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  1. Just keep looking through those txt files until you find what you need. Idk exactly which one you are looking for, but I know its all there somewhere.
  2. You can't I don't think. Not unless you add all the tile definitions manually. Normal size vegetation should be replaced procedurally with two story trees when you pack the map and open in game. Devs did it that way so they would not have to redo their map making pipeline. Its kinda a kludge.
  3. You can edit a text file called "Rules.txt" Or somthing like that. I don't actually have things installed on my current computer. Just take a look at all the files in your tilezed folder. They all have meaningfull names.
  4. Glass cases in west point bakery are full of concrete powder?
  5. Are sprinters zombies not working right now?
  6. As a lumberjack with brawler and thick skin. Equipped with an axe and full fireman suit. I consistently get overwhelmed and bitten if attacked by three zombies at once. Part of this I think is that swings that I feel should hit often don't.
  7. 1. 300 x 300 tiles 2. Lots 3. Pretty easily. 4. Usually.
  8. While we are talking about things that won't happen, they could have entirely avoided adding working cars to the game by just saying that the zombie virus eats gasoline
  9. The first post is almost impossible to read with the dark site skin.
  10. I recall someone having trouble with that. I think there was some sort of orientation dependent rule for tile overlap?
  11. I really think you should focus on getting one of the small towns 100% to have an initial official release to show off. Once people (me) have some attachment to the map, they will be much more willing to support its development. I would prefer a release with Just the finished cells with all paths out blocked off by thick woods, car jams, or checkpoints. Just to create a good self contained experience.
  12. The format of the building files is actually very simple. You could probably make some sort of script to automate swapping wallpaper and switching between similar furniture.
  13. A very long desert highway. Goal is to start at one end in a burnt out city and make your way to a less burnt city at the other end. But between traffic jams & broken bridges you are forced to make many detours into surrounding farmlands, forests, & small towns.
  14. This is exactly what I was hoping for. I found it very interesting. Having never been to France, It seems odd to me that no plots share the same fence. Personally Paint.net is my preferred image editor. I don't think we have any tutorials on creating custom rules like you use here for your fences. It might help the mapping scene to have a tutorial on something other than the basics.
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