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  1. 5 Years or so I rushed McCoys Cause it was always the safest part of Muldraugh Now i need a new Strategy
  2. Spikelord

    Slightly ajar

    With those Shadows is definiteđź‘˝
  3. Not gonna lie thought it might be a rickroll Still feels like one though
  4. In the load menu the info card for [apocalypse mode] saves shows [Survivor mode] Former Survivor mode And under info card for a [survivor mode] it shows as [fighter mode] Former Brawler mode i do think that's not right?
  5. {Here's the bug} i equiped the molotov in primary and the lighter in secondary threw it and it did molotov things setting fire to poor zombies but the molotov removed from the inventory Kinda as i could still throw them..... for ever even after my lighter burnt out i kept chucking em there was no molotov in the inventory but there was a picture as if it was in the primary slot if it helps i was in the challange you have one day ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Its kinda wierd playing by the books for my whole zomboid career then poof infinite fire bombs its a jolly time i must say...
  6. Nah man thats just what camo does makes you invisible the real glitch being your hips are affected not the chest
  7. I never really till i read this but there's really no signs of the previous inhabitants other then the odd radio or tv left on Even the supposed Survivor homes feel empty Still clean and in perfect order
  8. wearable traffic cones a hat of sorts Who does'n want the odd zombie with a traffic cone Stumble around https://cdn.drawception.com/images/panels/2013/6-5/5kdnhawa3X-4.png
  9. So i Found this on the map granted i have not been there yet i plan on updating this post when i check it in person https://map.projectzomboid.com/#0.3553273588419343,0.3562174725291761,537.5090232661448 Update: yup Quite a Few Of the houses in March Ridge Are Glitched here's a in game screenshot Hope it helps
  10. Dog Food Its Wet its Gross I would not recommend eating it if you had the choice But when the apocalypse Hits Its one of the few balanced meals Alright i'll get to the point Dog food in game gives 50 unhappiness and that makes sense but why cant it be added to meals i'm sure if you made a stir fry with some dog food, canned, veggies and assorted spices it might just be bearable, well adding much needed fats and protein to your meal So i just think you should be able to add it to meals its not a big change but it would be nice Thank you for reading =)
  11. My God They've mastered the sea Its only a matter of time till they take to the sky's
  12. Spikelord

    Puddle of Zudd

    under what circumstances does the water get muddy?
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