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  1. Unplanned Server Resets

    I've been switching to the correct build for each save. At any rate I've looked into the folders for the saves that appear to have been reset and all of the data that I see in all the other saves is missing from those reset saves so those saves are indeed gone. I wish I'd backed them up now, but I wasn't expecting to have any issues with any of my saves. I guess just because I wasn't experiencing any issues before I should have expected that to always be the case. I just wish I knew what was causing it so I could avoid it in the future.
  2. Unplanned Server Resets

    I remembered another detail as well. It may have nothing to do with it. I renamed the server as well. I named it before I knew what city we were picking and where we were going to set up out base (I like to name the files based on where we set up shop). After we'd been playing for a while I renamed the server. Right before playing as well. At any rate I plan on backing up my saves from now on. I've been making sure to be on the correct build for the save/server I am accessing, but something's still gone wrong. I didn't start having this issue until recently as well. I'm hoping I can figure things out. That or they sort themselves out whether I figure it out or not.
  3. Does carrying an Extreme Heavy Load do more when your character is also Exhausted?
  4. Unplanned Server Resets

    I usually host the servers I play on using the Host function. I've also recently started playing on a server that someone else was hosting the same way before migrating to a dedicated server. Things were fine up to this point. I'm also wondering if it may have also been when I switched from the IWBUMS branch back to the stable branch to play with a different group. I couldn't join this group because there was one mod from the Workshop that I couldn't download. It appeared as blank of the list of mods and would not download or install. I had tried adding the Discord integration to one of my servers before I tried joining this group but had yet to log in at this point. After failing to join I switched back to IWBUMS to play with my friend as usual and realized everything had been reset. I removed the Discord integration from the settings thinking maybe it had something to do with it. I'm not sure anymore because it's affecting other save games/servers that were working fine prior to all of this. All of the servers that are being reset are all servers that are not set to reset at all.
  5. Unplanned Server Resets

    Recently I've been playing with several groups of people. Some play on the stable branch and some play on the IWBUMS branch. For a while I've been switching between both branches of the game without any problems, but recently I'll load up a game and find that the game is asking me to create a new character. The one I had previous no longer exists. When going back to the safe house I had set up it's no longer present either. It seems the entire server has been reset. I'm not quite sure what is causing this. I don't know if it's because I am switching between the different branches of the game or if there is another cause. The only other thing I can think of is that I tried to connect one of the servers to Discord. I didn't quite know what I was doing to begin with, but I misunderstood some of the instructions. Anyway, the attempt failed. Ever since then whenever I load up the game the server has been reset. At first I thought it was just the more recent saves from games on the IWBUMS branch that were affected, but the most recent save of the stable branch has been wiped as well. I have no idea what I may have done that is causing my servers to reset. I was hoping someone here might have some insight.
  6. PAWS Plush Backpacks

    I would love to see plush backpacks made for all of the PAWS characters, Spiffo included. Perhaps you could even include a retro version of Spiffo back when they were gray. I don't imagine they would carry more than a regular schoolbag. This is really nothing more than a cosmetic change for an item already in game to add more variety. Even having multiple colors for existing portable containers would be a welcome addition. Chips have multiple appearances, so it would be nice to see some more variety for other things. Plastic bags, tote bags, purses, schoolbags, normal/big hiking bags, etc. You could also add some regular plushy toy versions of all the characters as well, with even rarer variants that have strings that you pull so they talk (press Q while equipped in both hands). It is recommended that you do not do so near any zombies unless it is your intention to alert zombies.
  7. You can already do this by opening the door using the vehicle wheel menu.
  8. Twiggy's Bar 2nd story window bug

    One of the windows (north side) in the general store in West Point (the one across from Thunder Gas) does the same thing.
  9. Discord Store

    Discord now has a game store. There are games you can purchase and games you get free with Nitro if you upgrade your Nitro package. I'm wondering if The Indie Stone has any plans on releasing Project Zomboid on the Discord games store. The game is already on Steam and on GoG. I'd love to see more people discover this game and I think the Discord game store would be great for that. Speaking of Discord, I'd also like to see the developers add some Rich Presence features for this game. Let your friends know how long your current character has been alive for instance. There is all sorts if things they could add. The Indie Stone Discord could also apply to become a verified server so that gamers know it's the real thing and not some other server passing themselves off as the real thing.
  10. Legible Street Names for Advanced Naviation

    Or you could inspect the sign like you do generators or barbecues and a window with the info appears.
  11. MegaTest VII: So Many Subtitles [FINISHED]

    I missed it again. I had a feeling I should have made more coffee and stayed up instead of sleeping, but I ignored it.
  12. 918-ish. I think this has been added already, but I wanted to add some detail to it. I'm just going to copy and paste what i wrote in the official TIS Discord server. They would be usable only when both the power and water are running. With generators you could keep the power going, but I'm not sure what you could do about the water to keep them working after the water is shut off. My guess is you'd have to revert to washing clothing with soap and water again. Anyway, just tossing another idea out there.
  13. Color Coding Food

    I don't want to colorize the food icons themselves. I was thinking of adding a color dot between the icon and the text. Or it could be placed in the corner where there are already icons to indicate the items is broken or if it is frozen. Maybe they could add small icons to indicate the freshness of the item. But I like being able to see the icons so I was thinking of having a visual indicator that didn't obscure the icons. At any rate I'm just throwing ideas out there and whether the developers do anything with them is up to them. They may like the idea but decide to do something completely different with it because they turn it into something even better.
  14. [Event Ended] MegaTest VI - IWBUMS Weather, Chat][E

    I jumped in just a bit ago and during that time I tried to access the trunk of a van and instead of opening the back of the van to let me access the storage space I was put into the driver's seat. I had to use the vehicle wheel menu to open the door and access the container. If I just tried to access the back of the van using any other method I was throw into the driver's seat.
  15. [Event Ended] MegaTest VI - IWBUMS Weather, Chat][E

    I missed the event but I managed to log in afterwards after I got back from picking up my online grocery order. I hope that for the next event real life isn't keeping me busy with other things. I've noticed some strange behavior from the AI I haven't seen before. One zombie kept climbing in and out of a window until I approached. It's like they started chasing me and then just got stuck on the window until I got close again. I wasn't even that far away from them. Normally they give chase even with the dumbest zombies. Another zombie forgot I was there and started attacking a kitchen counter when I pushed them into it. They only acknowledged my presence when I attacked them. Pushing them again repeated the behavior. I'm not sure if this is AI behavior that was there in the past or if this is something new because this is the first time I've seen it. Also, inside buildings some rooms are very dark even with the lights on. Some rooms are like that until you stand in just the right spot and then the whole room lights up. The rest of the rooms seem fine when the lights are on.