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  1. As the game is to day you are bound to the TV 3 times/ day and read as mutch as poseble during that time and that is quite a clunky grinding at the start up. And most of us have some saved favorit caracter anyway so maybe make that TV time more as an tutorial and when the TV time is over you get an option to save and then go out in the real game and start play 4 real. And then when you restat you can start from that moment. Or any other way to not be chained to the TV adiction.
  2. What server seting do you have? What game mode?
  3. Guess the virus produse alot off glycol and/or somthing simular and thats whay they dont frees and not rott or get eaten by insects.
  4. I remember that piles of dead zombises it was a swarm on them. No dont think they will rot but they cant regenerate/ heal unless they eat somthing.
  5. No its not realistic that the new caracter have bean hideing under a stone the hole time after the outbrake. Sins an new caracter is in level how they supose to be preezombie time. The must have bean out and got some expetiens befor you start to play it! No you dont respawn the same person (well now we do but an prezombitime clone) you respawn whit another caracter in almist the same xp level as the one that died!
  6. Yes the history say that you turn if you get bitten but then we have the gray zone, did the bite penetrate egnuff? Díd the virus bleed out from the woond b4 it had a chanse to spred? And so on. And its still a game so we need to have a reason to even try to survive the bitem and now its not!
  7. No its several side effects on drugges and it have to be an big chanse that you OD and probebly die sins you have no ide how strong the substans is and so on...
  8. But i also think you shud be able to find seads you can plant whit farming. Ex what farmers have prodused in the area.
  9. Then we shud be able to repare is to.
  10. Sounds as a build 42 thing whit improwed farming and hunting and that kind off stuffs, dont know but i guess.
  11. Masmassu

    Task Focus

    Mp shud have time control to. then reading and healing up is less a pain. Atleast as an option on a privat server whit only frends.
  12. Yes its weard when a new caracter have as now bean living under a stone and know nothing about the new world.
  13. Yes but whats the point aslong as you cant use them in game. We are still only siting on the floor. Rest and sleep standing. And dont need any work stations to make stuffs. But if we can sit in the sofa and relax when watch tv or reading or crafting it makes sens....
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