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  1. Yes more animations for everything is always good!
  2. Maybe make so you can change the % risk to get infected in the server settings, then everyone can get the chalagne level they need.
  3. And have a fulle backpack and all other loot on you when you try to climbe.
  4. Yes sounds good and that will also limit the risk of jump off an tall building by misclick to.
  5. And do pan cam when driving i kinda lose controle of the car when the camera move away from hte car.
  6. Well i like that the game is brutal and no saves (exept from the killd by missclick/lag part) butt some motivation to keep going, maybe cutt the arm off and/or not be totall 100 on that you are bitten and its infected untill you finaly die.
  7. Yes more multi tools, have ended to many games just for bansie hunt the one tool u need to go on whit the game! Let odd toles brake faster but not that hard to repare just so the game dont get stuck!
  8. Yes its good but when use it you lose control of the driveing/moveing and create an danget by it self.
  9. If you get bitten, give an reason to keep playing! Atleast give us an doubet that youre not infected and can go on. Now its just a way to kill youreself and start a new map.
  10. Yes the inventory move system need more love, it have bean alot beather in 41 (like a new game comaper to as it was b4), Maybe ad an orginiceing skill that make it esier to orginice and give an bigger area in the room you get accces to.
  11. And also a way to se whats infront of you when you drive, some sort of warning if sonthing is blocking,
  12. I got the game when it was quite new but have only 330H in it but sorry dont remember the Pillow part.
  13. Im quite new on the forum and was just thinking on what the 4 diferent way to react means for you and so. The hart/like, pillow, pie and Spiffo?
  14. Maybe to ad an grapeling hock and expand the ropeclimbing system.
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