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    A few Bugs [IWBUMS 40.38]

    Wow, I didn't see your thread but yeah that will probably be it, thanks. (still definitely a bug though xD)
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    A few Bugs [IWBUMS 40.38]

    Just a few bugs to note, some have been reported elsewhere but I'll repeat them anyways. These occurred on a multiplayer server I host from my computer that has 3-10 players playing and we use no mods. 1. Harvestable crops growth stopping. [IWBUMS 40.38] I am not CERTAIN this is a bug, so if it is just a part of the process i don't understand feel free to fill me in, just working off the wiki here. Crops we grow seem to bug out and get frozen is certain growing stages. I first observed this with about 6 strawberry plants, the got to stage 6/7 growth and were harvestable but I decided to leave them till I could get the seeds (stage 7). Their health and water was never far off 100, and they were never fertilised. About a day or two later I could no longer harvest them but they remained in stage 6 of 7. They remained the way for about 15-20 days! Stuck in stage 6, unharvestable, gameplay continued normally apart from this. Eventually I dug them up. We began a new much larger farm with every type of vegetable. The cabbages we harvested fine, and 3 out of the four potatoes, at which point all the crops seemed to freeze again. For seemly unlimited time the broccoli was stuck in stage 5, one of the four potatoes too. The tomatoes reached stage 6 and were harvestable but when this "freeze" happened they became un-harvestable. The health of all the crops was 100 and the rain continued to water them (there water continued to decrease.) Adding afew fertiliser at this poit did not seem to make a difference but if too much fertiliser is added they die. Allowing large amounts of time to pass or relaunching the server etc does not seem to fix this. New crops we plants grow, but these ones seem frozen, I do not know how to reproduce this bug. 2. Not getting wet in rain. [IWBUMS 40.38] I have seen this posted here before and the poster been told this is not a bug so its possible these observations are also wrong. Suddenly, about 2-3 months into our server, right in the middle of a very rainy season, we have all STOPPED getting wet in rain. We were all getting soaked constantly then suddenly, not anymore. No matter whether the rain is visibly light or extremely heavy, no-one gets wet. 3. Unkillable yet infinitley killable zombie. [IWBUMS 40.38] When me and a friend both hit a crawling zombie at the same time something weird happened. The crawling zombie kind of jumped up to a standing position, and became stuck in the "being pushed back" animation. We were still panicked by this zombie but it could not move or attack us. We could still hit this zombie and doing so provided xp, every single hit being a kill whether pushed, a weapon used etc. (making the death sound and blood splatter every time). My friend levelled up their blunt accuracy, maintenance and guard several times against this single zombie. Leaving the nearby area and coming back it was still there, cars would not collide with it. Re-loading the server caused it to disappear. 4. Duplicating car bug [IWBUMS 40.38] I run a high end computer but project zomboid manages to crash it when i tab out (i dont get this with any other games) This isnt actually a problem though, its fine. However I thought i'd mention that the last time this happened 6 of us were in a car together. When we logged back into the game had duplicated this car 5 times! It seems that the game had duplicated a copy of the car at the last position each player was in before the server crashed. The players all remained in the main car where we crashed. 5. Mall raining ghost zombies. [IWBUMS 40.36] Its likely this has been reported before but when in the mall, about half of the zombies that dropped from the upper levels got stuck in the falling animation and became uninteractable. This still panicked us but we could not hit them, the were flickering extremely annoyingly hence us calling them ghosts, honestly it made the mall alot scarier The rest of the zombies that dropped worked fine, by the end of our short expedition into one wing of the mall, there were about 40-60 ghost zombies stuck in this way. Positive feedback: [IWBUMS 40.38] The new nights are really cool and dark! Apart from these bugs the game is great :D! Let me know if you need any extra info on any of these.
