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  1. Counterpoint: The game is perfect in every way. Also you can turn off zombie respawn in sandbox settings.
  2. The link at the very top of this page that says "Tileset Images"
  3. You do not. Devs have not yet released those tilesets,
  4. I think there might be a way to create room objects the same way you create foraging zone objects.
  5. I see a .getLookAngleRadians() perhaps there is also a .setLookAngleRadians?
  6. Title of the youtube video: "Zomboid, but I can't stop yodeling"
  7. Having to carry around a bag full of alarm clocks would make the challenge even better.
  8. Don't forget to take clumsy. That makes footsteps louder. And you could set up an auto-hotkey program to constantly press the Q button.
  9. Getting rather a lot now. Idea: sort through room definitions. Each definition will be an accordion. When opened it is filled with a grid of the icons for every item that can spawn in it. The background behind the item scaled from red to green based on how likely the item is to spawn. Allow filtering by item to show only the room definitions in which an item can spawn.
  10. You can place tiles manually. Tho pay attention to layers. I suggest downloading a pack of pre-made buildings & looking at how they are put together.
  11. Devs have not yet released the new tilesets because they contain tiles that are not yet in the game that they don't want modders to use.
  12. It all has to do with the switch to multi-tile trees. They did not want to have to manually rebuild the map, so there is a layer of code inaccessible to modders which handles the actual tree placement.
  13. When I first did it it asked by to chose the program to use & I selected the TileZed exe. If that connection broke then you might need to reassign it in windows.
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