suggestion.
  6. Don't know if this exists or not, but I would like see it as a standalone mod. I'm thinking it could work like the "thick skin" trait, maybe different type's with different protection. But they would also make you hot. And maybe some rare police/press vest's with added protection,and firefighter gear. I think the line should be drawn somewhere along bomb suits. If anybody likes it and is willing to look into it, I might be able to look into textures/icons if thats needed. Haven't looked into how the clothes models work or so, so no promises but I would try to work it out at least. cheers
  7. I strongly suggest armor is a must. Yes I read that at the moment it is a Maybe. I have lucky perk and thick skin and I still get scratched very very often when a zombie never even touches me (animation wise). We need to be able to pick up trash can lids as shields Hunt for animals(future) and make leather Find leather jackets, biker gloves, SWAT/Riot gear. Anti blood splatter gear, gas masks, eye wear, breathing apparatus. I feel very helpless in the game when I leave my base, and I feel it makes the game more complex(better). One of the first things I would do in real life is to dr
  8. I guess I'm really only posting this is because 3 out of the 4 bites I have received in this game have come from #@!%-ing crawlers biting my shins. Random timing too. This last run, I had downed over 2600 zombies. I had a great base, water, crops, fishing skills, aiming skills, bo staff skills, everything. And then, on my usual neighborhood morning sweep, I come across a small group of zombies. As usual, I chop their heads off, with one of them faking death, and I KNEW he was faking death. But, as I approached it cautiously, he lunges, and I swear he was not even touching my leg! But,
  9. Hello everyone, in this suggestion I will be talking about what clothing I would like to see in the game and how I believe different clothing should have a different "armor value" attached to them. DISCLAIMER: I am aware that there have been many posts about armor and that armor is a maybe on the list of "Commonly Suggested Suggestions", but most threads about armor (that I have seen) talk about things that in my opinion would either be to OP, wouldn't fit into the lore, or just too silly and impractical (looking at you, posts about duct tape armor, looking at you). This will not be a post a
  10. Hi! This is my first thread on the forum, and i wanted to know what do you think about my idea. As most of us know, in Pz you can only wear 4 kind of clothing: head (no use), torso, legs and feet, but i think than that can be extended. As you can see, this character from another zombie game is wearing clothes on differents part of his body. Im not saying that should be the same, but similar, so we can have more customization options. And about the armor: Guess from which game it is... Could be old, but accuarate. The armor should work deppending the body part and armor rate (of course,
  11. Hey guys, new player here. I've done a few PZ tries and although I haven't gotten very far in either of them, I have some ideas. I know that some people have brought the topic of armor up before and that it's gonna be in the game, so hey why not? I've been interested in the use and make of armor for quite some time and have given it a lot of thought so hopefully I'll be of some help. Now the first thing is weight. What we have to remember though is that this isn't the middle ages and it's not supposed to stop bullets, blades or arrows (unless you're fighting another survivor, but that's rare
  12. Helmets I seen the commonly suggested posts and seen the armor as a maybe, So here are my thoughts on it, I think football gear would be realistic armor for a couple reasons being BREAKABLE, Still can be scratched, but still have a resonable weight and defensive choice. Running would shorten along with combat and a football helmet would reduce vision but still keep that nogan safe CLEATS!!! (just thought of this) Better traction meaning FASTER but loud when on concert roads or wooden floor. (wanna keep this short) Throwing mechanics I seen a something posted about a rock being a idea which w
  13. If you havent seen World War Z the idea of using Duct Tape as arm and leg protection could be a good be of great use for those who can only go into hand to hand combat. not only that but if there is enough bites on the armor it could come undone and leave the player vulnerable to bites. I also think this would be a great defensive feature and give more survivability for more hardcore players that need to get out of a bind without any bites for those who do not understand what I am talking about I posted a picture Let me know what you think =)
  14. Some armor in game would be nice, its just not realistic to not find any sort of armor like a helmet or even far as a bulletproof vest. it doesnt need too be much, lets say 1, or 2 piece on whole map on a more specific location like a police station or an army base (i know there are no in the game >>) so it protects some body parts with its own durability ofcourse. its neither realistic nor fun runing around almost naked in a damn zombie apocalypse!
  15. First of.. Hi =) I would really like to see some ways to armor yourself against the undead. Perhaps a more indepth clothing system. Where you can make "armor" from things in your surrounding. For example: A magazine turned around your wrist would prevent bittings/scratchings there. (World War Z) I also thought about degrigation on the things you wear and the factors played from that. Like if you have dirty clothes, your unhappyness will fall. Just an example. I really aint that guy that are focused on grapichs, tho I would really like to see some form of upgrade in the inventory system and
  16. Craftable Armors Mod CURRENT STATUS: STOPPED (at least until beta version of Zomboid because it depends on too many things and it will be probably broken after few Zomboid updates). Hello, so I decided to make( add to my Recycle mod http://pz-mods.net/gameplay/Recycling/ ) my own armor mod, but sadly I didn't realized there is no support for things like that in Zomboid yet. But as I already started, I will share my thoughts here at least. Who knows, maybe someone know how some HalfSubclass-HalfFuction-AndLittleEvent glitchy hacky dirty way to get my thing done. So here is my ToDo l
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