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  1. Vehichle drops

    this can be closed. turns out we have an evil player on our closed server. he let the tyre pressure down. so all though the condition was good the they were technically broken
  2. Dedicated server restart clears Safehouses?

    Thanks. we have just experienced the same so shall add this to our server settings
  3. Vehichle drops

    Thats good to know ill ignore the floating cars for now. For the wheels, I've been back on today, re-attached them all. One car (white one) has all wheels at 70 ish % the other (black estate) is the same but has one wheel down at 40% (after several failed attempts putting it on). i managed to drive the black one off the drive but all the wheels fell off again (see images). The mail box was already broken i hit that with the truck.
  4. Weather Channel

    but who would run the weather channel?
  5. custom music

    id accept being able to set up a cd player, with a ham radio and a collection of CD's to make a radio station type thing
  6. Vehichle drops

    playing MP on a private server running vehicle stable build 39 (steam version). we have all noticed that when you load in the vehicles seem to load off of the ground and then drop to the ground level. Today noticed another problem in that both vehicles i had outside my safe house had all 4 wheels fall off as i drove away. they were showing on the vehicles when i got in but after moving a tile they all fell off simultaneously