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  1. Interesting in checking out this server, I attempted to join but it wasn't able to join. I assume it's down, looking for a cool server to get a nice place built up without worrying about PvP stuff (not really my thing). I'll check out the TS when I get a chance.
  2. Looks great, can't wait to see it finished. And any other buildings you plan to make.
  3. I've also wanted to go through with this and make a tileset but due to being a bit busy I can't at the moment. In the Map Editor download there is a "Tiles" folder. I just made a copy of that whole folder so I could edit them without worrying about messing up TileZed. Since the images are just .pngs, any editor should do fine. I used Photoshop but I'm sure Paint/GIMP would suffice. The sizes I still haven't figure out fully because some tiles are split..such as a couch having 2 sections and stairs having 3 pieces (1st-one touches floor,2nd-mid air, 3rd-Touches next floor up) and I haven't quite figured out those sizes yet. As for telling it what kind of tile it is, I would start using a "base template" such as a piece of grass if you want to do outside ground, carpet for inside, a section of stairs for stairs, want to make a wall? start with a wall, then design around that, and so on. I know there's a "Tile Properties" selection under the "Tools" drop down menu in TileZed, though I'm not 100% sure how to use it, I believe there is where you could fine-tune the properties of the tiles you're working on. I have a small example of making a tile/object here: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/4873-arcade-machine-wip/ Hope this helps in some way, anything is possible in this game with the knowledge.
  4. Brilliant idea. I'm so glad this is being pursued and encouraged. Great way to get people more involved with the game. This + MP, oh my.
  5. Very nice. Ship is super creative. Keep it up.
  6. Thanks for sharing, nice buildings to start out. I believe the file you want to upload is the .tbx file that you get from the Building Editor.
  7. Great work! Hotel is awesome, office and shopping center look great so far. Keep it up.
  8. Yes! Awesome idea's. Fusing everyones ideas into one BIG MAP would be cool. Keep it up.
  9. Lol for sure, was thinking of making larger city type map sometime.
  10. That looks really good. Indoor pool?
  11. Pics pretty much explain it. Feel free to use if you'd like. Just re-posting as per request to clean up. Levels: Download link: (.tmx)
  12. H3RB4LS

    Arcade Machine [WIP]

    Lol that's cool. Once I figure out the multi-tile objects/tile sheets- I'll pump out some more graphics. But...class comes first, thanks again for messing up my sleep schedule to whoever released these tools.
  13. H3RB4LS

    Arcade Machine [WIP]

    For sure, I'[ll re-design it, those were just the first colors I slapped on it. More tweaks ahead. Possibly multiple ones, and a pinball machine once I figure out multi-tile stuffs. Edit: Well since I can't seem to sleep. Made another skin for it, using images from PZ/ui folder.
  14. H3RB4LS

    Arcade Machine [WIP]

    Thanks Maybe we could script in a little arcade game for those lonely nights in PZ (jk). Trying to figure out the tilesets better so I can create my own tile sheet. Having trouble figuring out the boundaries between an object that has multiple tiles so they align just right. Example: All the guides are in increments of 64. 64, 128, 196, etc.. But as in this picture..the last one crosses over which is making me question where EXACTLY the cross-over point is between multiple tile objects is. Trying to eventually create a base template that would be easy to use. Maybe after proper sleep. Also wondering if there's a specific pixel amount surrounding objects such as these dressers. Or is it using the measurements of one tile for the vertical difference?
  15. Thanks for adding my building. Got some other stuff in progress, not enough time to learn lol.
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