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  1. Spikelord

    zombie Jesus

    My God They've mastered the sea Its only a matter of time till they take to the sky's
  2. You learn something new every day
  3. Really Does it have a effect?
  4. why would one need to know the moon phase?
  5. Spikelord

    First Mafia Game here: Mafia City H5

    if only you knew what it would become But hey.... Thats how mafia works...
  6. Spikelord

    Puddle of Zudd

    under what circumstances does the water get muddy?
  7. Spikelord

    Weather Stations Tv/Radio

    I Don't know your fancy talk but what i meant by this post was a report on the weather from the radios and on the tv before they shutoff a week maybe a month as i'm sure whoever is running the radio and tv broadcast is busy getting eaten
  8. Spikelord

    Weather Stations Tv/Radio

    it seems fitting to have a weather station with the new weather and all first off it does'n have to be massive just a simple what the weathers like for tomorrow fog/rain/snow/clear an estimated wind speed and temperature would also be nice p.s. why do the tv/radio end so quick i get it your getting munched on by zombies but i want my news Thank you for reading
  9. Spikelord

    Sideways rain

    oh i was referring to getting a deadly cold the sneezing and whatnot =)
  10. Spikelord

    Sideways rain

    So i went inside to get out of the deadly rain and well this happend it stayed like this for about 2 in game hours and i'm not sure why Game Build 40.36 Stable
  11. Spikelord

    Different snow tiles and stages of "Snowyness".

    i love the idea would really add an extra layer of life to winter
  12. did you try switching seats?
  13. Ignore This i miss clicked and cant figure out how to delete posts
  14. the ones in riverview cant be dismantled either
  15. Spikelord

    [40.9] Black Corpse

    I have the same problem i run windows 10 and the corpses turn black upon loading a saved game Freshly killed or not