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  1. There is not. And there is no possibility of it happening. The Devs will not release the source files. You have already found the nearest thing to a solution.
  2. you don't actually need to make rounded road edges to make good looking rounded roads. Instead, make rounded road centerline markings. you can hide jagged road edges behind grass, but some large radius curved yellow markings would really tie things together.
  3. IMO if you remove all a cars wheels then zombies should not be able to crawl under it or should crawl much more slowly. It may have been op but it was also a fun emergent mechanic that I don't think we should discard entirely.
  4. What we need to simulate things like bridges / underpasses is some sort of invisible teleport tile that teleports you up/down/to the side correctly so that it seems like you continue seamlessly walking along, but now you are technically on a different level.
  5. Please make sure to use version downloaded from forum link, not from steam.
  6. When zombies are in really dense groups like when they form up at the base of a wall while you laugh from the 2nd floor, the ones in the center of the group should slowly start to rise. As though they are standing on fallen zeds. Once you get enough bunched up, the pile should get so high that a few can climb onto the 2nd floor or hop a fence. This would make certain areas that are enclosed by natural fences less powerful. And would let us increase the durability of walls since there is now the chance for zombies to surmount them.
  7. 1. Impossible. Replace full cell or not at all! 2. IDK lol.
  8. Don't use the steam version.
  9. Maybe it is big trees? I recall they are added in a post processing step.
  10. Man. Remember that year that they teased creative mode?
  11. I hereby anoint you as a saint. There are precious few who find the solution to their problem on their own and then ACTUALLY COME BACK and post the answer.
  12. Ideas for tiles : Powerline poles Gutters Manholes Window AC Units Those things that stick out the top of your roof to vent the attic. Alternate door styles Pocket door (slides into wall) Folding closet door Exterior doors with doggie doors Water bed Textured stone countertops. Kitchen countertop backsplashes. More clutter to put on countertops like toaster, toaster ovens, blenders, spice racks, wine racks, drying racks. Handicap parking only signs Bedroom clutter like clothes pile on floor or hamper. Big 3 tile entertainment centers. TV in center with cabinets on either side.
  13. What I want is for indiestone to have made the smart decision several years ago and not try to add working cars to the game. They could have easily justified it in lore as something something zombie bacteria something something consumes petroleum at an incredible rate. They could have added so many other features if they were not hell bent on straining the engine to its limits.
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