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  1. Yes guess the NPC´s will help alot. just hope we will have the option to jump betwean the members in the clan/groop we have....
  2. Im coming back to the game regular after a longer brake from it but its the same problem. In general its hard to find a reason to go back out and looting (to dangeruss when just walk random to find somthing but dont know what you need) and only stay home and build on a base have it limitations. So how to ad reasons to go out lootong and to travle to plases? And ad so we can play whit more then just 1 caracter at the time on a map (in singel play) so you can form a fammely/ groope and specialase them on the skills, now when we play we are som kinda renesans person that have to be an expert on everything. And evem more imoprtant when you have not played the game for some time and youre combat skills is abotrusty. And spec in combo that the game is not always respont corect in combat to.
  3. But also a risk when it makes noise so it can trigger some events, good and bad ones whit it!
  4. Whay only in singel play? Whay not in Co-op and MP`?
  5. Or when you build (guess is in that way you like to use it) you can automatic go and gater logs and plans in a bigger area then just wher you stand, same for all other crafting to get accec to hte hole kitchen, store rom or garage!
  6. Yes in the line of more types of cars, but yes an option to have it of in mp is a need but still if you have a privat co-op server whit only frends you shud be able to use it. Dont know if its clasifird as Tank or tractors... But clases i like to se coming is; - tractors -tanks -APC´s -house cars + diferents type of heavy types of trucks
  7. Guess the same shud be for housedors to...
  8. A rank system whit quests / work you can give/have to do youre part in hte groop or as mersenary. A system that can work in both singel play and npc´s and whit other players in a co-op or a big full server....
  9. Also thay you can waike up any time just by moving whitout an set alarm clock is also silly, in soloplay it works as in IRL and shud be so in multyplay to... atleast as an option.
  10. Yes or if the server host can change time as in soloplay. But in a way i dont realy like that you can waike up by moving, its silly that you can waike up exact when when you like whitout an alarm clock as you have to do in soloplay and in IRL to.
  11. Was thining about if you can make an typ of quiztest. Alot of 4 options question about how you want youre server to work and that will generate what settings the sandbox server will get. As it is now its alot (even if its needs more of them) of setings to try to understand and test, spec if you are a new player. That Quiz will make it alot esier to set up a server. And on tops of that can be an option to send the list to the developers so they get good data on what player like to have in the game and even ad some questions on coming updated in the mix to.
  12. Yes another problem whit the strickt time flow whit no chanse to change it...
  13. Yes the tutorial is qute basic, Youtube and the vikipage is wher you get the info you need to play the game!
  14. Hmmm the problem is that you as the caracter have proberbly live in the are for a long time /youre hole life and wake up and dont know anyting about the area not even wher you have got what you need the last years. you shud know alot of the town you have lived in.
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