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  1. Sure, I can do that for you. Like this? "JM_Forest_64, your mind is like a high-powered generator, humming with energy. This idea is.... words can't do it justice. It's amazing, like seeing the pale glow of the Milky Way for the first time. What surprises me the most, truly, is that the game developers didn't start with this idea in the first place. Right? Start with a road construction game, add zombies. Done. Now, I shall "Like this" for thee!" Is that what you were looking for?
  2. Road Construction! If England is anything like the United States (and there are a few similarities), then I assume that you Indie Stoners know about road construction. All those roads in Knox county, and not a single construction site? COMPLETELY unbelievable. There should be a construction site on some point of the highway, with a lllooooooonnnnnggggg line of cars waiting on either side. In truth, there's a lot of interesting things that could be found at the site. A maintenance truck with metal bars, shovels, gravel bags, axes, etc. Ditches that could be used to throw zombie bodies into. A big dump truck for mowing down zombies. I'm smiling just thinking about it! Oooh oooh, it would super cool if the construction site varied it's location on the highway! It could be south of Muldraugh in one map, and up by Valley Station on another map. That would be sweet.
  3. The vector lines doesn't have to spread out into space. A character could simply get a "V" at the bottom of their feet while they have their weapon drawn. The angle of the "V "would widen or narrow based on aiming skills; with high aim and a hunting rifle, the "V" would practically become an "I". As far as targeting, the highlighting system that is used to ID which container or zombie corpse you are currently searching could double for the player's target while aiming.
  4. Ooooooh, makes me want to watch "Night of the Living Dead" again! This is a great suggestion for a mod, or a sandbox setting, or a trait, or some other mechanic. Usually it's the little things that make a big difference.
  5. Yeah, I'm all for this too, because Zomboid players often have their characters running around in their tighty-whiteys during the summer when vegetation is thickest. It makes players have to choose: possibly overheat but have the option of retreating through trees without pain, or stay cool but be forced to stay on open roads and yards. Well, maybe not "forced," but have consequences for running through an overgrown forest in just boxers.
  6. I guess what I'm saying is, I don't think the helicopter should be shooting guns. If there is a helicopter flying around, it has some specific mission, maybe surveillance, maybe a rescue of some high-value personnel (i.e. not you), maybe simply to move across Knox county as quickly as possible, I don't know. But sniping from the back of a helicopter seems like an ineffective way to kill many, many things. They'd use a MOAB for that.
  7. If the government determined that the only way to deal with a domestic virus was to eradicate the population in the infected zone, and decided to implement an aerial military response against that domestic target, they'd plaster the area with everything they had. They wouldn't fly a few helicopters over and have them shoot some guns. Remember the movie "Outbreak;" the government isn't going to half-ass something like this.
  8. Helicopter Story I made my base at the North Farm in Muldraugh. When the helicopters came around on day 7, I was destroying crates in the large warehouse. I ran outside to watch the zombie migrations and lead them away from my base. I knew McCoy's was a great place to manage a crowd, so I walked there. Some zombies came around, sure, but it was pretty quiet for the most part. I thought I had lucked out with the helicopter, so I looted McCoy's had made my way back to the North Farm. Once I got home, I found that the place was f-%*#&* crawling with zombies. I carved my way back into my house, grabbed a 9mm and all my ammo, ran back outside, and used gunshots to lead the hordes over to some run-down cabins away from the farm. It seems that the helicopter wasn't interested in me, it was interested in my base. The question is, how did it know it was my base? Does the helicopter actually target the player, or does it target the player's base, if the program can determine the player has made one?
  9. I think rashes would be an excellent addition to the medical game. Poison Ivy is no joke, especially without medical services to help. Nasty skin infections, here we come!
  10. As an avid hiker, I know that just walking through the forest without proper clothing will get you scratched and covered in poison ivy/oak. Now, I've never had to run for my life through a forest, but I would imagine that that would increase the chances of scratches significantly. My suggestion, to help increase the medical portion of Zomboid, is that running through/into trees with an active panic moodle carries with it a chance for minor scratches. The more severe the panic, the higher the scratch chance. Nothing life threatening, just pain causing. It's just an idea, just something to add another realistic little wrinkle to a great game.
  11. Gotta agree with this, especially back in the 90's. There were at least twice as many smokers back then as there are today. Many people would have died and then reanimated with at least a couple of cigs and a light.
  12. Rambo: First Blood, Zombie Edition, Part II Starting Gear: - Axe: Check - Spiked Bat: Check - Hunting Knife: Check - Laser/Red-dot 9mm: Check - 9mm clips: Check - Sawed-off: Check - Ammo Strap: Check - Pants/No-Shirt: Check - Water Bottle: Check - Bag o' Chips: Check - Annotated Map with Murdoch's house marked with an X: Check Why do you need all this stuff, you might ask? Just take a step outside, you'll see...
  13. Man, they think of everything. So they have a whole volume/density/form equation for everyday belongings. I promise you, I'm not kidding when I say that that sounds like some NASA-type mathematics right there. I am kidding, though (maybe), when I say their new NASA-style mass/form-to-movement number IS in metrics!
  14. I think these Europeans are trying to sneak their huff-i-ty, puff-i-ty "metric" system into America's zombie infested heartland. That 20 max weight is 20 kg, which is approx 45 lbs. That still might not sound like a large amount. For reference, when I go on a three-day hike I try to keep my pack between 30 to 35 pounds (yes, I know, many of you say that's too much). In addition to my clothes, boots, hiking stick, that's actually a pretty hefty load. Let's just say I wouldn't feel comfortable climbing up a knotted sheet rope secured by one nail!
  15. Boat People: Just like Prestige Worldwide, some people own a boat. On one of the most navigated rivers in America, the Ohio, at the first sign of trouble, people would take to their boats. They could move up and down that river, safe from the zombie hordes. Also, safe from scavengers and whack-jobs. Some of these boat people might make a quick stop at the West Point docks, just to see if they can grab some easy loot. Which, of course, they can't. West Point's undead population is well over 10,000; evidenced by the number of zombies I re-deaded with a hammer during my last play through, which was strictly in West Point. Cell 38x22, I'm looking at you, you crazy, zombie-horde spawning piece of #@*&!
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