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  1. A little bacon problem...

    I think the problem is with the regular pigs too.
  2. Hydrocraft Mod

    Could you please add Alfalfa to the "Dry into Straw" recipe for the herbalism table? So far it has no use in game.
  3. Help with new furniture object

    That looks great! Would you mind posting your mod? I have been wanting to make some similar furniture mods but I haven't figured out how to make it work. If I can see how your mod works I can copy the technique and make my own different furniture.
  4. A little bacon problem...

    So I was starting off today trying to figure why, when I slaughter pigs, I don't get bacon. I looked through the Hydrocraft lua and everything seems to be ok on that end, but when I look at the base game files I see that under the Distributions.lua bacon is called "farming.Bacon". Is this what is messing it up? Could someone better at lua help me figure this out please? =)
  5. Hydrocraft Mod

    I hope you don't mind me answering. Others farms still have corn, you will just have to search a little wider.
  6. Mycology mod

    It sounds like an interesting idea. but maybe a little game-breaking? I think as a mod if you wanted to start simply, like say, growing edible mushrooms and then later branching out with different species it could be fun. ... Also I have to ask if you ever saw "that" episode of Hannibal with the mushrooms? Your explanation of the different uses of mycology kind of reminded me of it. =D
  7. Flashlights on the Floor

    Maybe if they were made into a world item? Like a lamp? This is something I've wanted as well.
  8. Looking for Artists for Hydrocraft Mod!

    Thank you! =D It's nice to get feedback. Of course goldies are on the list. I wanted to do the pack/war dogs first so I could get the bags and armor out of the way. Maybe goldies should have packs too? It's up to Hydro. And I'm totally planning to do a black lab, it's just gonna be a while. I took a break on doing dogs after my IRL dog was hit by a car, and he was a black lab, so I'll probably do them last. Just makes me a little sad now. But I still plan to do it!
  9. Looking for Artists for Hydrocraft Mod!

    Hey guys I need an opinion. Is this horse too big? I can make it a little smaller if so.
  10. Try the model loader version. It works on my game. Unfortunately I think this mod is dead.
  11. No Indoor Heating Mods?

    I stole mine from a cabin, but I didn't know it could also be used for heat. I just use it to cook on. I REALLY wish there was a way to do that with fireplaces. =)
  12. AGN Presents - The Thing

    I wanted to play, but all of the medical jobs are already taken. T_T
  13. Ok, is it all of the animals that are dying, or just a few specific ones?