  3. So in the current version of IWBUMS, if you right click on an item that is in a container or the floor, one of the options you are given is "Grab". This puts the item in whichever bag you have open/selected in the main inventory screen (backpack, main inventory, keychain, bag in your inventory etc). In the controller build, when you right click on an item that is in a container or the floor, the "grab" option/right click menu has further options that allow you to CHOOSE which bag the item goes into. This means I can have my main inventory on the left, while still being able to put items into my backpack. This is opposed to having to open my main inventory, switching to my backpack, picking up the item, then switching back to my main inventory, it is a huge time-saver. I was requesting that this UI feature/extra options be added to the base (IWBUMS) game.
  4. Hey, so I went back to play pz with mouse and keyboard and i am MASSIVELY missing the ability to choose where an item goes when you grab it, it was super useful and reduced button clicks/saved time. Could you please just add that feature to the game for use with mouse and keyboard as well? Thanks
  5. Hey thanks, I was aware i needed to use d-pad in menus, its just that basically every game also let you use the left analogue stick, hence suggesting it could be added. Also yeah I knew how to open the inventory (I played for several hours), I just couldn't figure out how to select the "loot all" button, tried bumpers and moving it about etc but couldn't find any way to select it. And the UI did show controller buttons for me in the vast majority of cases.
  6. What controller are you using? Xbox 360 Controller Does the controller work? Yes Please check out the new gamepad customization menu in the Options. Does it work, and does it make sense? Is it relevant to the pad you’re using? How could it be improved? is reasonable, a tutorial will be required i think however How does your gamepad feel in-game? Is there anything missing, and has anything changed that you’re used to playing with? After several hours I had got very used to it and it felt pretty good, I would still personally stick to mouse and keyboard however. How would you like your gamepad play further improved? Left analog stick does not work in character creation menus, Character creations menu is not wrap around (going all the way to the left most option just makes you stop rather than wrap around to the right most option which would be the most intuitive) Controller momentarily disconnected in character creation menu and then game would not find it again and had to resort to mouse, it started working again when i launched the game. Left analog stick doesn't work in any menus Could not interact with the tutorials that came up on the screen on launch, had to close with mouse Took me a while to figure out the sneaking, but I do like it. If there is a way so see what moodles say with controller, i didn't figure it out. Could not figure out how to loot all Tabbing out replaces ui of controller buttons with white squares for a while Had to go to the ok button every time i wanted to forage instead of it defaulting to there, this menu also did not wrap around The zooming is a BIT janky but ok, binding it to clicking in the two analog sticks would be nice I would add more on screen button prompts (e.g., showing up on the d-pad in the bottom right corner when in a car, only found all the useful menus on d-pad after significant time had passed) Do you play in split-screen? If so, how is this beta playing? When I came back to this game two months or so ago, like 3 years after originally buying it, me and 3 friends tried to play 4 player split-screen co-op with 4 controllers. It was so awful it put all of them off the game for good. The split-screen with these controls is/will be much better (though I only tested split-screen myself for a few moments). In the current game when you use inventory and character windows, your survivor on-screen can still move and perform some actions. If we were to forbid this, and have you either controller as your survivor OR having you navigate the UI, how would you feel? How would this change your playing style? Presumably this would make picking up items from the middle of a horde you are running through, changing to a non broken weapon, etc etc while surrounded by zombies you are sprinting through (my play style) much harder/impossible? I quite like how it is. What other gamepad bugs or weirdness have you noticed in this build? See 5 This build also contains a java lwjgl upgrade. Have you noticed any changes in game performance and stability, especially at higher resolutions? I play at 4k on a high end machine, performance has always been good and remains so. What's the Number 1 most important issue that you'd like to see resolved in the next update to this beta? Honestly nothing seemed that bad, way better than before, the foraging thing (see 5) was the most annoying. Apologies if i missed obvious answers to the problems Ive listed, playing 6 months later on this patch without winter clothes was a lot harder. On a seperate note, does the weapon wheel exist in normal pz for keyboard use? was a real time saver.
  7. Both on multiplayer and singleplayer, tested across a range of carpentry levels, I cannot build single doors. I can build every other carpentry object, just not single doors. Wherether in a doorframe ive built or in a buildings doorway where the door has been removed. I get the red door outline but it will not place. Tested on old and brand new characters/worlds/servers. This only occured recently, previously I could build single doors.