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  1. I have a few suggestions to add based on my experience with the games inventory management on controller: Outside of inventory: Swap the functions of Y (Triangle) and B (Circle) outside of the inventory. Y performs various contextual actions based on clicking, double clicking or holding. You could use this to allow someone to chose their actions, such as just opening a window, opening the window and climbing through, smashing the glass on a window, or smashing the glass and then either removing the broken glass right away or climbing through right away. B opens an
  2. After some searching on Google I discovered that I had to switch the view to "Devices by Connection" to see the "devices" under the 3Dconnexion KMJ Emulator "device". I could then disable these devices which then allowed me to unistall them which finally allowed me to unistall the 3Dconnexion KMJ Emulator. The controller is working again. Once in test however, even after several button inputs I did not get the option to take over the character with controller one until after I had a zombie on me and was half dead. I tried to fight them off but the attack button was not working. Aft
  3. I was wondering if that might have been causing the issue. I've tried uninstalling it several times and it refuses to uninstall. I'm either not given the option to uninstall, or I am and it just reinstalls itself (or doesn't actually uninstall properly).
  4. I'm using a standard PS4 controller contented to my PC through the charging cable that comes with it. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers numerous times as well.
  5. I haven't been able to test the 3 latest builds (8, 9 and 10) because the game doesn't register the controller properly. I can go into the controller options and to the test tab and the game detects the controller just fine there. Outside of that it is if I don't have a controller plugged in at all. If I start up the game after switching to the controller test build there is a popup window with all of the latest patch notes for the build. This has all of the UI elements for someone using an Xbox 360 controller. I've posted a screenshot of this in an earlier post. I am forced to close this wind
  6. It happens when the zombies are on the ground and getting up from the ground and are "killed" during the animation of them getting up from the ground regardless of how they were killed. Whether you hit them with a bat or a car they will still get stuck in the knocked back animation loop and be unkillable.
  7. Favorited items should be excluded from a number of things. They should not appear on any of the lists of items to dismantle/disassemble, to add to a campfire as fuel, to anything that would destroy the object. It would also be nice if the favorite stays with the object as it changes state as well, like when a water bottle changes to become an empty water bottle, or a bowl becomes a salad and then a bowl once again.
  8. It would be nice if this could eventually become a feature in the game itself so streamers could interact with their viewers in different ways like other games allow. Fortnite, Don't Starve, Don't Starve Together and other games all have different ways viewers and streamers can interact within the stream and within the game.
  9. You can press V to open the vehicle wheel menu. From there you can select the option to open the vehicle door. Once the door is open you can open your inventory windows and you'll be able to access the seat from there and remove any items that may be on the seat. Unless you are using this method you shouldn't be able to access the vehicle inventory and place items on the seats and in the glovebox unless you are sitting in the vehicle and on one of the seats thus preventing you from accessing that seat's inventory. If you have somehow managed to place items in the inventory of the seat you are
  10. I created a clip from the stream I was watching and you can find it here.
  11. In Riverside there is a bar with an upstairs restaurant located here. The floor for the balcony which you can see on the map is missing in-game. I was reminded about this while watching a stream on Twitch where the streamer fell through the missing floor. The floating chairs and tables give the appearance that the floor is actually there, though you can see the pillars that support the balcony as the floor isn't there. If I remember to I'll go back and clip where they fell through after the stream is over.
  12. Overall things seemed to be a lot smoother than usual. Not as smooth as my solo experience and not as smooth as playing on a server with only one other person, but a lot smoother than my experiences with that many other players in the game. Walking around things were fine for the most part, aside from some strange behavior from some of the zombies. I'm not sure how to describe some of the behavior. I wish I'd been recording this so I could show it to others as I don't know quite how to explain it. There were times I probably should have been bitten, but wasn't. I wasn't always sure the zombies
  13. Sleeping is disabled by default in the online multiplayer sandbox settings, but it can be enabled. Sleeping moves at normal time until everyone on the server is sleeping at once at which point it speeds up like in single player.
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