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  1. Je Suis Charlie

  2. I voted "I don't care." but that said, let me just say I would naturally not mind it becoming easier to do, I just don't feel a particularly urgent need for it compared to the things being worked on at present. But certainly by no means a solid no or even remotely so. Kind regards.
  3. I think that this SJW gamergate crap is way out of touch, other than that it seems quite good so far. New Xbox and PS have settled enough to start getting decent content and the indie games industry is booming with the momentum in the past year thrown towards SEA and KS. All in all quite good I'd say. What is your greatest fear, and what reason does it have to exist? I know the question is in two parts but I feel a longer reply couldn't hurt. So in saying that, please just extrapolate as much as you feel comfortable with. No need to go all bare on us.
  4. I for one enjoy the gore and feel it adds to the atmosphere of the game. The subject matter is gruesome and losing touch of that nature would drive the game towards the PG13 line and to me it is just not fitting. So my opinion contrasts somewhat to yours. The matter however is simply one of taste so no real point in me reinforcing my standpoint though.
  5. Love it, can manage about 10-20 zombies (not all at once but in the same fight at least.) before tiring out. I have had more rewarding fights for my life since in the short term I can handle more zombies, but the fear is real again. You can't waste time fighting them if more are coming. In my opinion it is most definitely on the right track. Coupled with a broken foot it becomes truly terrifying. Top marks to you lot.
  6. Gotta say I love the new exertion and medical systems. Exertion is excellent, You can have much more desperate fights now with more zombies, whilst retaining the feel that it is only a matter of time. Top notch. Medical system rules too. Broke my foot on day 1, been surviving just barely for ten days with the injury, seems to be getting better at least. The danger is real and I gotta say I am loving it so much.
  7. School will never be the worst part of your life. Everything is easy and straight-forward. And if you do bad at it you will suffer all your life with those mistakes. Best to suck it up, learn to like it, tackle it with a good mentality and learn to let the irritation and boredom of it wash over you. Because trust me, you don't know boredom until you are working a dead-end job under an asshole who somehow thinks paying you a week or three late is *fine*.
  8. No, life has thrown too much shit my way for me to cry over little things. Ever framed someone for something to save your own skin?

  10. Eskom, SA's electricity giant that fails to power major parts of the country for up to 4 hours a day due to being crap and having a damaged power station.
  11. Welcome to the Soviet Socialist Republic of TIS.

  12. The pig sleeps on the bed while the horse works to death...

  13. May I just point out that I feel you guys are needlessly abrasive towards this suggestion and discussion. Also your reactions aren't in a official capacity and that isn't particularly clear to new forum users.
  14. I can hate anyone I so choose presently, certainly nothing stopping me. If I had to provide a name though I'd go with any senior ANC politician, EFF politician, any politician afraid of action really... or Justin Bieber. Parent did military service? If so, please state where and what war.
  15. Yeah I gotta disagree with SailorWolf, if your killing 980 zombies and living in a fortress that is never under attack something is wrong. The game should thrust excitement and hazard upon you, if you are saying "Don't farm." or "Don't build." then the game is not balanced properly in terms of difficulty. As simple as that. The player being bored and then having to go out and get themselves killed is not at all a good approach to the game. In fact it is the sum of the late game problem. Because the moment you do that you are gonna exit the game and go play something more challenging and engaging instead.
  16. The Pancake Alliance will never write somebody off. Especially not someone with the inate bravery to stand up against what is wrong.
  17. Plastic because it is much more versatile and much more widely used. It is a component of most modern things, appliances, tools, containers, electronics, furniture, vehicles. It is just way more useful than paper. If the question was "What would you rather write on?" it would be paper, but it isn't so isn't.
  18. Your regeneration is useless when you're in a jar/can.
  19. Very nice indeed. Quite the talent you have.
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