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  1. Laird Thaddeus

    Hi, Lay.

    Its the end of the known world of course your going to die. The question is how long will you survive and how will you do it. do you learn to fend for yourself and make a base in the wilderness making everything you need, do you fortify the hell out of a existing building and hope they don't get in or take to the roads never staying in one place longer than it takes to sleep of the last days killing and scavenging? This is the story of how you died but that story is far from over.
  2. Laird Thaddeus

    Craftable Item overview, Store food underground

    As Enoahe has said if you press "B" it will open the crafting screen (also available from the left hand menu in game above item moving). if you go to the fishing sub category all the craftable items are available and the required items and skills are listed.
  3. Laird Thaddeus


    The water almost looks too good compared to the graphic design of the rest of the game. i like the current design of the game.
  4. Laird Thaddeus

    Compass Item

    Personally i cant see the point in a compass but i am curios how you would give someone directional instructions when you dont know where they are. if i was to spawn in westpoint and you say go east 120 degrees ill head off at a run and expect to come across you. but turns out i spawned in the motel and your camped in the hardware store which is west of the motel. i would end up running straight out of town. If you know the map well enough to work out where someone has spawned and say oh you need to go west. you know it well enough to say head out the front door, turn left and cross the junction im in the second shop on your left. the same goes for finding cabins in the woods. they are meant to be stumbled on. if you have found one with out the online map you know which direction the road is in because you came from it so walk in a straight line and make a mark so you can find it again. if your using the online map you pick a spot that has a straight line to where you want and walk it. ive spent many days lost in the woods looking for a collection of cabins only to find the trees had grown and obscured the path i was looking for id passed it several times.
  5. Laird Thaddeus

    Zombie corpses

    if you have a fuel can and lighter you can burn bodies in the base game without it spreading. just drop all the corpses on the same square then right click and you get the option. Word of warning though light it and step back. if you stay still you might catch on fire yourself. the fire stays contained to the tile even to the point of not burning corpses in the next tile over. Personally i store all my corpses in crates and cupboards so they are out of the way. im currently stashing them in the local gigamart, but i do have a crate room being built to store them all in
  6. Laird Thaddeus

    40.36 — Rain sounds.

    is this not just how rain is? where i live we tend to get a light rain that you cant even hear and then it will suddenly get worse and be a noticeable sound then it will fade off as the cloud moved over
  7. Laird Thaddeus


    im camped above the hardware store in westpoint. bedroom is clean and i routinely sweep the surround so noise should be limited . my cloths are filthy but the room is ok. i might start stripping for bed see if that helps. i might have to relocate anyway as ive just pulled a horde through my base and im currently on the run
  8. Laird Thaddeus

    No longer getting wet

    Thanks. That would make sense.
  9. Laird Thaddeus

    Zombie Spawn - SP

    that might save his life then. you can only do so much with a shotgun
  10. Laird Thaddeus

    Zombie Spawn - SP

    so i logged of my single player game in a somewhat precarious position. and was wondering if anyone knows if it will leave all the zombies exactly where they are or if it will spawn them back in the cell randomly when i log in? long story short i upset a horde and had it chase me through my base. there are corpses everywhere and still a giant horde following me. i logged off just before molotoving them to death so would be good to know if they will all still be in the same place when i go back or if i could be a bit more surrounded
  11. Laird Thaddeus


    turns out sleeping tablets dont help. i tried taking one dose of tablets and then sleeping. i was up in 4 hours again
  12. Laird Thaddeus

    Zombie Migration Question (across cells?)

    I think you will find if you are far enough out they just lose interest before they migrate far enough. The furhter out you are though the more likely you will need to make runs into a town for supplies until you are fully up and running. thats what killed my last wood dweller.
  13. Laird Thaddeus

    Can't lose weight

    i assume you are sleeping from time to time. unless its been changed weight only used to change during sleep periods
  14. Laird Thaddeus

    Build 40 Map Release

    i might have to head down there and take a look. i tend to camp around westpoint. haven't found anything new from memory there yet.
  15. Laird Thaddeus

    Most Interesting Deaths

    Building a second story is one of my more common deaths. ive lost count how many times ive been laying a floor and walked straight off the edge. Broken legs are not fun. ive died so many times from broken legs. i took to carry a leg repair bag full of splints and food. even a few poultices. still died. i was normally carring 40+ weight of wood when it happened