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  1. Yes, i realize I could do that but I wanted it more interactive with my viewers and more of a surprise for me..... Kinda want something that randomizes it for me rather than me having to spawn it in and have control still. I know the game randomizes it but want it to be right when someone follows.
  2. I am a regular streamer of Project Zomboid and have recently been seeing other streamer having harm the streamer stream. Mostly GenerikB he has harm the hermit which is a mode where he plays a game and if someone subs or donates bits it will spawn in monsters or other mobs to attack him. I have seen him use this in minecraft, 7 days to die, and fallout 4.... Seeing that I am not that big of a streamer I would want something a bit simpler for now.... I am trying to get followers so I would like it if when someone follows me it will spawn in a horde of zombies or trigger meta events, keep it ra
  3. Hey Rathlord! Here was the clip from the stream earlier: This was really one of the only things I experienced with the zombies. There was some player lag too but that could be due to Real Life locations.
  4. It definitely was interesting!!! I was told about the post here so I thought I would post the video if it was a bug... It was very weird
  5. This has also happened to me on stream caught a highlight of it here:
  6. I hope the devs can get this fixed. some sort of light mapping check when building.
  7. I am playing in IWBUMS 40.38 on a MP server, I am not sure how long this could have been around or if anyone has ever noticed it. A house burned down near my base and finally after making changes to the base I decided to remove the burned down house. After doing so the interior shadowing is left behind. I have made sure several times that I had removed all of the roofing. Everything has been removed. Is this a known bug? The house I removed was at: Coords: 11024x9421 Cell: 36x31 Rel: 224x121 The Second place I tested this was a small awning near by: Coords: 109
  8. What controller are you using? AfterGlow Prismatic wired Controller for Xbox One Does the controller work? Yes Please check out the new gamepad customization menu in the Options. Does it work, and does it make sense? Yes it did work. Also it was straight forward to me in what options were available to change. Is it relevant to the pad you’re using? How could it be improved? Yes it was relevant to my gamepad. One improvement I could suggest would be to unlock all of the controllers buttons so that a player could add more keybinding other than the default setup that is p
  9. If it is possible, I would like to see a "last action" feature. So when you eat a berry(or any other action that has a repetitive process) instead of going through the right click> eat>all motion, maybe it could be possible if "E" or even another key could be a "last action" option. So if you do the right click>eat>all right after instead of repeating mouse method, you just press "E" and your character will just eat another berry. Would make eating berries, foraged edibles and other things a little quicker to do. There are so many things this could be used for as well. -Fo
  10. IWBUMS 40.36 has no game breaking bugs that I have encountered. Played on the server for roughly 4hrs.
  11. I am not sure if I am mistaken but I swore you could destroy or disassemble wooden floors from the carpentry build menu.... I accidentally place down a wooden floor and now cannot remove it. I have tried having the hammer and crowbar both in main inventory to either pick up, dismantle, or disassemble the wooden floor. Nothing worked. Also I have tried using the sledgehammer to just destroy the floor altogether and again nothing. I have no option to removed the floor. Am I missing something or is anybody else experiencing this problem??? I have only tested this on a multiplayer server.
  12. There was a post already on the forums about this:
  13. I am building a a single story structure at the 3 lakes north of the warehouses out of town POI and it seems I cannot place wooden doors. I have tried removing door frames and rebuilding them. Door remains red. There isn't any obstructions to keep door from being built. I have also gone into admin and used build cheat to build multiple door frames and no doors could be placed.
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