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    Xonic's Crossroads Mega Mall (WIP)(Updating)

    You could probably take the interiors and cut them up into several smaller buildings. We need more mini-malls.
  2. Ciber Ninja

    Hashima island by Woldren

    The gaps between buildings seem a bit large. And it feels like some should be taller. Building 8 appears to have been split into two. Good Job.
  3. Ciber Ninja

    Union City

    Needs more trees.
  4. Ciber Ninja

    Cap Levi, Normandy, France

    I don't have the files to double check this now, but I think it was blends.txt? Basically there is a text file somewhere that controls how the colors of your bmp are translated into tiles. Once you get that setup I suggest using Paint.Net for editing your bmps, Keep a master .PDN with all your base, veg, and zombie maps in different layers. I like to also keep things like roads in a separate layer. Then if you want to change one part, you have much less editing to do. There are a few plugins you should look for I don't have that stuff on my comp atm so I can't give names. There is one that lets you make grids which can be nice, but the most important one lets you select a few colors or a color pallet and make every pixel have the closest value in that pallet. That way you don't get any errors in conversion. To create random forrest paths I suggest first create a new layer, fill it with a grid of lines. Then you can apply what I think was called the warp filter. It was definitely a default filter. That keeps all your paths connected, but makes them naturally squiggly. And for farm plots you can use the fill tool with a pattern selected the apply a little warping to get those nice cornrows. Also look for an erode/dilate plugin and experiment with that. Don't be shy about reusing buildings with minor changes. People are not very observant. Make liberal use of the "pothole" road textures, they can give you some interesting looks. I often see country roads with a meter or so of gravel on the side irl. You can make it look like you have drainage ditches on roadsides via alternating light and dark grass.
  5. Ciber Ninja

    Cap Levi, Normandy, France

    The many small streams & canals should be good for controlling player movement. By making zombies very dense at bridges, you form a chokepoint that forces players to be crafty once an area runs out of resources. You can alter certain files to let you paint crop vegetation.
  6. Ciber Ninja

    Union City

    You should consider making some of the minor neighborhood streets less grid like. Since they don't have lane lines you could easily get away with a street or two at 45 degree angles. And it would really spice things up.
  7. Ciber Ninja

    Latest TileZed, WorldEd, and Tilesets

    The game engine is fundamentally unableto do those things.
  8. Ciber Ninja

    New Denver, BC (V2.1)

    The forage is a text file with one entry per cell right?
  9. Ciber Ninja

    Align Mod Map Edges? [Solved]

    The answer was in my second post. It is really simple.
  10. Ciber Ninja

    Align Mod Map Edges? [Solved]

    Is there a way to load other maps (such as Muldraugh) into worlded so I can make sure the roads on my map line up with it?
  11. Ciber Ninja

    So I want to start creating my own map

    It is important to note that the map making tools do in fact have a decent learning curve. I found that the biggest hurdle was just getting everything in game the first time. The second hurdle is just exploring and memorizing all the tiles you have available.
  12. Ciber Ninja

    Diagonal Roads

    I don't think this is really necessary. The natural tiles (grass, sand, dirt, and pothole) have diagonal blends so as long as you line your roads with the correct tiles they will appear diagonal. I personally have taken a liking to the kind of pothole that looks alot like gravel.
  13. A useful feature for the site would be tagging and searching for buildings by tag.
  14. Ciber Ninja

    VikiDikiRUS's buildings collection.

    Don't forget there is scaffolding and plywood tiles And somewhere a concrete mixer I think
  15. Ciber Ninja

    Mapping Guide - v.0.2

    Most troublesome.
  16. Ciber Ninja

    Change how loot is generated.

    The current system of per tile loot results in wierd situations where houses have can have like six radios. How possible would it be to instead generate loot on a per building basis and then allocate it to containers? Then we can create rules like no house should have more than one watermelon.
  17. ++ Petition to sticky this thread
  18. Ciber Ninja

    User Created Lots

    Is there any real reason to keep this topic stickied? Maybe switch with blackbeards topic?
  19. Ciber Ninja

    Map Tools & Tiles for Build 36

    What is TMX to BMP supposed to do, because it is not behaving in the way I expect.
  20. Ciber Ninja

    Muldraugh-Westpoint Farms Expansion

    Are you sick and tired of walking that long lonely road from Muldraugh to Westpoint? Think its weird that rural towns have so few farms around them? Looking to add more content to the stock map, but hate how most mods don't really blend into the stock map? Well how about some of this! [Buildings Not yet included] [Work in progress] [Don't judge me]
  21. Ciber Ninja

    Map Tools & Tiles for Build 36

    So is that a hard technical limit or is it just not a priority?
  22. Ciber Ninja

    [W.I.P.] Project South Zagoria - Chernarus

    Once cell is only 300 meters square. So for a 15000 meter map you would need a map 50 cells to the side.
  23. Ciber Ninja

    Align Mod Map Edges? [Solved]

    It turns out that you can use CartoZed to make a map from the Muldraugh lotfiles in your game folder, then load that into world ed to use as a template to line up the edges of your maps! This would probably work with other maps.
  24. Ciber Ninja

    Union City

    Idea: In older towns some houses along main roads are often turned into businesses. Replace the yard with a parking lot and fill it with office furniture and boom you have a real estate office. Down the street from me there is a psychic. That could be an interesting business.
  25. Ciber Ninja

    Union City

    Here is a more refined michigan turn. And here is today's work on the map. I did not like how my first ideas were turning out. This way things blend together much more realistically. I think I kept it so that only two cells would have to be redone and I think we can all agree that this is looking much better.