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  1. Hi, After 40.40 patch all claim owners in old claims became regular members. In new claims owner became regular member after another player added into a claim (so there can't be more than 2 players in a new claim). Is there any MP players that can confirm this problem? Thanks.
  2. Enoahe

    Failing to Save

    It's probably worth to check your filesystem for errors, also check HDD's SMART.
  3. Hi, In MP, when connection to server was lost for some reason, you'll see a screen with a text: 'Connection to server was lost' and a single button: 'Quit to desktop'. Why can't user exit to a main menu? Because loading game from the very begging takes time. Thanks.
  4. Enoahe

    Connection to server was lost

    "Coop" I think, if I understand you. Okay. That'll require additional research then. Maybe there are different types of losing connection, some of which leads to a single 'quit' button. I'll test it.
  5. Enoahe

    [40.36] 'safehouse' channel

    Hi, Isn't 'safehouse' channel supposed to be heared only by your safehouse members only? As for now (40.36), it can be read by anybody who have it's own safehouse. If this is intended behavior, which is kinda weird, then what's this channel purpose? Thanks!
  6. Enoahe

    Removed House-Shadow left behind

    I did remove a couple houses myself (lots of sledgehammering, oh my), both of them did left similar shadow.
  7. Enoahe

    40.36 - Car and fire

    Also bombs (pipe/aerosol bomb with sensor, for example) do not damage cars.
  8. Enoahe

    Custom chat commands

    Hi, I'm wondering, is there a native way to add custom chat commands? To add, for example, '/rules' command that'll describe MP server rules. I mean, I can create something like that with adhesive and crutches, like constantly reading server console output and sending answers with servermsg. But I hope I can avoid it somehow. Thanks.
  9. Enoahe

    Building stuff in jewelry store.

    That's probably a special jewelry nails and ehhh... dental cement.
  10. Enoahe

    Can't lose weight

    You need to run a lot. Eat only veggies and berries and only when you starving. This way you'll loose your weight in no time (couple months maybe).
  11. Enoahe

    Durability wall

    I think, the problem is that that you do not really need to be able to build a staircase. You just need to find a car or a gun to be able to bring medium-sized horde to this fortress to bring the walls down in no time. No skill required whatsoever.
  12. You can replace it with another floor tile or pour some dirt, sand or gravel from a bag over it. It's been like this at least from previous build, maybe even earlier. Sadly, there is no way to grow back some grass, so be careful.
  13. Hi, When you connecting to MP server, if there is an active voice communication anywhere on the server while you looking at "This is how you died. Click to start" screen, you'll hear it wherever your character really are (probably because at this stage your character is nowhere specifically until you ''click to start"). This way, constantly logging in and out you can safe and easy spy on various parties on the server that uses local voice chat.
  14. Enoahe

    [40.31] Stairs teleportation

    Hi, If you place stairs like on the screenshot attached, when you reach the end of the lower staircase you'll be suddenly teleported on the upper part of the higher one. This is useful but probably should be fixed.
  15. Enoahe

    Can't add rope to an inner chute

    Yes. Thank you, you're a lifesaver. And I thought I clicked every pixel around that damn window
  16. Hi, I prefer to hide my ingress/egress points inside the buildings, so I usually do a little 1-tile chutes from level to level like on a screenshot attached. There are a slight problem with them: if you already built 1-tile box with a window you cannot attach rope. There just no such option. You can jump there whenever you want and break as much legs as you have, but you cannot attach the rope unless you destroy walls around the hole (except wall with window). Usually this is not a big deal, but zombies on 1st floor remove my ropes quite regularly so to be able to reattach the rope I must get my sledgehammer, destroy all the walls, attach the rope and rebuild walls again. Uncool. Not fun. Thanks.
  17. Enoahe

    How do global xp is gained?

    There is a thing that, probably, should be emphasized for those who levels up agressively: you cannot get global XP from skills you've already mastered (already got level 10). That was the reason I've created this topic in the first place, but as always I've failed to explain what I really want to find out, lol.
  18. Enoahe

    How do global xp is gained?

    Hi, Could someone point me in the direction of how exactly do global xp (thing that gives you skill points) is gained by characters? What actions brings you global xp? Did global xp acquisition speed depends on how many skill points you already have? Thanks.
  19. Hi, Could anyone tell me, how far generators reach vertically powerwise? I've learned that it powers everything in 21-tile horizontally, but I'm not sure how to measure vertical distance. Should it also reach up to 21 tile radius vertically? How much vertical tiles in a floor then, is it 3? (because you can stack no more than 3 crate per floor vertically). I've built an 8-story "tower" and placed generator on the roof. And fridges on 2nd floor didn't work Thanks.
  20. Enoahe

    does not allow on the server

    If you want to log in without manually creating users and open your server to the internet, you could use AutoCreateUserInWhiteList=true
  21. Enoahe

    [40.16] Worm spawn in fridge.

    Well, they're edible, aren't they?
  22. Enoahe

    Help with White-List issue. Images Inside.

    Well... thank you for a hint. Apparently, game stores md5 from passwords, so you can change it like this: 1. Generate new password. If you have issues with imagination, you can generate it like this: cat /dev/urandom | tr -dc 'a-zA-Z2-9' | fold -w 18 | head -1 2. Generate md5 hash from your password: echo -n 'newpassword' | md5sum 3. Replace old hash with a new one in the database: sqlite3 ~/Zomboid/db/servername.db sqlite> update whitelist set password='yournewhash' where username='yourusername'; ^D Now I have access to 'admin' account.
  23. Enoahe

    Help with White-List issue. Images Inside.

    Hey, JayT! I've never been able to login as 'admin' user myself. Maybe this is supposed to be this way? You still can create another special user, give him admin access level and use as an admin account only.
  24. Apparently, Xmx and Xms options should be specified in json config, here: ~steam/.steam/steamcmd/pz/ProjectZomboid64.json (or ProjectZomboid32.json if you using 32-bit version of the server).