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  1. Ciber Ninja

    Map questions: Problematic spawns, Road Tiles and Zones

    Those are good questions. For the roads, I would go with an overlay. Then you can use a single set with all the types of concrete.
  2. Ciber Ninja

    ItemZed (updated 1.1b)

    Suffer in silence.
  3. Ciber Ninja

    All player made Building Archives Verison: 2 - 5/3/2019

    You cannot directly add them to the existing map, you can only completely override 300x300 tile cells because we don't have the base map source files. Just keep searching, the information you desire is buried deep within the ancient texts.
  4. Ciber Ninja

    Creative Mode and the Future of Mapping

    I for one think that this game would be much more popular if mapping was more user friendly.
  5. Ciber Ninja

    Xonic's Mega Mall

    But how performant is it?
  6. Ciber Ninja

    Back from the dead, should I start making a map ? (IDEAS NEEDED)

    A map that is very long in one direction, following a highway. Players goal is to go from spawn on one end to other end. Give use for new cars.
  7. Ciber Ninja

    Z Spawn Density in Large Buildings

    Especially when you have to consider that players may have custom zombie spawn settings.
  8. Ciber Ninja

    How to add other trees to the rules sheet?

    Yeah, you might have some trouble with that. As I recall they added a second system atop of the existing tree system when they upgraded to multi tile trees that makes things uber complicated. You may be forced to mine the forum for answers. May the Spiffo be with you.
  9. It is likely that your configuration files are messed up. Only Spiffo can help you now. You poor soul. Also, in the future, we have a help forum, Thanks.
  10. Ciber Ninja

    Utility Vehicles

    Things like scissorlifts, tractors, and bulldozers. I was thinking forklifts too, but not sure those would work out. Scissorlifts would be really interesting though, like an elevator that is propane powered. Tractors would add a ton of immersion to the whole rural Kentucky feel of the game. Bulldozers or any other type of construction equipment would also look great in the many construction sites. You don't even have to make them driveable immediately, just let you enter the cab and be like "I don't know how to operate this vehicle".
  11. Ciber Ninja

    Card's Rules

    Use your words.
  12. Ciber Ninja

    Xonic's Mega Mall

    You could probably take the interiors and cut them up into several smaller buildings. We need more mini-malls.
  13. Ciber Ninja

    Hashima island by Woldren

    The gaps between buildings seem a bit large. And it feels like some should be taller. Building 8 appears to have been split into two. Good Job.
  14. Ciber Ninja

    Union City

    Needs more trees.
  15. Ciber Ninja

    Cap Levi, Normandy, France

    I don't have the files to double check this now, but I think it was blends.txt? Basically there is a text file somewhere that controls how the colors of your bmp are translated into tiles. Once you get that setup I suggest using Paint.Net for editing your bmps, Keep a master .PDN with all your base, veg, and zombie maps in different layers. I like to also keep things like roads in a separate layer. Then if you want to change one part, you have much less editing to do. There are a few plugins you should look for I don't have that stuff on my comp atm so I can't give names. There is one that lets you make grids which can be nice, but the most important one lets you select a few colors or a color pallet and make every pixel have the closest value in that pallet. That way you don't get any errors in conversion. To create random forrest paths I suggest first create a new layer, fill it with a grid of lines. Then you can apply what I think was called the warp filter. It was definitely a default filter. That keeps all your paths connected, but makes them naturally squiggly. And for farm plots you can use the fill tool with a pattern selected the apply a little warping to get those nice cornrows. Also look for an erode/dilate plugin and experiment with that. Don't be shy about reusing buildings with minor changes. People are not very observant. Make liberal use of the "pothole" road textures, they can give you some interesting looks. I often see country roads with a meter or so of gravel on the side irl. You can make it look like you have drainage ditches on roadsides via alternating light and dark grass.