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  1. 595.More variety To motor vehicle's 1. (Tractor's) Plenty of farms around kentucky 2. (Golf carts) With the country club and all 3. (Big Semi Trucks) Perfect for Clearing a horde of zombies 4. (Armored Transports) Military and or Bank With Fortknox being in the near vicinity The List Really could go on And on
  2. No More Panic Mod Request or 'hardened survivors'

    I Never live long enough to find out =(
  3. Never Have Words Been so true
  4. Keys in the trunk

    Pardon but i laughed my arse off reading this post Help i locked my keys in the trunk
  5. Erosion doesn't work

    What version are you playing on?
  6. Has anybody seen a spiffo around lately?

    Wait they still spawn hav'nt seen one in months
  7. Turbo and Smoke Bombs

    Great Idea
  8. Community Vehicle Suggestions

    How bout Tractors for the farms around kentucky Like this 1984 Allis Chalmers 8030 This one was found in missouri so I dont see why there would not be any in kentucky
  9. Something in the Air

    Fog Kinda Freaky i can see colored fog mods in the near future Blood Fog Acid Fog The possibilities are endless
  10. I Was Expanding the Farmhouse and was replacing the fence with walls on my 3rd story Long Story Short I missed the fence ended up destroying the floor i was standing on breaking my leg and slowly dying making the splint.....
  11. Alternative Unlocking Methods

    2013 i'd say so =)
  12. Alternative Unlocking Methods

    You would think lockpicks would be in the game by now yet i cant seem to even find a mod
  13. Tractors

    I guess i underestimated the devs =(
  14. Tractors

    i thought about trailer hitches and what not but due to the restraints of the game i i did't bring it up on this post