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  1. Late Game Meta Events

    Nuclear fallout might make a better mod than in vanilla. It would be hard to explain how there's a reactor in a state that is heavily supported by coal mining/power and had a moratorium on nuclear facilities. Nuclear bombs/strikes would also be hard to explain, as well as late game organized military activity, as the infection has spread globally according to broadcasts in game. As far as weather events...well some of those are already in the weather test build, such as storms and blizzards. Earthquakes? The largest modern quake recorded for KY was only 5.2, and that was in 1980-something... Overall, I'm not a fan of arbitrarily destroying playerbases or killing players. Make it something we can prepare for as we see fit, or mitigate when it occurs. Having a challenge is nice, but an airstrike bombing players' bases isn't challenge, it's trolling.
  2. Do generators explode

    I'm not sure the exact point, but when it starts getting low, the chance is greater.
  3. Do generators explode

    What was the generator's condition last time anyone checked?

    I'm not sure what the temperature was, but it was around midafternoon, maybe 3-4. I'd just driven back to the golf course from WP, so was in my car most of the day(car is missing front 3 windows). I was at stage 2 when I got home, so stripped all clothes off. Made two rounds of transfering loot from the car into the house, and climbed into the car to empty the seats, that's how I died.

    Could we get some more active ways to cool ourselves off, such as pouring water on ourselves? I just died from hyperthermia naked, well hydrated, and outside.
  6. Halligan Bar

    Not something I've seen in many games. I'd vote for it!
  7. Switching gear + Automatic/Manual transmission.

    In 1990's, a little over half of cars made in the States were manual, ranging from nearly all makes and models, (luxury cars started adopting automatics faster than the rest to a point).
  8. Advanced farming

    If you search the forums here, on steam, or even the workshop, you'll find some mods for farming that add quite a bit of what you're asking for.
  9. Driver proffesion and skill.

    In the most likely case, I would compare the scenarios this game provides to off-road driving rather than the Indy 500. There is a difference in ability between someone that knows how to handle their vehicle over rocks/mud/etc than someone who doesn't, and that's the best analogy I can think of that would compare to driving over zombies, on or off actual roads. But the skill that that entails requires finer control over the vehicles than the game provides. Losing traction would be a nice mechanic, but driving slower should be the appropriate recourse to overcoming that, or simply better tires for driving off road.
  10. Some more metaevents would be neat, but this sounds more like you could use a peek at sandbox settings. Zombie spawning, migration, density....these are all things you can already adjust in sandbox. I'm not too keen on them getting stronger over time though. Logically, they'd be getting weaker as they continued to decay and be subjected to the elements.
  11. Driver proffesion and skill.

    I think I'd prefer vehicle handling and operation to rely on vehicle parts and condition as opposed to skill. The best driver in the world isn't going to make an ignition start any faster than anyone else or give the tires a better turn radius, for some examples. Plus, it's enough that we, as players, need to learn how these vehicles handle. The more we use vehicles, the more familiar we become with them. I don't feel that we need another layer added to this.
  12. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    I caught that pun. =D
  13. I'd love to see more skills, or the ability to add our own.
  14. Crafting skills need to be reworked

    For the farming aspect, if you get experience just for putting seeds in the ground, seeds need to become a lot more rare, and the xp needs to be something like .1 per seed or so. Nothing requires the player to invest in all the seeds they plant, and seeds are so plentiful, even on extremely rare settings, that letting some crops go to waste just to build farming xp is not really a penalty anyways. I think it's better that you get xp after successfully growing plants. It makes sense that your character learns what they are doing right and the reward comes after the work involved.
  15. I too would like to see more types of damage, what you suggested and more. As far as getting scratched from a zombie, perhaps it wasn't their finger nails at all, but from exposed finger bones. If this happens to you again, remember that you get at least one usable rag even when you rip up dirty clothes!