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  1. I'm sure this was in the game at some point, wonder if it only got lost somewhere. Either way I think it should be added as well.
  2. As a long time player seeing the zombie spawn maps is a huge spoiler and would be better if the spawning map was tied into the map itself. Something like, Every house could have a chance to increase spawns depending on the house type and if/or nearby houses is present. Car pile up could be added for more randomized road hoards and so on. Know edge spawns was recently introduced so you devs know the rules required and if it would be feasible, and not to taxing. I'm remembering an awesome dev post it was a few years ago where you discussed this, it would be great to see a follow-up. Also think it would make the map feel much more alive if the zombie spawns received a slightly different taste on every creation.
  3. It would be great for 6 month later to have to convert a car for use whit wood-gas if fuel is scarce. Don't know what I mean here is google translation link to an explanation. I would love too have the option in-game whit pros and cons.
  4. Thank you, I was hoping for conformation on it, or if it's only me? I'm aware of the features, but it's a new bug for me on an old setup, maybe I never noticed it before. I don't know. It is consistent in while holding Down (s) and Right (d) and then pressing Sneak (c) especially since all other directions work fine.
  5. Sleeping on it, I thought of another option in the same vein. You could add a minimum and maximum (%) amount of group willingness and let the cold determent how many groups there would be.
  6. It would be nice to have long summer days and short winter days, yes.
  7. Yes. so it would be a mix of groups and how they behave if you set group size to zero.
  8. I tried playing whit the group settings, And feel like this option wold led to my preferred distribution of zed's.
  9. And a setting for wobble! It's the apocalypse after all. Would be good for map makers, also I live in the north and our winter is significantly longer and with little to no daylight. But I wouldn't mind playing a desert game as well. Could even reflect it in the game world vegetation and stuff, I know it would be a ton a work Just thought I'll throw out here. p.s. Any love on the winter survival would be appreciated (like options to collect water from snow), freezing the lakes for some drifting, uh I mean fishing.. d.s.
  10. All other directions works fine. It feels like there is an input limit or something. Thx
  11. With this patch I'm experiencing game breaking lag. To reproduce, get a car siren going.on the first day (apocalypses), circle the surrounding cells during the next one/two days then try getting as close to the siren as possible. Previous patch I managed to get a molotov off by the 3rd day, but now it's not a possible strategy for me anymore, due to lag.. I've tried fiddling with the settings, with minor progress, on that note It would at some point be useful to have a reset or different performance settings on the option page. Besides big hoard scenarios, game is getting really exacting and love the work you are putting into it.
  12. With the ever growing menu's such as crafting/mechanic and with talk of a new inventory system. I think that it would be nice to move all current view blocking windows to a second monitor, it would also be nice if we could move the different windows around so multiple resolution and monitor setup can be supported.
  13. Doh, Ive been using the aiming button for sneak all a long..
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