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  1. Display resolution

    Mods are not an option as im playing MP. ill just keep to the squinting for the time being.
  2. Moodles vs Animation

    even with animations, personally i would like to keep moodles. the degrees of information moodles show are the feelings you would get so sadness and exhaustion just wouldnt show up in an animation unless you zoomed in on your own face.
  3. Display resolution

    where is this option? as i play on a surface pro 4 and the font is tiny. I've upped all the ones i can find
  4. Zombies in the woods?

    my house is nestled in here against the lake. i take my vehicle into town about once a week for supplies (mainly nails and metal, the odd book). i mostly off road to get in and out but i have partially floored a strip to give me some road.,0.32373763097366753,198.74211800847692 its a good 3-4 cells from the nearest zombie (before i killed it). helicopter goes over quite often and every time i sleep there is an event of some sort. ive been the only one online for each event as well. none of the other players have been on for weeks (real world)
  5. House alarms continue to work after the power is out generally speaking. they technically have battery backup so continue to work.
  6. What are you Survivor's Courtesy Code rules?

    I leave little mini bases setup with supplies should anyone need them while they are out scavenging.
  7. Move MP delete button

    is it possible to get the delete button moved over a bit on the multiplayer server page? i managed to accidentally delete a server i was playing on with friends instead of joining due to the closeness of the buttons (mouse slipped). so instead of being where it is below just move it to the left a bit so its more central.
  8. Zombies in the woods?

    im gunna take that as a no then.
  9. Ammo counter

    Please never do this. part of the fun is counting off the rounds when your surrounded and just hoping you didnt miss count. that click as you run out of ammo you go to reload and find its still in the box so you have to run or switch to old trusty.
  10. Zombies in the woods?

    me and the work colleagues have a private MP server running. we have set bases up i various places across the map and have noticed if you just setup slightly out of town at a camp grounds or even build a house in the woods, just anywhere slightly remote the zombies never make it to the base. at the moment im setup at the cabins east of muldraugh. we are 4 months in game time wise and there are no zombies down here. if i go into town i pass entire hordes but none of them ever make it past the cross roads with Molans used cars. we had the same issue on the last play through when we were right up in the north west living above the shop. is there a way of setting it up so they actually leave the beaten track and come and find you?
  11. Some Humble Ideas

    Wire cutters would be brilliant. especially if it worked as a dismantle and gave a chance of receiving wire.
  12. Good sources of metal bars?

    ive found that toilets and sinks will drop metal bars as well.
  13. List of world tiles that should be pickable but aren't

    for the Manger / Feeding Trough this might be an item issue rather than a specific one as i had the same problem with the ones here,0.32272113580765366,928.6995627732668
  14. Do generators explode

    thats good to know. best start keeping a better eye on my generators
  15. Do generators explode

    so there is a just a random chance of generator explosion under 50%?