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  1. Vehicle Breakdowns

    Maybe i have not driven the same car long enough but my engine never seems to well..... break sure the tires have popped at the worst of times but i have never had a mechanical breakdown Can anyone enlighten me on how breakdowns work?
  2. Self-sustainability and the culprit

    Mods can freshen up the experience And there's a lot to experiment with even for the most burnt out player
  3. Foot Steps

    The weather build
  4. Foot Steps

    When walking on roads or concrete you hear 3 diffrent foot steps at a time but on gravel sand or dirt it sounds fine in the end its more annoying then game breaking
  5. Mines

    hmmm i wonder...
  6. Mines

    Not a lot of gunpowder in a 12 gauge shell But enough of them would rip there rotting limbs off Idk 10-20
  7. Quick question

    I have noticed rusted versions of vehicles so i wonder do they rust over time or do they just spawn like that
  8. Black Corpses

    when i got back on my weather test save all the corpses around the point i saved at turned black
  9. Sewing

    I Can see this in the game especially after the animation build with all the new clothing God dam zombies Ripped my pants off... sorry
  10. Good Suggestions but as a internet doctor i diagnose you with a case of 3rd degree death
  11. Right now in the game If you get Cold Or Freezing the consequences are there but not very severe For a Survival Game And Overheating Is worst Very Minor consequences But To be fair there are not a lot of ways to maintain the correct Body Temperature But Still there are little to no consequences What I propose is a system of afflictions Such as Sunburn for staying in the sun too long unprotected by clothing no more pantless summers to keep cool HeatStroke From overheating Are you getting dizzy yet FrostBite Unprotected Fingers And Toes Would Cause A very Painful Reminder To Bundle Up HypoThermia Frigid Blizzards Will Chill you to the bone better Keep Warm Or you might not wake up I could Go On But I would Love to Hear Some of your suggestions to
  12. The IndieStone Pet Section

    This Is my Lizard Riptides Such a Sweet Heart
  13. Hiding In/Under cars.

    amazing idea
  14. A Different Way to Store Logs

    Is there a fireplace for indoors if not there should be to warm up those winter nights ........... not that i ever get to winter
  15. objects Damages and destruction balance

    interesting proposal but i do hate the idea of accidently punching my wall and breaking my wrist