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  1. I only have a suggestion that would be really cool! If you have ever read the Ringworld books by Larry Niven, that would be a really cool concept(in my opinion)
  2. NotAvailable

    Craftable Axes

    We should be able to craft a grinding stone, some wood a rock and a belt or sheet would be cool, so as to sharpen the axe back up. to balance it should make noise, require high carpentry, and possibly only have a limited number of sharpening times. Love the idea already!!
  3. Hello! I am loving the game so far and am wondering if there would be any way to add digging into the game. I know we can set up patches of dirt for crops but what i am talking about is more like base building/trenches. Digging would allow you to build a moat around your base that would slow zombies down and offer a semi storeable are of water when it rains. Digging deeper would allow you to build huge underground complexes to protect from the weather and from zombies. I think it would be cool if zombies could fall into your base sometimes if it is not well reinforced. Could use planks to keep it standing, and maybe cement and other things that dont quite exist yet!!! Any other ideas would be great! Oh and some other stuff would have course be items like shovels and other digging tools!!
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