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  1. iv been messing around with my own map and i tired to put the cheackpoint gate in but its missing from my tileset is there anyway i could download it?
  2. is this still alive? can i get a download link for this map or is that not possible now?
  3. i get map and everything done... im stuck at the part of generating my lots... I don't know what file to use for my zombie spawns and if I do use a file its 0 for everything when I added buildings and ect.... in world ed.... I just need some help...
  4. Poison ivy isn't that itchy... that's your opinion and I respect that... but there are people like me out there that get it very easily... I swear if the wind blows... ill get it... I've had shots and creams and my itching was so bad I didn't sleep some nights and it drove me insane! I have a high pain tolerance but poison ivy is my worst enemy more then anything!
  5. would the "food scraps" end up in your inventory after you eat the food or would you get it in the oven or microwave after you cooked it? I like the idea of it. Like eating bread and saving the crust and crumbs... This sounds like a really good idea when NPCs come also about having a skilled cook and his skill with serving multiple people.
  6. face paint for my warrior within, tie dye shirts for my hippie characters, biker gear for that badass spiked look, hoodies and ski mask for my assassins look, and some plastic gloves for when i want to play doctor with zombies/victims
  7. They could always have that little green loading bar above them as your pointed at them and once its full, they become RAGED and start shooting like a (insert cool movie title) BOOM!
  8. your right, the more i was typing about creams seems just a bit to much and not that cool for the game. But im glad you like my adrenaline trait idea
  9. i beleve the plank system is just fine the way it is right now. Im still able to build my base at a decent speed without being able to pick up 5 planks at a time. I have done construstion before and if someone ask me to pick up 5 planks around the size of 2" x 8" meter long meaning each plank be about 15- 18lb. (6.6 - 8.1Kg) i would have some trouble in a short distance time. BUT! i do think there should be a slow buff system for this... ganing strength over a long period time of smashing zed heads and saws logs and cutting down trees. I mean if im build my own fort and smashing skulls doing it... id be pretty beefy
  10. So! Another idea popped in the old brain of mine! Adrenaline trait- When in combat for a course of time, your adrenaline would pump! (YEAH BABY!) So you run faster for escapes for a short period of time and last a little longer before high exertion... nothing to major and this trait should be very costly being so its not over powered. I think puttin it in the game all together it would ruin it because the effect after it wore off would be your tired increases dramtically, which i wouldnt like but would have fun with this trait as a option to try. Creams loot- Im not sure if this would work or be to much of a negative but its and idea... So you been running through the forest and you hit a patch of poison ivy or what not.. Gotta loot bathrooms for the ointment now, i mean you cant tell me theres no poison oak in a whole batch of woods in KY?? Maybe you guys can help me balance this or maybe its just to much trouble for the average player.... idk just a idea guys
  11. lol i did not know that, thanks for infomation. I just said that cause my fridge is like 40 years old and pretty heavy to move and im bigger then the average joe
  12. Actually the body produces heat evenly through the body. There is no "hotspots" on it. The heat from your body is produced evenlly throughout. (quick fact) i do love the addiction idea though, i totally spaced that part. The nosie hearing lose is also a great counter to the helmet!
  13. This would be a great idea at the risk of being loud to attracting zombies with noise. From moving the sofa to smashing the chair for a plank of wood for your window. I think the fridge might be a bit to heavy, its not impossible... i can move mine but still. For MP this would also be useful with some restrictions.
  14. Helmets I seen the commonly suggested posts and seen the armor as a maybe, So here are my thoughts on it, I think football gear would be realistic armor for a couple reasons being BREAKABLE, Still can be scratched, but still have a resonable weight and defensive choice. Running would shorten along with combat and a football helmet would reduce vision but still keep that nogan safe CLEATS!!! (just thought of this) Better traction meaning FASTER but loud when on concert roads or wooden floor. (wanna keep this short) Throwing mechanics I seen a something posted about a rock being a idea which would be awesome! I think being able to get zombies to move a short distance away from the area seems fair with a small nosie ratio. Breaking windows from a distance would be excellent for them one window sheds i try to avoid. But I also think things like a hammer should be thrown to help out run a 2 zombie attack maybe appling slight damage since he is already dead and giving them a nudge back. But i also think the skill for this should be very VERY hard to level if not impossible to be able to hit zombies with a kitchen knife from even a close distance. That being said i think there should be a chance system if the knife sticks, it should be retrived but if thrown it shall be gone forever, or broken... nothing to over the top cause nobody wants loot all over the map cause some guy is spamming knifes! Drugs (touchy subject i know... least i think) So, my idea only for realism not the promotion of such acts. But i seen pain blockers and sleeping pills in games. If thats the case there should be speeders for being faster but stomach aches, sickness, increased panic aka PARANOIA and lack of eatting but severely close of ODing by just taking one to balance out the worth of taking it and not. Mood stablizers just for anger and depression. Nothing to important but i think should be added.
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