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  1. Jesus man how did you do it? i went to the farm since it has the least zombie spawn rate so far they do show up every day a few or a 100 horde if a chooper flies by, but the town is full of them! i mean full! not just the town but the streets too out of town. i thought ill wait till winter hits in hoping it would slow them down, but for my suprise it didnt and when i went into the town and its millions, millions, millions, cant even run through them, reaching the warehouse is insanely difficult if not imposible later on, they spawn more than in sandbox on insane, like double more or tripple. i loved the concept of this challenge but its just plain suicide you just have to stay far away of town and live off the wild, but its retarded its like a shit eat sleep simulator, cant access town cause of the insane hordes, ruins the fun, i know its ment to be hard to get to suplies from town, but i would like to have atleast a chance to come every few times into it to get few things and not be cut off it completely, i tried reaching the police station with mollotows and bombs but no use it just draws more and in a few seconds you have nowhere to run and i mean nowhere they owerwelm you from all sides no chance to escape
  2. merged interior would be nice, when you make a house into your base, when it has manny rooms inside and you want to destroy the walls between them and make it a one big room even if you destroy the walls the rooms stay somehow separated, when you stand where one room was and back turned to the other rooms they are dark to you even if the walls are not there anymore. i think it would bring much more esteticaly and you could shape houses to your liking inside. destroyable coat hangers, wall lights and sinks and toilets would be nice so they dont float in the air after walls destroyed
  3. yes! ill take any kind of armor over that skirt! although... i do look sexy in it
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    Some armor in game would be nice, its just not realistic to not find any sort of armor like a helmet or even far as a bulletproof vest. it doesnt need too be much, lets say 1, or 2 piece on whole map on a more specific location like a police station or an army base (i know there are no in the game >>) so it protects some body parts with its own durability ofcourse. its neither realistic nor fun runing around almost naked in a damn zombie apocalypse!
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