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  1. Hi, will farming be fixed so that in winter, in frosty weather, it is impossible to grow plants? Well, or upgrade farming, and add greenhouses in which it will be possible to grow all year round? And greenhouses can also be heated in winter, another reason to use a generator. sorry, google translate
  2. I usually use smoking character. There for it's logical that a character could light a cigarette from camp fire right? Farming for medical, spice or tabacco plants in higher levels of farming could be an interesting option. Noise maker is totally useless even though it requires 3 Electrical skill to build. I suggest to add a battery or couple of batteries in to the recipe and make it more powerful (extended range, extended period of sound generation). Otherwise it just more practical to use simple alarm clock instead... Electrical skill could be improved by adding relays and
  3. Hey i dont know if someone else already had the same Bug but i noticed that potatoes grow from seedling to full grown with seeds in less than 2 Minutes rather than growing in the stated days they should...also they dont give points to your farming skill when you harvest them...and if you dont Walter them immediately in one Minute they are completly dried out and are dead. Carrots on the other Hand are growing normally so far...i cant say anything about other crops because i only found potatoes and carrots because seeds are really f***ing rare in my games.... But i have to say that
  4. Brex


    To me, it makes no sense how you are somehow able to just pour a bunch of dirt on a concrete roof and suddenly bam, you've got yourself some crops. I think a more logical step would be implementing planter boxes, like raised garden beds so you can grow crops on roofs or on concrete/non-soil surfaces. Plots, planters, boxes...anything like that would be more immersive and make more sense.
  5. I downloaded it from the workshop, got lucky and found some seeds for corn and cauliflower but when I tried to use them the corn grew way faster than normal, like one stage each hour passed. Does anyone had a similar situation happening when using this mod? If so, how did you managed to fix the mod to use the normal time required for crops to grow?
  6. First of all - yes I'm back, albeit briefly. Hello there. Second - to the actual suggestion. So I've seen numerous attempts by the developers in the past to create a need to remove zombie corpses, to make them dangerous to be around in, but anything that was introduced might have been a bit too much in terms of player satisfaction of the game - just slowly dying with fly noises all over you doesn't sound like the most fun or engaging way to die. People took ages to figure out that using generators indoors will kill them - and that's with amount of warnings that generators have every time
  7. Hello survivors, I uploaded to Steam's workshop a mod that might interest modders and players that like farming. With existing mods like Farmoid and Hydrocraft out there there wasn't much of a point in making my own with a few new crop types, since farming mods are not compatible in their current forms. So that's the issue I decided to solve and now is in its first working version. The mod makes changes to basicFarming.lua and farming_vegetableconf.lua so that all mods using these modified files will work together, as well as allowing for some extra customization. Here are the curr
  8. Yesterday after taking a better look at Farming I started thinking it would be nice to have more options as far as landscaping goes. Somone as OCD as myself would really appriciate the option to beautify your makeshift home and shelter from the undead. Patches of flowers, rose bushes, herbs, grass, etc.
  9. Suggestion: Check endurance to let it dig or not when endurancemoodlelevel > 3. I check the way to found worms in that action it's too easy. IsPlowAction.lua Reducing endurance when dig the floor Maybe add sandboxvars.natureabundance in the code to control ZombRand() chances to find them. With that system i think players can't farm worms too easy.
  10. Disclaimer: I will try not to cover topics done to death(wheat->flour, irrigation, animals but i would love to see chickens asap due them not needing a smart ai) I would like to see farming move to a more stardew valley style(crop growth length is about the same), and by that I mean a trellis that certain crops need to grow effectively requires farming lvl ?? and carpentry lvl ??, crops performing better in one season( i doubt they would kill our crops with change of season due to the otherwise limited nature of seeds and fresh winter food) Requested c
  11. I read a while back that the devs were thinking about adding deer to hunt, not sure what the progress is on that. I was thinking, there's all these farms around Redwood with chicken coops and other animal enclosures, wouldn't these animals still be around? It would add so many levels of gameplay. - zombies could attack the animals initially, chasing them out of their enclosures and also causing more noise and disturbance. This could make for great early-game distractions for those who like more zombies but want a slightly easier start. - the animals would mostly die after a couple
  12. Not sure if this is a bug, but normally when you use "Take Dirt" on a tile with something on it, it leaves that something. If you place a bush you've picked up (Ornamental Bush) and then Take Dirt, it removes the bush. However you can Take Dirt first and then place the bush. I'd expect the Take Dirt action to remove grass and wild bushes, but not placed bushes or other placed items.
