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  1. Health Tab

    I just came across a non game breaking bug but im 99% sure its a bug As of the IWBUMS 39.58 you can move the health treatment...... guy Icon To Make it more clear heres a screen cap As you can see i moved the icon by dragging under the info,skill,health buttons on accident of course so im pretty sure i should not be able to do that
  2. Good Suggestions but as a internet doctor i diagnose you with a case of 3rd degree death
  3. cigarettes need to be more common ITS THE 90S

    is it me or did everyone quit smoking 80% of the smokes i find are in the trash ......20% being in lockers of course
  4. Right now in the game If you get Cold Or Freezing the consequences are there but not very severe For a Survival Game And Overheating Is worst Very Minor consequences But To be fair there are not a lot of ways to maintain the correct Body Temperature But Still there are little to no consequences What I propose is a system of afflictions Such as Sunburn for staying in the sun too long unprotected by clothing no more pantless summers to keep cool HeatStroke From overheating Are you getting dizzy yet FrostBite Unprotected Fingers And Toes Would Cause A very Painful Reminder To Bundle Up HypoThermia Frigid Blizzards Will Chill you to the bone better Keep Warm Or you might not wake up I could Go On But I would Love to Hear Some of your suggestions to
  5. The IndieStone Pet Section

    This Is my Lizard Riptides Such a Sweet Heart
  6. Hiding In/Under cars.

    amazing idea
  7. what mode do you guys normaly play on?

    i always have liked having the control of playing sandbox changing every little detail to my liking from how dark the nights are to how deadly the zombies are ps i like it pitchblack
  8. A Different Way to Store Logs

    Is there a fireplace for indoors if not there should be to warm up those winter nights ........... not that i ever get to winter
  9. objects Damages and destruction balance

    interesting proposal but i do hate the idea of accidently punching my wall and breaking my wrist
  10. Hot/Cold vs Hunger/Thist

    Way back swear i remember reading the emotes you got when hot/cold saying increased thirst/hunger am i remebering wrong?
  11. Instant exhaustion foraging 'feature'

    If you ask me they should tone down the fatigue And Increase the time to finish foraging your hiking through the forest and yes you would get tired but getting that tired in a half hour seems a little much Could not Agree More =)
  12. Grave Intention

    Can you take the spar tire off the back of "jeep" in the event of a flat tire?
  13. SprayPaint Markings

    Lets Talk Markings [Arrows] [symbols] And Whatnot The Mod Below Does This Very Well But This seems like something that should be in the base game Markings Would be Great for role playing and for depth Surprising Things Could make markings Mustard Lipstick Paint Crayons Chalk Spray Paint But of Course Some Would Wash away in the rain and markings would be buried under snow Feedback is Always Welcome And thank You for Reading https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=499153179&searchtext=
  14. Test Track

    Is it just me or is that alot of horsepower Disclaimer im not a car guy but 3000+
  15. 595.More variety To motor vehicle's 1. (Tractor's) Plenty of farms around kentucky 2. (Golf carts) With the country club and all 3. (Big Semi Trucks) Perfect for Clearing a horde of zombies 4. (Armored Transports) Military and or Bank With Fortknox being in the near vicinity The List Really could go on And on