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  1. Spikelord

    Sideways rain

    oh i was referring to getting a deadly cold the sneezing and whatnot =)
  2. Spikelord

    Sideways rain

    So i went inside to get out of the deadly rain and well this happend it stayed like this for about 2 in game hours and i'm not sure why Game Build 40.36 Stable
  3. Spikelord

    Can't lose weight

    odd Very odd
  4. Spikelord

    Can't lose weight

    an easy way to lose weight is to only eat when it gets low not starving but hungry
  5. Spikelord

    Spiffo Space Canada Weather Build

    as a canadian i am most intrigued about this canadian weather build can some one tell me more?
  6. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1558779191
  7. Spikelord

    Different snow tiles and stages of "Snowyness".

    i love the idea would really add an extra layer of life to winter
  8. did you try switching seats?
  9. Ignore This i miss clicked and cant figure out how to delete posts
  10. the ones in riverview cant be dismantled either
  11. Spikelord

    Most Interesting Deaths

    i died to a potato peeler long story short i was heading to home when i remebered i needed one for mashed potato (hydrocraft) so i went back to look for one, helicopter came by and 300 zombies later im dead over a potato peeler
  12. Spikelord

    [40.9] Black Corpse

    I have the same problem i run windows 10 and the corpses turn black upon loading a saved game Freshly killed or not
  13. Spikelord

    Foot Steps

    The weather build
  14. Spikelord

    Foot Steps

    When walking on roads or concrete you hear 3 diffrent foot steps at a time but on gravel sand or dirt it sounds fine in the end its more annoying then game breaking
  15. Spikelord


    hmmm i wonder...