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(Crazy World Map) Words of Significance!

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Greetings ladies and gentlemen!

My name is sir.twiggy and I am a twitch TV streamer / youtuber. I write here today in the hopes of attracting the interest of the mapping community at large! I plan on hosting a humongious project zomboid multiplayer server with world wrap. I'm attempting to gather talented people from the mapping community and integrate their work into this project. In the end the map will consist of several contenents, islands, many different terrain types, cities, towns, villages, rivers, lakes, mountains, and more spread across the entire map. The aspect of world wrap is of great importance to the project so that there will never be a map edge, just a mountain, ocean, or some other obsticle preventing easy access, but can still be overcome.

At the moment I am doing massive amounts of planning and approaching specific individuals in an attempt to integrate already existing community created content into the project.

However, if anybody has specific suggestions, requests, or would like to volunteer their help; please reply in this thread, pm me, or send me an email @ sir.twiggy.white@gmail.com.

I am very easy to get along with and I'm eager for submissions! If you want to make a specific area, city, forest, desert, or whatever, go for it! I will personally look at all submissions and we can all work as a group to create the ULTIMATE project zomboid multiplayer map!

In the end I hope to host the server for massive amounts of players. I would love to reach the point where we have dozens of separate player factions spread all across a massive and dynamic world map.

I know this is ambitious but with help from the community I truly believe we can have a one of a kind player experience!

Thank you for taking the time to read about my idea and I truly hope some of you dandy people will be interested or excited about the project!



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No map making experience as of now but I would love to learn, got a Lua book coming in the mail as we speak. Just wanted to get my name in here :) Hopefully by the time this starts to take off I can help!


also I have kind of asked a question related to this



Unless this is all on one map and one server which could get pretty heavy, do you think it would be possible to make it so once someone hits an edge of a map for the server to know to load another server which would be the next map? Hope that map sense.

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That map have a place for a creepy little asylum island? Would gladly assist. Also, might wanna split your first post into a few paragraphs. Gonna get alot of our less well read members just squinting and running away. lol.


Another question, will we have access to an expanded tileset for this as the community grows the project? And are there any prospective spriters willing to assist in making said tiles? (More aimed at the community this question)

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I agree with rathlord, that you should team up with RingoD. You share very similar goals and to combine your efforts would make those goals met 2x faster and 2x bigger. Unless the specifics are different and maybe he's going for rural and you're going for urban. In that situation, communication between you two would still be largely beneficial. Regardless of how you choose to go about this, good luck to you.  

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