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  1. Good thing this thread started, I also wanted to share my thoughts on why the game is annoying rather difficult. Last session I played definitely pissed me off, because I still have the same problem I have in every single save: The way that zeds attack me and the "magical" zombie spawning mentioned before. In the first one happens that every time a zombie scratches or bites me (it doesn't matter how often they break my char skin) the attack is in the groin. Every time. I was really angry at this on game's last session, because they always get me this way, I mean, they are merciless flesh eating monsters, not lustful corpses that came back from the dead. It's not even funny, I wouldn't complain much about this if they could attack me somewhere else, but it's just that every time they aim for my groin. And now, the zed respawn part: I don't have any problems with them spawning from time to time, but it's the metagame that screws this up, because it always, and I quote, always drive them to my current location, makes me want to quit rather than resisting them. I know that this is for getting our char killed before reaching an endgame part of the game but... no, wait, you know what? It's done right, now I understand why the game kills me within a few in game hours or a week, because after that it becomes the same game that I've played for a long time: Water and electricity is down, search for cans of food, make walls, farm, die. Whenever I reach that point in the game I drink bleach to kill myself out of boredom.
  2. Well, umm... I didn't wanted to sleep anyways...
  3. Yeah, and I was expecting to see something about the "cookie engine" on this week mondoid But sadly it didn't Still love the devs though
  4. What are you first stating is different from the explanation, starting from before the outbreak it's a confirmed no from the devs, now, if we take the first line of what you said (starting at the beginning of the outbreak) that "might" be possible, dunno, I'm just saying. And welcome to the forums
  5. Hey devs, I'm going to leave a cookie here, I hope someone wants it. *puts beneath the cookie a piece of paper with a note saying "does your engine have a name?"
  6. A better question would be when's mahvel?
  7. Holy Mary mother of Joseph 0_0 This means... I could build some... Sort of... Spaceship? Can I build a Spaceship? SPACESHIP! lol jk, I can't wait to die in my game version of my house
  8. In my opinion, I think that is quite awkward that once you die after surviving 6 months after the apocalypse, you can create a freshly new character without bonus points, like : "Hello guys I'm a doctor and omg a zombie apocalypse? I've been here for six months and I didn't realized" +1 to this
  9. What makes me laugh is that I'm usually attacked by a bunch of female zeds, I think that their were feminist and that I am a misogynistic male.
  10. Well, it isn't in the vanilla game (yet), but as an alternative you can get a mod that changes the zombies models into a more detailed and gorier ones.
  11. Spiffo is life.I was only 14 years old...
  12. So I made Twiggy's my base, and I filled the front with log walls and created a second floor with fences sheet ropes, and when I'm gonna test them, I press "e" on a fence rather than the window frame, I fell down, and broke my left shin. Then I said "A better idea should be breaking a wall, and replace it with a window frame". So I did it, but I forgot to add a rope, climbed through it, and broke my right thigh. The worst of all? I didn't had too much food, and I struggled for a lot of days with both legs broken. On 8 months after the apocalypse.
  13. I was thinking that the sandbox mode could include an option to allow the use of commands, like the admits use in servers, since I created a "Building mode" preset, and I find quite annoying that I have to cut logs then get planks from them, I prefer to spawn them through commands. And also, test out bases by spawning zombies outside. I know that this can be reached through mods, but it would be a nice addition to the vanilla game. That's it, have a nice day.
  14. One day, my character got bitten in the groin by a female zombie (ironically) in a 1vs1 fight, and when I'm infected I usually go on a zombie killing spree, so I attracted many of them as I can in the Knox bank, and covered behind the counter and started shooting. I killed most of the zombie in front of me, but then I realized that they started breaking doors, and the only door that was left was the one at my side (If you've been at Knox bank, you'll probably know what door is it), I thought that I was screwed, but somehow I discovered a new tactic: Open the door, shoot, close the door, repeat. The whole bank was painted red, I took a breather and I said "Yay, I managed to kill +150 zeds without a single scratch, and in before I lost against one, let's celebrate with the finest bleach in Muldraugh" GG.
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