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  1. I was literally holding my breath for this!!!
  2. Part of the changes made in an old update made it so the larger an animal is, the longer it's offspring take to grow up. Cows take 670 in game hours to age up, or about 28 in game days.
  3. I've tested this with the More Traits mod, the More Meds mod and a few other mods that add traits. They all work well and it's pretty handy, especially with More Traits, as you can buy some pretty expensive traits later in the game that really benefit your gameplay. Funny thing about More Meds I haven't tried is the ability to purchase blood types. I'm afraid if I buy another my character might explode, but best case scenario I will be able to purchase ALL of the blood types and have universal super blood. More meds would probably need a compatibility patch so you can't do anythin
  4. This is awesome!!! Now I need a free day to test it out! =D
  5. I agree, especially since the areas you forage are deplete-able. It doesn't make sense that it makes you so tired, I could see it increasing your fatigue level, but foraging makes me so tired that I always wait to do it until the end of the day. This would be nice applied to digging with the trowel too.
  6. If there is anything I can do to help make the horses happen, please let me know! This is something I have wanted for basegame as well!
  7. Well it's pretty hard. Step 1: Use Necroforge to teleport somewhere with a fireplace, like a lodge. Step 2: Use the Tile Cloner brush on the fireplace to copy it. Then teleport back to your base, or approximately near it. Step 3: Paste the fireplace section you copied somewhere, like floating in the middle of a room. You can delete it later. Step 4: Still using the Tile Cloner, you can flip through the fireplace tilesets until you can finally paste a full fireplace. <-- This step is really hard. The fireplaces are made of several layers, and if you don't paste the
  8. Well I'm not much of a modder yet, but I started by adding simple items to the game, editing sprites, and figuring out the relations to the scripts and items.
  9. For some reason in the vehicles build you can't plant any seeds in the ground but the basegame seeds, so none of the seeds added by Hydrocraft or Farmoid, including Corn. Was a change made to the farming system in vehicles that cased an incompatibility? I've looked all through the .lua files and I can't find anything. All of the custom seeds show up in the menu, but display as you not having the seeds in your inventory, when you have more than enough of the required seed and water. Can anyone help me fix this?
  10. They all seem to. In the vehicles build it just seems like the Farmoid component of Hydrocraft is not working.
  11. So for some reason I see in game I can no longer plant seeds like Onions in the ground, only in planters. Is this a glitch with Farmoid or a WIP type error? Other seeds seem to be the same, they show up in the planting menu but you can't plant them in the ground.
  12. In case anyone is still interested, I did find a way to install a fireplace in my favorite house using Necroforge, but it was very difficult and pretty cheaty. Still, I now have a fully functioning fireplace.
  13. I agree on this point. Maybe just a way to build one?
  14. So I was hoping that at some point someone would introduce a way to make some base improvements that aren't in the game. The ability to move furniture was an AWESOME addition, however I still don't have a way to build or steal a fireplace, build certain kinds of walls and wall details, etc. One of my favorite things in game is making a cool base to show off in multiplayer, but without a bunch of cheats or just making a whole new map, I can't make my base look like a crazy torture dungeon or a medieval tavern, and that defeats the purpose. So if you all could please implement a way
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