  13. The small corner hedge piece can only rotate so the inside corner is north or south, not east or west.
  14. Updated for Build 26 (SP & MP). How to install.Single player : as with any mod, put the waterPipe directory inside the mod folder of project zomboid and check "garden hoses" in the in game mod menu. When joining a server, desactivate the mod. Multiplayer (on both server and client computers) : The easiest way to install it is to place the media folder of the mod inside the project zomboid installation directory, saying yes to overwriting 2 files. - overwriting 2 files (rain barrels and takewater action). - I didn't find any other way to activate a mod, I may be missing
  15. Project Farmoid version 0.75c is out! Trellis kits now function as a separate farming plot. Once you have a trellis kit and either a shovel or a trowel, you will be able to place them just like you would a farming plot. Once placed, trellis kits can be planted with their own list of seeds. If you remove the plot, you will get the trellis kit back, regardless of whether there are vines growing on it or not. After you have harvested your vines, the plot will revert back to an unplanted trellis plot ready to be reseeded! You must be farming level 2 and have rea
  16. Hi all, I'm currently working on a mod that will expand/nerf the farming aspect of Hydrocraft. Farming, raising animals and all things related was always my favorite part of Hydrocraft, so I wanted to add some realism and more dimensions to it. I'm planning on a lot of features, but I'm posting this topic here to see if there's any interest/and or if anyone has any ideas of additional features I should work on. Here's a list of the stuff I'm working on now. I'm currently working on cows, since if I only work on one species at a time hopefully after I get all
  17. A few farming tweaks I thought of! ~It would be nice to be able to harvest farmed items sooner. Currently you can harvest things only when they are at peak or seeding. I propose that you can harvest farmables after the first stage of growth but you get either much less items or "small" items. Small items would yield less hunger/thirst reduction and may even add a bit to unhappiness (I mean who would be happy about their palm sized cabbage). For example, harvesting a cabbage at the second stage of growth will produce 1 cabbage or 3 small cabbage. ~Under "sow seeds" optio
  18. It'd be nice if in one of the more urban areas you could find a plant nursery with seedlings, saplings, cuttings, and all the other sources of rare fruit you could want. The catch? You'll need to get there before the power gets shut off, because the automatic watering system will only last so long, and allll those rare plants will die without water. You'll never taste a banana, orange, pineapple, lemon, or avocado again...unless you can get in, get the sprouts and seedlings, and load them into your car before the zed get there. It'd also have big stocks of seeds, shovels, trowels,
  19. So after playing my world for the past 3 months i've been combing each and every warehouse and possible crate spawns to look for Fertilizer. IF there is somebody out there though that would hear my plea i would like to see an ability to create a composter to create fertilizer for my crops. An actual composter is pretty easy to create and by tossing food and organic matter into the composter and adding water, as well as direct sunlight it can turn plant and animal matter into fertilizer in 30-90 days. The only way i could see this working is by instead of making it keep things fresh like refrig
  20. I usually having a hard time to get enough gas before electricity shut down, so why not getting it this way by farming some maize and able to make ethanol fuel? (required a lab station maybe, also able to make meds in the future with a new chemist carreer)
  21. Insers


    Hello community. I have an idea for Farming. What do you do with all this rotten food in game? Why not make a Compost? With compost we can make Fertilizer to our plants. Any thoughts? or maybe we already got this suggested?
  22. ** Tested on build 30.16, NOT backwards compatible with build 29 ** I play games like Project Zomboid because I like the semi-realistic scenario and challenges to survive. No other mod has given me the realism I've wanted when it comes to food preservation and most specifically, canning. Ultimately, for a game that strikes to immerse the player into the game world, canning food for prolonged preservation shouldn't be as easy as simply putting food in a jar and sealing it. So I decided to make this mod to enhance my own gameplay and that of those that seek more realism from food preservation.
  23. Making some art for a project, thought i would share in case it is helpful for others. Hope this is right forum section. I give anybody permission to use them for any Project Zomboid mod. From top left to bottom right (after planter box and filled planter box)... Apple, Avocado, Banana, Bell Pepper, Blackberry, Blueberry, Broccoli, Cucumber, Cabbage, Carrot, Cherry, Chinese Cabbage, Corn, Cotton, Coffee, Eggplant, Garlic, Grape, Green Onion, Hemp, Jute, Lemon, Leek, Lettuce, Lime, Orange, Onion, Pear, Peach, Pumpkin, Peanut, Pea, Pineapple, Potato, Poppy, Radish, Rubber, Strawberry, Sunflo
  24. After looking at setting up a long term residence with renewable food supply, It came to my attention that rain barrels for collection is implemented but there is not an "efficient" way to direct water to moderate / large size food plots. A solution for this would be to place a rain barrel(s) elevated so that gravity can act as the pumping mechanisim and attaching a gated trough or valved piping system to do the initial dispersment to the crop rows. With trencing dug between rows to allow for watering of the adjacent crop tiles. Gated trough recipe could / should be a lvl 4 Carpentry given
  25. Originally I started this in the mod suggestion forum as a temporary "hey wouldn't it be nice if..." http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/16106-farming-water-management-irrigation/ However the more I've thought about it I see it as a necessity for any long term ( more than 2 week game time ) setttlement / safe haven, while not breaking the z-realisim factor.
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