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  1. Hey everyone, I love me a good Zomboid story, and was curious as to what yours might be! My most memorable moment was when two friends and I accidently flipped a car near a horde in Muldraugh and barely escaped with our lives. It was absolutely because we were being idiots, but it was so thrilling having to navigate a neighborhood on foot and coordinate an escape from the horde while severely injured.
  2. Movies: REC (very good Spanish found-footage horror film about a sealed zombie-like infection in an apartment building, honestly scared me a few times lmao) The Return of the Living Dead (80's classic American zombie movie about a gas reanimating the dead, has a good amount of comic relief) Zombie (1979 Italian Zombie movie, traditional slow zombie setting taking place on a tropical island, one of my favorites) Cargo (Australian zombie movie, interesting virus portrayal) TV Shows: Dead Set (British zombie mini-series, takes place during a reality TV show)
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