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  1. Uh, no it isn't. I'm literally sitting here making chainmail RIGHT NOW and I have no formal training. I stated in my original post exactly how to easily make it, it's very time consuming yes but say that you're holed up in your safe house for reasons then why not? Also I have now read the Zombie Survival Guide and I have to point out the fact that it's labeled not even as fiction but as humor. It made some points here and there, but I specifically and carefully read through the armor page and obviously the author is basing his "facts" off of movies. Firstly he's talking about a full-body suit which I've already mentioned that you don't need and then he goes on about the weight. Here's the thing: if properly made, chainmail will hug the body in such a way that it distributes its weight evenly over your entire body. There's also literally HUNDREDS of different styles and makes when it comes to chainmail, it wasn't just the most common armor for well over a thousand years, even more. Cost is neglegible, yes it will cost you quite a bit to buy a chainmail shirt (or hauberk) but that is mostly based on time taken to make it since quality steel wire isn't quite so expensive.
  2. Well sorry, but I don't have the zombie survival guide. So I'm just kind of improvising what seems best to me. What I DO know is when the horde comes, you REALLY want something more than air or a single layer of cloth between your skin and virulent teeth.
  3. Didn't even think of that, although cutting metal of that thickness isn't something you do with scissors.
  4. Hey guys, new player here. I've done a few PZ tries and although I haven't gotten very far in either of them, I have some ideas. I know that some people have brought the topic of armor up before and that it's gonna be in the game, so hey why not? I've been interested in the use and make of armor for quite some time and have given it a lot of thought so hopefully I'll be of some help. Now the first thing is weight. What we have to remember though is that this isn't the middle ages and it's not supposed to stop bullets, blades or arrows (unless you're fighting another survivor, but that's rare enough that I haven't even done that myself yet) so it doesn't have to cover your entire body. What it SHOULD cover chief of all is the areas that zombies are most likely to go for which would be your hands, arms and shoulders. Next we have to ponder what kind of materials would work for this and what comes instantly to mind for most people is probably leather. Now I've never actually been to Kentucky, but I can't possibly imagine that there would be a shortage of leather anywhere in the world where there are animals present. Now leather doesn't actually weigh that much and provided you have a knife and some good thread (using a needle is optimal but you can do it without) and some time on your hands you can make makeshift leather armor. This would greatly improve your chances of survival since even though humans have great biting power, it's very difficult to bite through tanned cowhide. Second on the list on possible-to-make-into-armor is vulcanized rubber; tires. Now rubber is a lot harder to work with I admit, escpecially if we're talking car tires, but I'm pretty certain there would also be bikes in Muldraugh. Rubber is also very common, maybe even more common than leather, and although it would take a bit more time and effort it would give very good protection against bites and scratches. Depending on the rubber used it would also be a little heavier, but then again we're not going to be wearing three truck tires here. A single car tire would give more than enough to cover your entire arms, and properly attached wouldn't actually weigh you down that much. Finally we have chainmail. And you're probably going "Are you nuts? There's no way you'd find chainmail today!" and probably laugh, show your friends and call me an idiot. But here's the thing. All you really need is to find a single hardware store and you've got everything you need to make it. First you need a rod of some sort, smooth. Pipes work but a solid metal rod is optimal, I have used wooden rods to do it but they deform and there's a risk that you don't get uniform rings, and you can only use them once. Then you need metal wire, which is readily available in any hardware store of many different gauges and spool lengths. To create the torque needed to bend it into wire it's best to have a hole drilled right through to stick the wire into but it's not absolutely necessary. I have personally used a Vise Grip to both hold the wire in place and apply the torque. Of course this would take time, effort and a bit of skill (I'm self-taught, so it can be done) but if you manage to make it, there's simply no way that anything short of an alligator would bite through chainmail. And even if you don't have the time and know-how to do it I know that they make chainmail gloves for butchers and such. Well, that's it for now.
  5. Oh okay, I'll do that! I figured since this one was pinned I might as well post it here, but I'll repost them in their own thread
  6. Okay, I haven't actually gone through all the posts so I dunno if these ideas have been posted, but they weren't in the no-section so here's what immediately jumps out at me after a few tries in the game Some way of measuring durability for weapons The ability to repair or maintain your weapons Some manner of aiming system. In one of the early posts I read about the game there was something about circles appearing? Sharp weapons, or some way of sharpening normally blunt items Some more crafting And finally some way of improving your character's stamina. I haven't really been able to tell if this already exists or not, but some of the things you can do seem to make him or her winded incredibly quickly, even quicker than I'd get and I'm not exactly the fitness type of person.
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