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Sideways rain


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28 minutes ago, EnigmaGrey said:

I'm curious if this is seen as problematic or just interesting? I wouldn't necessarily considered a bug unless there was actually something negative attached to it (like the way it overlaps the room in some parts of Smug's video). 


Rain going sideways can happen, after all. :)

It definitely was interesting!!! I was told about the post here so I thought I would post the video if it was a bug... It was very weird :mrgreen:

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The rain isn't coming down from left to right or vice-versa from what I can tell. It is still falling down from top to bottom like normal rain, but the graphics for the rain are horizontal instead of vertical. The raindrops are falling sideways. It's not a big issue so I don't expect it to be fixed anytime soon as it's not a priority. It's just an interesting glitch that will become another quirky part of the game for a while.

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