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  1. Seems that after you logout from your game, or restart PZ, if u had any cup of coffee in your inventory (with a fatigue debuff) after you log back into your game, the coffee isn't providing fatigue debuff anymore, so you're basically drinking coffee without its first benefit, which isn't really nice specially when you manage to get one good coffee cup worth 20/30 fatigue & boom, when you come back it's not here anymore :c
  2. Had a strange interaction few days ago while playing. I was running indoors, then ran into the wrong direction from a view pixels tho, and i ended up climbing a fence while going downstairs & being teleported to the room below thru walls. Here are more details with screenshots : Colors & signs stands for : - red arrow : direction of my character's running animation - orange square : hitbox/area of the concerned stairs tile - green square : hitbox/area of the concerned indoors fence So basically, when running in the same vector as the red arrow, once your first step lands on the stairs tile (orange square) your character will either be considered walking stairs but he'll still remain able to climb that fence, ending up climbing the fence from the stairs' level, and ending up teleported in the room below, which here is only an empty & cleaned bar, but could be alot more dangerous if the bar wasn't empty, or if this teleport me outside while outrunning a horde, or idk. Coords of the location : https://map.projectzomboid.com/#0.7361806964691217,0.2595402338666605,1968.8940971808088 (But idk if this is only on that stairs or a common issue with other stairs/fences around the map) Thanks for reading, keep up the good work & take care !
  3. There's a bug with double sinks stacked on eachother in the women's restroom of this "mayor's meeting room" south of Westpoint The sink on the top/left side in women's restroom can be dismantled twice (means there are two of them stacked on eachother in the same tile) Map coords : https://map.projectzomboid.com/#0.7370835199769697,0.26084050048118596,2079.5076923076927 Screenshot :
  4. I encountered a bug where my character became invisible while standing on some specific tiles in a naturally generated burnt house. No mods, house was burnt by a meta event, not by my hand. I've walked thru the house to find some loots which i did eventually, but end up discovering a weird bug where standing on some specific tiles on the 1st floor made my character totally disappear, only shadow remains (but don't worry, going back into other non-specific tiles made my character appears again, he didn't went to the void like woosh no more character for you !) Some screens below. Here are the coords of the specific house, in Westpoint : https://map.projectzomboid.com/#0.7283331525273669,0.26159492539164053,410.18627024600187 (on the 1st floor) Thanks for reading and for giving me time, have a good day & take care !
  5. Found a small bug ! No biggies with the game, but still ! When i find out a car with a body in one seat, it's displayed as "Woman" body but once i grabbed it, went out of car & dropped it, it switched to man, all of them (6 so far atm) Not a gamebreaking bug but still seems like there's an issue between bodies inside of car being pulled out, and randomly swapping genre.
  6. No problem then ! I saw people reporting it before the update & still had the wrong 3D model after last update, so i thought i might give a report here aswell, maybe it got missed !
  7. While i was talking with friends about plant deseases & translations about them, to not give wrong infos about translations and all, i went on google to read some docs about these crop deseases. So i learnt that you can apparently make seeds immune to some of those common IRL deseases (including the two we got in PZ atm). I'd like to suggest the following mecanism to the game. Recipe : - grab some seeds (any type of) - fill a cooking pot with 9/10 water & 1/10 bleach - boil water in another cooking pot - put the seeds in the water/bleach pot for a few moment, seeds becoming "poisonous" due to the bleach but also gaining resistance to deseases - put the poisonous seeds into the boiling water for a longer time to remove all the poisonous effect - here are your seeds which cannot get infected by any deseases (or, for balance purpose, a really strong resistance to deseases like 80/90% chance of not getting sick) It could be any other water container but cooking pot is my fav & large, so i've choosen it ahah If you know some french (or wanna use translation anyways) here is a link providing informations i've said : https://www.canna.ca/fr-ca/fungi_le_royaume_des_champignons (you can find the "bleach" part down below in "Quelques conseils pour lutter contre la fonte des semis", first part below this subtitle). Thought it'd be pretty realistic since it apparently exists IRL and we got all the ressources needed to make it come into PZ, so here is my suggestion ! Thanks for reading ! Have a great day, take care and Happy Gaming *Edit : for balance purpose, this could be achieved at a medium/high Farming skill level only, obviously, i didn't knew it was possible 1hr ago, so it's fair to say not many people know it, then medium/high lvl skill required !
  8. The 3D model for charcoal is barely visible and looks like a few pebbles, when the charcoal itself has a weight of 8, it doesn't look logic at all ? I'm pretty sure it's a bug of 3D model size, but yeah i hope it'll be fixed soon
  9. I've (and another person yet) experienced cooking crafting a little glitched. No mods installed for me, so the issue isn't coming from my side. When cooking stuff, doing recipes from the crafting menu doesn't put the items leftover back to their place, like if i wanna add salt or pepper, the item it taken, put in the recipe & stay in my inventory. But doing the recipe directly from the "plate" item, bowl, frying pan or the other ones i dont know the english name of, will successfully put the item back to its place, like adding salt/pepper from a bowl directly from my inventory instead of using the crafting/cooking menu will put the salt/pepper back into the counter. Small "issue" but still, i'm cooking alot of decent meals & having to put back everything it their furnitures shouldn't be an issue anymore bcs it should be done by itself following patch note x) Thanks for reading, kind regards.
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