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  1. New look is super sleek Love it!
  2. Another Random Crash! Was moving food around, not sure if that helps but here is the console again!
  3. Random Crash not sure what cause it but here is the console!
  4. Had a crash not sure if its anything big but thought I should post my error: playNightAmbient: VoiceAmbientplayNightAmbient: RhythmicAmbientplayNightAmbient: PercussiveAmbientplayNightAmbient: IntenseAmbientjava.lang.NullPointerExceptionat zombie.iso.sprite.IsoSprite.PlayAnim(IsoSprite.java:731)at zombie.characters.IsoGameCharacter.PlayAnim(IsoGameCharacter.java:5560)at zombie.characters.IsoZombie.update(IsoZombie.java:1877)at zombie.iso.IsoCell.ProcessObjects(IsoCell.java:1335)at zombie.iso.IsoCell.update(IsoCell.java:5177)at zombie.iso.IsoWorld.update(IsoWorld.java:2502)at zombie.gameState
  5. You do realize, as well, that I was wondering, is past tense, and I was the one that suggested to the moderators of this forum that it perhaps not your native language before you posted that English is not your native language, your first big write-up today, in fact, as soon as I read your writing on the steam community hub. I read your whole post, and I was wondering is a past tense way of saying that before you confirmed it, I suspected it You accuse others of being rude and offending you but have no qualms with behaving in that way yourself. That is fine tho, I tend not to post on the
  6. I don't mean to give offence, but I was wondering if English was your primary language. When I saw your lengthy response and how you seemed genuinely upset about Lemmy bashing his old code, and those old functions I first had the thought. I'm not trying to belittle you or demotivate you in any way. I'm trying to point out the obvious and make it clear that the statements you are taking issue with are intended to be directed at those old functions. Whether or not you intend to do much more with the mod and your own code base it doesn't change the fact that right now you are using those things,
  7. Seriously dude, I would consider it the furthest thing from "assault". Assault = "make a physical attack on." What he DID do was criticize his own work on those old functions, called them outdated, and non-transferable into the new game base. Your mod is taking those SAME functions, reactivating them, and then modifying them. These are the self same functions that you have been submitting bug reports on despite the fact that they are no long active in the base game! So clearly you see where lemmy and the rest of the dev team are coming from.
  8. You do realize that: (further it's code I consider antiquated and badly conceived / written with numerous fundamental newbie misunderstandings about how AI work, which is why it was rewritten) Is Lemmy talking about his own code from the disabled functions you are reactiving? Nothing to do with what you've written...
  9. Not sure if my opinion is wanted or warranted here but... Yes you can get huge hordes, and yes you can try to control them with shotguns and other loud noises, but the thing you're NOT mentioning is that if I had so much as been TOUCHED by one of those zombies due to things like, running out of stamina, getting hungry or thirsty causing encumbrance, or get a little too cocky; I would've been dead in seconds; In fact that HAS happened to me on MANY occasions. Even without that kind of zombie density, as another example, I had an 8 month character in survival mode die due to ONE scratch because
  10. Just wondering, but you realize you can smash down doors with axes, bats, sledgehammers, hammers, etc! I understand to have a new animation for unarmed smashing of doors would be cool, but for now there is another way!
  11. Dude!! Thats AWESOME! <3 Making use of this dandy little dude if you don't mind!
  12. I think you should go HAM on that.
  13. That does sound like nice settings, gonna try those out, thanks! For the insane number of zombies, well my best advice: get out of the city and dont come back to it Once You find an axe, you cant care less about zombies. Being able to take on 15 zombies at once without much trouble due to insane damage and aoe axe has makes this game really easy, id wish there was something to make zombies more difficult, without turning on sprinters as this setting feels crap. I wouldn't fight 15 zombies with an axe I mean 4 or 5 can even get outta hand if they have stamina... with a shotgun you
  14. sir.twiggy


    Yeah I turned it into a smaller bar based on one I went to in England. It's very sleek I must say. Thanks man!!! <3 I can't wait to try it out If you wanna let me know when its ready to be played with and I'd love to stream it
  15. sir.twiggy


    There a Twiggy's here too?!? Must try
  16. When I play solo I either: A) start in Maldraugh, get geared up with bags and weapons, and then hit West Point for a full load of nails, beta blockers, both ammo types from the gun store and non perishables. Or B) start in West Point to easily get a big bag quickly, grab as much as I can carry, and then run to Maldraugh to set up base! However when I'm playing MP there are wayyyy more options for team play in West Point! When you have people to help you handle the hordes the options just open up!
  17. Greetings ladies and gentlemen! My name is sir.twiggy and I am a twitch TV streamer / youtuber. I write here today in the hopes of attracting the interest of the mapping community at large! I plan on hosting a humongious project zomboid multiplayer server with world wrap. I'm attempting to gather talented people from the mapping community and integrate their work into this project. In the end the map will consist of several contenents, islands, many different terrain types, cities, towns, villages, rivers, lakes, mountains, and more spread across the entire map. The aspect of world wrap is of
  18. Cant wait to try this out Huge fan of the Chernarus map and to see it migrated to PZ is a dream come true <3
  19. I'll go undercover! First I must gain 100 pounds then I'll get a folligraft... Nobody will recognize me... Mwahahaha ... Oh shit wait...
  20. Are people doing shirts? Buttons? Logos? What's the general consensus?
  21. Working christmas eve and what do? I lurk the pz forums! Cause im sure as hell not working
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