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  1. How did you revert to a specific version of IWBUMS?
  2. Great job! This bug: For me is present since around 41.30, for 50% of the cars. It is present when i play with and without mods.
  3. What do you mean by vehicle stories?
  4. Hi guys, What do you think of a Mod which would allow modifications of cars like adding extra armour, putting metal sheets over windows, making bumpers, spikes or attaching guns ? Basically customising cars ! This would make the mechanics skill more attractive to have (leveling it up doesn't give much as of now) Additionally i thought the it would be a good idea to make the fuel consumption and speed dependent of overall weight of the vehicle. This would balance over armoured and armed cars ;) Do you know if such mod exist already? would someone be interested in making it?
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