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  1. Latest TileZed, WorldEd, and Tilesets

    The game engine is fundamentally unableto do those things.
  2. New Denver, BC (V2.1)

    The forage is a text file with one entry per cell right?
  3. Align Mod Map Edges? [Solved]

    The answer was in my second post. It is really simple.
  4. So I want to start creating my own map

    It is important to note that the map making tools do in fact have a decent learning curve. I found that the biggest hurdle was just getting everything in game the first time. The second hurdle is just exploring and memorizing all the tiles you have available.
  5. Diagonal Roads

    I don't think this is really necessary. The natural tiles (grass, sand, dirt, and pothole) have diagonal blends so as long as you line your roads with the correct tiles they will appear diagonal. I personally have taken a liking to the kind of pothole that looks alot like gravel.
  6. A useful feature for the site would be tagging and searching for buildings by tag.
  7. VikiDikiRUS's buildings collection.

    Don't forget there is scaffolding and plywood tiles And somewhere a concrete mixer I think
  8. Mapping Guide - v.0.2

    Most troublesome.
  9. ++ Petition to sticky this thread
  10. User Created Lots

    Is there any real reason to keep this topic stickied? Maybe switch with blackbeards topic?
  11. Map Tools & Tiles for Build 36

    What is TMX to BMP supposed to do, because it is not behaving in the way I expect.
  12. Change how loot is generated.

    The current system of per tile loot results in wierd situations where houses have can have like six radios. How possible would it be to instead generate loot on a per building basis and then allocate it to containers? Then we can create rules like no house should have more than one watermelon.
  13. Map Tools & Tiles for Build 36

    So is that a hard technical limit or is it just not a priority?
  14. Muldraugh-Westpoint Farms Expansion

    Are you sick and tired of walking that long lonely road from Muldraugh to Westpoint? Think its weird that rural towns have so few farms around them? Looking to add more content to the stock map, but hate how most mods don't really blend into the stock map? Well how about some of this! [Buildings Not yet included] [Work in progress] [Don't judge me]
  15. [W.I.P.] Project South Zagoria - Chernarus

    Once cell is only 300 meters square. So for a 15000 meter map you would need a map 50 cells to the side.