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  1. I Was Expanding the Farmhouse and was replacing the fence with walls on my 3rd story Long Story Short I missed the fence ended up destroying the floor i was standing on breaking my leg and slowly dying making the splint.....
  2. Alternative Unlocking Methods

    2013 i'd say so =)
  3. Alternative Unlocking Methods

    You would think lockpicks would be in the game by now yet i cant seem to even find a mod
  4. Random building

    How do i delete replies
  5. Random building

    God why do i keep doing this
  6. Random building

    It just seems odd
  7. Random building

    Ignore this Reply
  8. Random building

    Is this meant to be there https://map.projectzomboid.com/#0.4757327435646788,0.1811268477030587,287.6889416919548
  9. Map Size

    Thanks for the feedback
  10. Map Size

    The map Is already big for single player but with massive servers say 50-100 players how big could they go?
  11. Tractors

    I guess i underestimated the devs =(
  12. Tractors

    i thought about trailer hitches and what not but due to the restraints of the game i i did't bring it up on this post
  13. Tractors

    The talk on the block is vehicles and places like the many farms would have something like a tractor Nice and Robust More then durable and great for a zombie killing spree Here is an example of what you might find
  14. Thursdoid Rising

    Looking forward
  15. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 38.15

    Been there just clear them out and hope they don't come back