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  1. With this patch I'm experiencing game breaking lag. To reproduce, get a car siren going.on the first day (apocalypses), circle the surrounding cells during the next one/two days then try getting as close to the siren as possible. Previous patch I managed to get a molotov off by the 3rd day, but now it's not a possible strategy for me anymore, due to lag.. I've tried fiddling with the settings, with minor progress, on that note It would at some point be useful to have a reset or different performance settings on the option page. Besides big hoard scenarios, game is getting really exac
  2. With the ever growing menu's such as crafting/mechanic and with talk of a new inventory system. I think that it would be nice to move all current view blocking windows to a second monitor, it would also be nice if we could move the different windows around so multiple resolution and monitor setup can be supported.
  3. Doh, Ive been using the aiming button for sneak all a long..
  4. Like climbing into windows some action aren't allowed while sneaking. It makes the game unresponsive. That's all.
  5. If it helps, Ive been able to fix them by either pour on ground or by pour into other gas canĀ“s.
  6. Bugs IWBUMS 39.60 1. Driving thru a constructed wooden gate slows down cars until they reach the other side and then flings them off at a high speed. (as of latest patch only, built about a week ago) 2. Deconstructing log walls yields nails. (or at least a week ago, as of today) 3. And I have had a few spawns inside of walls after constructing a raised lookout spot with only sheet ropes to access either side, I'm guessing they are spawning on the second lvl and jump down the window to reach a generator. Also, the hood on cars could use a buff as well as the noise ma
  7. Glasses to correct shortsighted and hearing aid to improve hearing for hard of hearing. Possible even boost hearing and sight for folks without the negative traits, maybe with some nausea effect's on prolonged use. edit, hearing aid should probably use batteries, and on that note I think we should also get batteries charges.
  8. I like it, also concussion perhaps, maybe it gives less hearing and seeing range combined with decreased xp gains.
  9. I think that recipes should be learned with skill books once you exceed a certain lvl say you don't have metalworking, if you get to lvl 4 and either re-read the first two books, or when you read the third you'll get some recipes, forge for example, and maybe when you reach lvl 7 you get cabinets and what not.
  10. Suggested Occupation's. Librarian Bonus xp Read's faster (original I thought that librarians should have all recipes, but decide it would properly be to powerful) Prepper Knows all recipe's Don't work well with others (probably works better when npc's hit) Technician +2 Electrical +2 Metalwork (knows metalwork and electrical recipes) Architect +2 Carpentry +2 Metalwork (knows metalwork recipes) Truck driver -2 Fitness Night owl +4 extra points to spend
  11. Thanks for all your work EasyP. I really enjoy coming back to PZ from time to time and see all the work being done.
  12. Don't know if this is a IWBUMS bug or not, but I have had zombies spawned in two safe houses in row today, both only had sheet rope entrances/exists.
  13. I think it should be quite simple, but i don't know .LUA at all. So it might be more complicated operation then what i see. Me, Ive only worked whit the old school html and css and have never delved deeper into code maybe some simpler php stuff, I can usually read it and modify it if there are examples, but not much more. Ive always been more into graphics or map making, and I'm holding out on that to get a feel for the upcoming creative mode.
  14. I originally made a thread in the "Mod Ideas and Requests",
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