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Mash's secret project.

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9 hours ago, xXSly_WolfyXx said:

No it's just me in-game, I guess it's just a taste thing. It's only a couple stoves that don't look right to me, Everything else is perfect.


Fair enough, but then did it really have to dominate two pages of feedback on mash's six months of work? :P

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I just wandered around a bit in single player and have to say:

I looooooooooooove your work Mash!!! Can't wait for the public release when all multiplayer servers get this graphical overhaul.


This level of detail adds so much immersion and the new zoom level provides a much more cinematic experience.

My mind is kind of blown with the new dimension of possibilities this offers. As much as i hated pixelhunt in the good old adventure games, I'd love it in this game... I'm approaching 1000 hours of playtime on multiplayer servers and one thing that always bugged me was the advantage of players with a higher resolution in competitive situations. Lower resolution doesn't allow for zooming out that much so you can't see as far. But holy smokes, with this level of detail you could really FIND things when you zoom in and look close enough and so really have an advantage when you play zoomed in.


Anyway, I'm looking forward to returning home to my comfortable hideout in the forest by the lake, my fishing rod over my shoulder and a bunch of mushrooms in my pockets, far away from all the grim fandango's in the city xD

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