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  1. Don't use the steam version.
  2. How far into the game were you? Zombies keep spawning until you reach the population peak day.
  3. Ciber Ninja

    Raven Creek

    How is performance?
  4. Maybe it is big trees? I recall they are added in a post processing step.
  5. Man. Remember that year that they teased creative mode?
  6. I hereby anoint you as a saint. There are precious few who find the solution to their problem on their own and then ACTUALLY COME BACK and post the answer.
  7. Ideas for tiles : Powerline poles Gutters Manholes Window AC Units Those things that stick out the top of your roof to vent the attic. Alternate door styles Pocket door (slides into wall) Folding closet door Exterior doors with doggie doors Water bed Textured stone countertops. Kitchen countertop backsplashes. More clutter to put on countertops like toaster, toaster ovens, blenders, spice racks, wine racks, drying racks. Handicap parking only signs Bedroom clutter like clothes pile on floor or hamper. Big 3 tile entertainment centers. TV in center with cabinets on either side.
  8. What I want is for indiestone to have made the smart decision several years ago and not try to add working cars to the game. They could have easily justified it in lore as something something zombie bacteria something something consumes petroleum at an incredible rate. They could have added so many other features if they were not hell bent on straining the engine to its limits.
  9. Ciber Ninja

    Raven Creek

    Suggestion: There is too much road. I see single houses entirely surrounded by road.
  10. The most important thing to know is that in three years literally nothing has changed.
  11. I agree that this indeed is a building. Possibly even your first.
  12. You can't make buildings more than 7 floors high. Each chunk of map is 300x300 tiles. There is no practical limit to number of chunks. Like all others who have walked this path, you shall give up in a couple weeks and fail.
  13. Why are the hallways decorated like a warehouse?
  14. I think it might be hard-coded.
  15. Definitely need temperature perks for people like me who considered to be shirtsleeves weather if it's not actively snowing
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