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  1. Kaleidozombie


    Working washer and dryers would be great for handling a lot of the cleanup. Generators could handle the power after the power goes out, but I'm not sure how they would handle the water. Perhaps building barrels overhead like you can with the sinks? The downside is the noise. Washers and dryers would be as noisy as a generator, or close to it. If there was any food in the washer or dryer when used the clothes would come out dirty instead of clean and would need to be rewashed and the food would have course be ruined. It may be better to just wash everything by hand.
  2. Kaleidozombie


    I'd love to help with testing for this. I also like the idea of containers having more of an overall theme instead of things being a jumbled mess (though some containers could still be like this to reflect the unorganized nature of the houses original occupant(s). I've heard several others here and on the Discord complain that they don't like how disorganized a lot of the containers are, like how the cutlery is thrown in among the canned food, the dish towels, cleaning liquid and other kitchen items. It's nice to know that this is being looked into. If some people don't like it and other do you could always add a sandbox option to have organized containers and more random and unorganized containers and then go with whatever is more popular for the default game settings (unless of course this would require too much work to impliment).
  3. Kaleidozombie

    question of shelves

    Those shelving units are refrigerated shelving units. They use a curtain of air to keep the cold air from escaping. And as for the spoiler tag, you can click the eye symbol next to the smiley face.
  4. Kaleidozombie

    Lock adjustable screens option

    Right now we have the pin symbol which when clicked will pin the window open. Perhaps have a lock icon to show that the window is locked or unlocked?
  5. Kaleidozombie

    Sideways rain

    The rain isn't coming down from left to right or vice-versa from what I can tell. It is still falling down from top to bottom like normal rain, but the graphics for the rain are horizontal instead of vertical. The raindrops are falling sideways. It's not a big issue so I don't expect it to be fixed anytime soon as it's not a priority. It's just an interesting glitch that will become another quirky part of the game for a while.
  6. Kaleidozombie

    Container Order

    You cannot. You can cycle down through the list, but not up. To reach the floor container you have to cycle through each and every container in the list.
  7. Kaleidozombie

    Container Order

    After having a helicopter event and having several of the containers at our safehouse smashed to bits I encountered the problem of having to scroll down through dozens of bags to get to the floor container so I could pick up the bags to place them in another crate elsewhere since the container they were in was destroyed. It would be nice to chance the sort order of the containers to the right of each inventory window (especially those in the world) so that after the containers such as crates, counters, cupboards, refrigerators and the like the floor is the next available container before all of the containers such as purses, schoolbags, dufflebags and the like. You could also expand this to include corpses. The container in question held about 10 of every type of bag a character could carry and having to cycle through them all to get down to the bottom of the list to the floor container so I could pick up the items was rather inconvenient. On keyboard and mouse it's possible to use the scroll wheel which makes this a little less problematic, but I play on the controller so I have to tap the bumper for each and every container I want to cycle through. I know this isn't an urgent fix, but it would be nice if it can be added to the list of possible fixes and can be worked on sometime in the future.
  8. I'm not sure what's going on. I've been deleting the files like I usually do when testing out the controller build. Earlier I removed all drivers and reset my controller to factory settings and reinstalled the drivers as I've seen recommended here. I wonder if it may have been because I forgot to set the Forced Off setting on Steam the first time I tried this build. I shut down the game and changed the setting to Forced Off and the game detected the controller properly as a PS4 controller this time instead of an Xbox One controller. I've unplugged and plugged in the controller again as well. The game seems to know the controller is there, but isn't responding to any of the inputs for some reason. I switched back to IWBUMS to see if there was some other issue I wasn't aware of, but everything seems to be working just fine. I'm going to switch back in a bit and see if I can get things working. I'll update after I do. Update: I'm still having the same issue. The game knows I have a PS4 controller so it is detecting it. It detects and lets me use the controller on the testing screen. It's just outside of that my controller is entirely unresponsive. At times like this I wish I wasn't so tech clueless.
  9. I finally got a chance to try out the latest build, and other than the controller test pictured below the game is not detecting my controller at all it seems. I can not navigate through any of the menus. When I start my game I can't even start it because it asks me to hit X on my PS4 controller, but when I do nothing happens. I can't even start the game from that point using keyboard or mouse inputs. I was also having issues with the game not starting if I tried changing the game from windowed to borderless windowed and then restarting the game. It would always hang after loading the character textures but before the game actually loads and the main menu appears.
  10. Kaleidozombie

    Bags in car add containers

    You can fill the bags which will overstuff the car container (car seat, glovebox, or trunk). This may lead to some items disappearing, by which I mean when you go check the bags later some or all of them may be empty and the contents inside lost to the void.
  11. Kaleidozombie

    I Am Sad

    I wanted to finish off the zombies at least before I died. Plus I had a few other things I could have finished up in that time. Now I have to level up carpentry again on my new character. At ant rate, the zombies didn't care about my plans and so proceeded to tear me to bits as I tried to get away.
  12. Kaleidozombie

    I Am Sad

    I got cocky. A helicopter came and we'd been through worse and survived without as much as a scratch. I was tired, but so was my character. And a bit over-encumbered, exhausted and had a fractured leg on top of it. The north side of our base had no activity so I decided to move south. As I was killing some zombies at the entrance to our base on the west some zombies sneaked up behind me and I was bitten. Then as I tried to make my way back up to the north side and safety I was surrounded by more zombies. I tried to bandage myself but there were too many zombies and I had to keep moving. Someone came to help but I kept getting slower as I bled out and I would get scratched more and bleed more until I finally died from blood loss. I never did get a moment to stop and bandage my wounds. At least I took down a few of them with my trusty shotgun before I went down. It sucks, because I had several skills maxed out and several more close to max. What I should have done was got into my car and drove over them instead of trying to level up my aim skill some more. That decision cost me. There were several other choices I should have made. I made a lot of mistakes.
  13. Kaleidozombie

    I Am Sad

  14. Kaleidozombie

    Leg Fractured When Using Sheet Rope

    I've encountered this bug before and forgot about it before I had a chance to report it, but it happened again and so this time I'm reporting it before I forget again. I play on a controller and when exiting a window to climb down on a sheet rope if you double press the B/Circle button (or just press the B/Circle button shortly after the animation for climbing out the window starts) it will cancel the action and your character will return to the top. However, this action behaves as if you were dropped out the window forcefully and so when you climb back up you will have a fracture. It seems to happen when you trigger and then cancel the action in quick succession. It looks like your character climbs in and out of the window with barely a moment of your character entering the animation for climbing down the rope.
  15. I was thinking that it would be nice to navigate containers by tapping the shoulder bumpers to cycle through them as normal, but by holding down the shoulder bumper you could use the D-Pad to move up and down through the list of containers. I was thinking you could also click the right analog stick while holding down the shoulder bumper for the inventory window you want to cycle through the sorting options. Without holding the shoulder bumper clicking the right analog stick in would expand or collapse a stack of items. I've been trying to think of ways to do what the people using keyboard and mouse can do at present and have it work with the current controller configuration as well as being user friendly. I like controller configurations that are comfortable and easy to use and don't require too many finger gymnastics to get working.