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  1. How to change the amount of starting perk points? I have a company that does my hosting but I have to tell them what to edit ect...anyone know? and will it affect future players?
  2. Looking to play with a group, let me know what role needs to be filled. I'm leaning to carpentry or metal working. Anything that involves building I suppose.
  3. Ah it's because of the hydrocraft. I have it installed on steam but no clue how to get it installed through the /mods folder.
  4. Looking to join this I did the -nosteam and no luck joining.
  5. LF a PvE server to casually play on. One where it isn't reset and people don't build absurd structures and destroy everything.
  6. Why play the game if you view it that way? If you know you're going to die. Even will all that lab stuff and armor. You are bound to have human error and die.
  7. I do feel the game needs a better end game or objective. Being completely immune to the disease is lame. Let me throw ideas at you all--- after a a certain amount of ingame time (possibly set in custom options) a underground science lab spawns randomly. Possibly in an underground tunnels system or whatever. The science lab allows you to skill up in chemical skills. Then when proficient, allow the making of drugs(that take along time to make per batch) that make you 99% resistant to getting the infection. You are still allowed to die from animals attacks, blood loss, bones... Metalworking/leather working armor also should prevent bites and scratches but not the % to be infected once those bites occur. As far as more endgame, id say technology advances(automated gun turrets, bullet production, alarm system, better walls).
  8. I think so, but I figured it out. Have to type -nosteam into the launch options. I can't stand messing with files ect...it feels messy and leaves room for things to go wrong. All the server options,settings,and launch stuff should be built within the game. The editor stuff as well(which I think they are doing sometime before the year 2050).
  9. Also just found out with one of the updates my self hosted Hamachi server no longer works ....yay! They need to come out with a server hosting thing INSIDE THE GAME !
  10. awesome now my server doesn't work! This game is dead to me.
  11. I vote you just put it in Build 34, I am glad I read the update because if I would have started my hometown map project...I would have been angry knowing it was all for nothing. I love this game, but damn...it's been like 6 months I have been waiting for Creative. Hurry up on updating the visuals for this game and get Creative Mode delivered!!!
  12. When will the level editor (build 33) be available, estimate?
  13. I grab thick skinned every game, I am at full health. I turn around and a zombie one shots me...it happens often. And I saw him there the entire time, he just got to me. ZOMBIES ARE ON LOW DIFFICULTY SETTING. So my problem is the dice roll on them crit hitting or however it works needs to be changed. I also get bitten and scratched way too often with the perk.. Servers online is even worse because the delay, they have already hit me before they are near me. Please make armor, once the armor you are wearing reaches 0% durability. You have a chance to get bitten/scratched.
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