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  1. Hi, My 2 cents about loot respawn ; on some servers, player constructions tend to occupy more and more space, which makes loot respawn almost useless. Would it not be better if loot respawned "around" a new player upon joining a server ? ( first time joining the server with the given account ) ? That way new comers would be able to get a start without starving immediatly as no players may be met the fist days. Spawn locations may need to be random ( to not spawn into a player base, it happened to me ) so food don't spawn there. I didn't go through all 34 pages to check if someone already asked, sorry if that's the case. ^^
  2. You may find pipes in containers you have not opened yet. Others got their items choosed at random (with some probability) the first time you opened them.
  3. Glad to hear it. Let me know if you have issues with MP, I could only debug hosting the server & client on the same pc. (I don't know if it changes something or not ^^ ). I'll have access to another computer soon(ish)
  4. It really says it all ^^
  5. You can spawn the garden hose (only item the mod adds), the code is ( module.itemName ) "waterPipes.WaterPipe" (scripts folder). Yeah it's a garden hose but when I started I called the mod waterPipe (I didn't know "garden hose" was more accurate ) If you have a question mark instead of the icon, something is wrong. There has been issues with OSX/linux with previous versions, I assume those issues (and solutions) are still the same. Look at pages 2-3. You followed the installation instructions (both SP & MP (you should have a prompt for 2 overwrited files in the later case)) so it should be ok. I found one garden hose so far in my current game ; granted the hoses seem to be quite rare. Did you see any error(s) loading the game/map/save ? I guess you're playing build 26. PS : Use necroForge to test the mod, it's faster. Or right click on a rain barrel and a "garden hose" entry should appear in the menu. PS2 : everything is where it should be on windows (item distribution is in media\lua\server\Items, on build26)
  6. I don't think mods should be installed in the server folder, but I may be wrong. So far I have 2 ways to load a mod, server side : 1. Place the mod folders (not the root) in the PZ install dir (both on the client and server computer) 2. Place the mod (the root) in the mod folder like playing solo, and put the mod's name in the server.ini (Mods=toto;tata;waterPipes) Option 1. works Option 2. doesn't You should stick to option 1. until I find out why. I don't really know about other mods. PS : no need to use the server.ini if you use option 1. The mod will be seen as original content. I hope it solves your issue. ( don't forget to delete the old mod files in the PZ dir that were not at the right place, check integrity with steam)
  7. Are you still getting the error you had when loading the map ?
  8. For a multiplayer install put the mod media folder in Steam\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid. Not in the usual mod directory (didn't try this for MP). Don't put the folder waterPipes in media/lua/server ( or client ). The mod already include server and client folders. Follow the install guide on OP. I'll try your way and see how I can get the server to load a mod without dropping files into PZ install. It works fine with me. How did you install the mod ? PS : am I the only one with a working mod ? ^^
  9. I'm going to look into it this afternoon. Line 6 : RainCollectorBarrel = ISBuildingObject:derive("RainCollectorBarrel");How did you install the mod for the server / client ? (just wondering) EDIT : new version, try it out and let me know (if you did a multiplayer install do a multiplayer install again to overwrite the mod old files). It works alright on my computer (SP & MP) on IWBUMS branch. No other stuff installed.
  10. Once the version is more stable and no issue arise, I may do a lazy version (a toggle on the barrel to let water flow more).
  11. Hm that's weird. Here's the line 324 : function RainCollectorBarrel.convertOldModData() if RainCollectorBarrel.modData.rcbarrel and RainCollectorBarrel.modData.rcbarrel.barrels then return end RainCollectorBarrel.modData.rcbarrel = {} RainCollectorBarrel.modData.rcbarrel.barrels = {}endfunction RainCollectorBarrel.loadBarrels() if isClient() then return; end if getCore():isDedicated() then return; end RainCollectorBarrel.modData = GameTime:getInstance():getModData(); -- convert old barrels RainCollectorBarrel.convertOldModData() It's a function call, just an init really, maybe you can show more log ( are you playing SP or MP ? ). When in doubt, do a steam integrity check (right click on game, properties, files (?)). I like to delete the lua folder just to be sure (doesn't matter if textures, ui or sound remain). I'll look more into it by friday ( it's 23:20 here ). EDIT : just saw an update, maybe that's it. I'm on IWBUMS (something like that).
  12. Just saying great job, I'm gonna play on it next time
  13. It's not about "starting" the water flow. The mod adds 1 water to plants every 2 in game hours. Your plants lose 1 water every 2 in game hours. So your plants stay at the same level (not accounting for sunny days). But raining will take care of sunny days. If you farm stuff that takes up to 100 water, water to 100 first so it stays at 100 or decrease by 0.1 on sunny days. If you farm stuff that takes up to 65/75 water, water to 65/75 first, etc. Maybe you can farm them indoor ? didn't try it. Rain wouldn't increase the water amount PS : It was really broken ; the rain collector barrel code changed a lot, as did the farming code. The plants could not even be found since introduction of nested lua tables. I'm not even gonna talk about MP
  14. Sure. It's taking a little longer but it works also in multiplayer
  15. Hello there, as I (may) have said, I don't have much free time nowadays so it took some time. Good news is it's almost finished and ready to upload (build26+) - worst case by next week-end. A lot has changed and the rain barrel code as well as the takeWaterAction stuff have to be redone. I have a few issues with the object:setWaterAmount stuff working with integers only but I'll find a way. fertilizing, pouring & taking water works alright, as well as plants watering. I think it's pretty much ready for the MP part too (client commands sent to the server, etc) but I'll have to test this next week-end. Hehe I updated this mod for build 23, now it's really outdated. Those 'config files' are just regular files hosting constants. It's okay to have one small table in it. If I remember, there are 2 other files for each trap.
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