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    Logging for cars

    Hi, It will be awfully nice if there'll be a way to identify on which cat specific action was performed. Now action log for cars looks like this: [08-07-19 20:03:23.051] 76561198422160059 "UserA" vehicle.setDoorOpen @ 5726,6425,0. [08-07-19 20:03:24.054] 76561198422160059 "UserA" vehicle.setDoorOpen @ 5726,6425,0. [08-07-19 20:03:24.654] 76561198422160059 "UserA" vehicle.setDoorOpen @ 5727,6425,0. [08-07-19 20:03:27.658] 76561198422160059 "UserA" vehicle.startEngine @ 5728,6425,0. [08-07-19 20:05:32.385] 76561198275614352 "UserB" vehicle.setDoorOpen @ 5727,6425,0. [08-07-19 20:05:32.586] 76561198275614352 "UserB" vehicle.setDoorOpen @ 5726,6425,0. We know who, when and where, but do not know which car was affected. It should at least specify a model. It would be even better if there'll be a unique car id that could be tracked. Thanks.
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    Barricading with metal sheet from backpack

    There are a lot of bugs like this. For example. you can build wooden floor with planks in a backpack. But walls - only with planks in main inventory.
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    Car floating in the air upside down (Multiplayer)

    Known bug, no solution at this point. You can nudge the floating car back on wheels with another car, though. Also, if server admin accessible - he can delete this floating car and create a new one.
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    Ham Radios not working?

  5. Enoahe


    Read this
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    Doors and Windows Do Not Load

    Any mods installed?
  7. Enoahe

    Bug with rain drops

    Yup. Reported here:
  8. Hi, I'm trying to change "WorldItemRemovalList" via "Server Options" in game: Current value (default): Base.Vest,Base.Shirt,Base.Blouse,Base.Skirt,Base.Shoes I'm trying to edit it, just to remove single item, for example: Base.Vest,Base.Shirt,Base.Blouse,Base.Skirt Server answer: "Use this to change a server option, use : /changeoption optionName \"newValue\" After I press "Apply changes" in "Sevrver Options" window my new edited value replaced with old (default value): Base.Vest,Base.Shirt,Base.Blouse,Base.Skirt,Base.Shoes
  9. It is also impossible to change WorldItemRemovalList via command /changeoption in a chatbox with the same error: Command: /changeoption WorldItemRemovalList "Base.Vest,Base.Shirt,Base.Blouse,Base.Skirt" Answer: "Use this to change a server option, use : /changeoption optionName \"newValue\"
  10. Like any other furniture. There is a pickup/disassemble button on the left part of your screen, bottom one I believe.
  11. Enoahe

    Problem! Local files and accounts ...

    Change ResetID in your config file.
  12. Enoahe

    Car weight affects car performance?

    Yup. If you negate all the weight (negative weight items in your inventory) the car won't move either.
  13. Enoahe

    [40.43] [MP] Action logs

    Hi, There is a slight problem with logs: [23-01-19 13:29:49] username container -8 10144,6674,0 [Hydrocraft.HCDressingcaesar, Hydrocraft.HCDressianisland, Hydrocraft.HCMustardpowder, Hydrocraft.HCOregano, Base.Ketchup, Hydrocraft.HCTurmeric]. From here we can understand that 'username' get 8 items from container. But there are 6 items in list, I figured this is unique items. How can I understand from log how much of each item were picked up? Another example: [22-01-19 19:57:03] username container -22 10216,6654,0 [Base.SheetPaper2, Base.Pencil]. I can only guess that there were 1 pencil and 21 paper sheets. But it is also possible that there were 3 pencils and 18 paper sheets. Or 2 pencils and 19 paper sheets. Or 20 pencils and 1 paper sheet. Thanks!
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    [40.43] [MP] Action logs

    Another beautiful example, this time complete vanilla without mods whatsoever: [28-05-19 23:33:36] username container -50 4259,5877,0 []. 50 items. M'kay. Which items?
  15. Enoahe

    Most buildings have invisible walls...

    Any mods?
  16. I believe the easiest possible way for you will be : https://www.hwinfo.com/ Run it, then choose "Video Adapter" in a main menu.
  17. When new user logs in his game requests a huge piece of map from server. It creates a huge load on server. When already logged in users request update from server while server is under load - update takes a bit more time than usual and entities like zombies and players will disappear until requested map will be downloaded and changes recalculated.
  18. Hi, It would be extremely nice if map files will be diveded between multiple directories. There are no filesystem that could work with hundreds of thousands in one directory effectively. Thanks.
  19. Enoahe

    Zed Inn

    Yay, it's my tavern on a pic!
  20. You can't choose bottom row in color picker in item editor: it just closes the menu without choosing the color. Probably because it overlaps the underlaying parent menu, so it'll be an easy fix just make an item editor window big enough to fit whole color picker in.
  21. Enoahe

    Redboid [24/7] [Hydrocraft] [ORGM]

    No worries, we have pretty different target audiences, both language- and ping-wise.
  22. Enoahe

    Redboid [24/7] [Hydrocraft] [ORGM]

    More casual than ever
  23. Howdy, Stationary radio units (all of them) do not transmit. You can still listen someone's broadcast but can't answer. Handheld walkie in your hand is the only way you can broadcast something now. If you place walkie on the ground you still can recieve, but can't transmit (even on the same tile, so this is not a proximity issue). I've noticed it earlier (couple updates ago) but postponed the reporting assuming that it's been a known bug for some reason. But apparently it's not, at least I can't find any reports here. Thanks.