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  1. Most Interesting Deaths

    ive died from fractured legs plenty of times (carpentry is a dangerous job). my most recent though was poor old Jimmy Sanders. He lived for a total of 1 month 5 days and 9 hours taking 880 Zombies with him to the grave. During this time he built two houses in the woods and kept a single van going through lots of off roading and many crashes. in the his last few days he ventured into muldraugh in search of a hidden stash, he didnt find it but he did find a giant horde and promtly burnt it and the near by church untill nothing was left. it was late and i was so exhausted i couldnt see more than i tile or so (hence the van luring), i parked up in a petrol station and tried to catch a few hours sleep. woke up to a zombie clawing me through the missing drivers window (i was also missing the windscreen and passenger window). I showed him what for but it was too late for poor Jimmy. Queasiness soon kicked in and it was time to go out swinging. only problem, id already killed all the local zombies so i opted to off my self. 6 houses and a motel later i found the bleach and downed it in one, but it didnt touch the sides. after a frantic search i found no more bleach so opted for trusty old gravity to finish the job. having successfully launched myself from an upstairs window he rose once more but this time in the hunt for brains.
  2. Show off your base/safehouse :D

    my last base was out in a clearing in the woods. right on the edge of a lake. never got to finish it. was hoping to put a chainlink fence around the edge but i died in an unfortunate sleeping mistake. Never sleep in a vehicle with no windows in the center of town. there is a fridge in the corner and i added a second freezer after the screen shot. I had a stove in a hut down the road just hadnt been to retrieve it there is also a generator
  3. The most reasonable suggestion ever made!

    that's what the tent is for. you can construct tents anywhere there is space
  4. Does anyone know if its possible to take the .lua files from a multiplayer server and load them as a single player sandbox? we spent quite a long time fine tuning them but cant afford to keep the server running at the moment (3rd party hosted). so want to pull the config files and play the with the same settings on single player. files from MP are attached if it helps anyone. Server.ini SandboxVars.lua
  5. How long do YOU survive?

    if the server you are playing on was rebooted it resets the zombie locations. this is especially noticeable in the mall where zombies will always be located at startup. we had the same problem. cleared th call out nice a proper made a tweak to the loot respawn settings and on restart we were surrounded and had to c,ear it all over again.
  6. this definitely needs an over haul. i only found out by accident i could pick up windows when i was stealing a carpet for my player built house. it was very disapointing when i then broke every window in several houses trying to take a couple.
  7. Fruitful Trees

    you are better off posting this in the Suggestions section
  8. How long do YOU survive?

    i tend to survive a month at a time due to stupidity (last character died from sleeping in a van and being bitten), im mostly playing on a private MP server though so we just get a new character and carry on. More base invasion by hordes would help to make it last longer
  9. Display resolution

    Mods are not an option as im playing MP. ill just keep to the squinting for the time being.
  10. Moodles vs Animation

    even with animations, personally i would like to keep moodles. the degrees of information moodles show are the feelings you would get so sadness and exhaustion just wouldnt show up in an animation unless you zoomed in on your own face.
  11. Display resolution

    where is this option? as i play on a surface pro 4 and the font is tiny. I've upped all the ones i can find
  12. Zombies in the woods?

    my house is nestled in here against the lake. i take my vehicle into town about once a week for supplies (mainly nails and metal, the odd book). i mostly off road to get in and out but i have partially floored a strip to give me some road.,0.32373763097366753,198.74211800847692 its a good 3-4 cells from the nearest zombie (before i killed it). helicopter goes over quite often and every time i sleep there is an event of some sort. ive been the only one online for each event as well. none of the other players have been on for weeks (real world)
  13. House alarms continue to work after the power is out generally speaking. they technically have battery backup so continue to work.
  14. Move MP delete button

    is it possible to get the delete button moved over a bit on the multiplayer server page? i managed to accidentally delete a server i was playing on with friends instead of joining due to the closeness of the buttons (mouse slipped). so instead of being where it is below just move it to the left a bit so its more central.
  15. Zombies in the woods?

    im gunna take that as a no then.