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  1. Ok i posted the bug in the hydrocraftpage too so hopefully they will fix it but good to know...but i will keep hydrocraft active and only avoid potatoes because that would be too easy for me at the Moment.....carrots look like they are growing normally...except they are all ill
  2. Hey i dont know if someone else already had the same Bug but i noticed that potatoes grow from seedling to full grown with seeds in less than 2 Minutes rather than growing in the stated days they should...also they dont give points to your farming skill when you harvest them...and if you dont Walter them immediately in one Minute they are completly dried out and are dead. Carrots on the other Hand are growing normally so far...i cant say anything about other crops because i only found potatoes and carrots because seeds are really f***ing rare in my games.... But i have to say that i dont know if its on the games side or if the Problem is that i Play with the new Hydrocraft build that is also in beta
  3. I had a similar thing....dont know what happened but had the red Box counting upwards I dont know what i did to trigger it but it was only in one save ..i Play without any mods...dont know if it helps somehow ....dont know what the Box means either
  4. I dont know if anyone suggested it already but i would love to See a spiffo Outfit like a mascot. Maybe you can make it very good for protection but it is very heavy and slows you Down a lot. It could spawn in any spiffo Restaurant or spiffo Van and there could be randomly spawn Zombies wearing it because they died while Marketing spiffos. I would like that...dont know if anyone is with me on that one
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