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  1. Ah. My eyes glazed over and I did not notice it sitting there on the right.
  2. Ciber Ninja

    GUI Question

    It seems that the issue is with the placement of the `onButtonClick` function. It should be defined before it is used in the `ISButton:new()` function. Also, you need to make sure that the `ISButton` and `ISPanel` classes are properly imported. Here's the corrected code: ```lua -- Make sure to import ISButton and ISPanel classes require "ISUI/ISButton" require "ISUI/ISPanel" -- Вызывается при подключении к игре function OnPlayerSpawned(player) -- Функция-обработчик нажатия кнопки local function onButtonClick(button) -- Создаем и отображаем окно со списком кнопок local menu = ISContextMenu:new(0, 0, 0, 0) menu:addOption("Статистика", nil) -- TODO: Добавить обработчик нажатия menu:addOption("Опции", nil) -- TODO: Добавить обработчик нажатия menu:addOption("Выход", nil) -- TODO: Добавить обработчик нажатия menu:set X(getCore():getScreenWidth() - menu:getWidth()) menu:setY(getCore():getScreenHeight() - menu:getHeight()) menu:addToUIManager() end -- Определяем размер панельки local panelWidth = 200 local panelHeight = 100 local button = ISButton:new(0, 0, 100, 30, "Открыть", nil, onButtonClick) local panel = ISPanel:new(0, 0, panelWidth, panelHeight) panel:addChild(button) -- Добавим панель на интерфейс игрока local player = getPlayer() if player then player:getInventory():addChild(panel) panel:setX(100) panel:setY(getCore():getScreenHeight() - panelHeight - 1) end end -- Вызываем функцию при подключении к игре Events.OnPlayerSpawned.Add(OnPlayerSpawned) ``` I have moved the `onButtonClick` function definition to the beginning of the `OnPlayerSpawned` function and added the `require` statements for the `ISButton` and `ISPanel`classes. This should create the button as expected. Make sure that the `ISButton` and `ISPanel` classes are available in your project.
  3. I think an actually realistic style map would not show individual houses maybe?
  4. I'm a lil confused. You said buildings to 32 floors, but only 15 in main editor? Also, will such tall maps work in game or is this done in anticipation of the upcoming update? It might be helpful to provide a pre-compiled version. Especially since the build instructions for the original project are linux only, and most new modders are coming from windows.
  5. Well it hasn't received a C&D yet, but that might just be because the devs barely pay attention to map modders.
  6. I think it makes sense to have a kind of door that only blocks sightlines. like I remember a tile like that in game already...
  7. Simple. interior tiles adjacent to an open / broken door/window when it's snowing should get snow buildup. Seems like a relatively easy thing to add. Next level would be to pre-annotate tiles during map compilation with their distance to the nearest entrance. Which could be use for snow piles that build up over time, but could also be used for more complex effects like puddles during heavy rain or scaling interior erosion over time.
  8. The game is not designed for PVP. They only have PVP in there b/c you would complain if it wasn't They even have a warning specifically ingame that you should only play multiplayer with friends.
  9. If you are eating something poison then you charecter should stop eating 1 point before they would die, and get a "disgusted" moodle. Once you have that moodle, you can command to continue consuming poison and it won't stop you.
  10. Even just making car's actually animated would be nice.
  11. This has been a worry I have had for awhile. There are so many half finished things in this game and it's been in dev for so long that I feel like they've lost the lead a bit. I'm not in principle against a more involved crafting system, but I've never once even farmed in this game. I want stuff that makes the early game good. That's what pulls in new paying customers. As long as the underlying system is available, modders will be happy to give that long term content.
  12. Like say on the second floor of a parking garage? Not for anything, it just occurred to me that it would be an interesting idea.
  13. Doing so would require a massive amount of reverse engineering effort. Linked export referenced private tools developed by a multi-person team. It is so impractical that telling people it's an option is basically just tricking them into wasting however much time it takes for them to do the research themselves and realize how hard it is.
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