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    Hm, I guess you're right there, dropping inventory would be enough. I only involved the clothes because of RP reasons in multiplayer, so that a robber can see that one is not only dropping half of his inventory but everything. A little message alongside the dropping of the inventory or some other way of telling one dropped everything could do the job as well.
  2. This may sound indecent, but a button (or option) where you strip naked and throw everythin on the ground would have its uses. Could save people's lives by getting robbed by bandits instead of shot (in MP especially, with NPC's in SP, too). Also there is a strip bar i know of on a server, would make the dancers' lives easier . For quick escape when one is hauling too much stuff and on the run from a horde it could be useful, too.
  3. Redboid has gotten pretty chill though. Discord is a great addition, people communicate more and there almost isn't any hate going on (at least that i know of and i play on there a lot). I remember the days when we had only reddit for communication, it was not enough, led to misunderstandings and overreactions. And of course the server has evolved a lot. I'm sure thanks to a lot of work you put into it Enigma <3. Hacker problems get solved so quickly i didn't even notice one in the last months and there are some very skilled "community players" on the server who are very friendly and helpful towards new players, trouble has almost no chance to arise. Overall the community idea is growing and evolving as far as I can tell from my years on there. Special events are getting better and better, too, admins learning more and more. I get what you mean, I'm having a very cool experience on the Russian server "New Hope" atm. It is frankly quite an adventure for a non-russian speaker, but I am getting innovative with using a notebook, strg+c and strg+v (copy/paste) and google translate. Their server is really chill, most of it vanilla with only some selectively chosen snippets from mods. No loot respawn and a quite high player number really let you appreciate finding and maintaining an axe. I have a house with some friends in the woods, and every action we take is planned and meaningful, every wall in our house has its purpose. With all the vanilla feeling and always a clean floor (because items on the ground get deleted on server restart) it is my "chill in the woods" server when I take a break from Redboid. Being an EU player i really appreciate the ping, too. Redboid can be extreme fun, New Hope intense survival and long-term wise.
  4. Lumbo


    I like communication by letter on MP servers. Notes and journals get stolen most of the time though when you leave them somewhere. Now with the introdution of graves, engravings came to my mind. They are tough to make and take a long time, but they can barely be moved/stolen. Perfect for meaningful short messages.
  5. Add a button that lets your character automatically tell things about him in local chat. Interesting to know about other players: - profession (like "Been a carpenter all my life.") - stats (like "My friends call me grand chef of the cuisine. Running never was my style. etc.") - traits ("Is that you Mom? Can't barely see anything without my glasses") - wounds ("I tell ya my fractured foot hurts") - until animations get added stuff one has equipped (like backpacks); even when it's visible by animations, items in main inventory are interesting to know for bandits Bonus points if the mood and panic level one is in affect the enunciation.
  6. Speed already is the most impactful in my opinion. I imagine strength would be similarly easy. Sensory abilities would only be a detail gameplaywise i think. For me, a fourth speed with the same animation as sprint but a little slower would be great, fretless speed slides the optimum. Otherwise I'd say only worth it if easy to add.
  7. I third this because of priority reasons. The random options are way more important gameplay-wise for me. And fixing sprinters in MP. I asked on Redboid server today who would like random/sprinter zombies and whole server (maybe 20 players) agreed. On the other hand we will wait anyway... xD
  8. Hm, yea, I guess if you want fog to behave dynamically (which sounds superb), a simple overlay wouldn't do. You'd need fog cloud objects or something. If you can't pull off something like that, I for my part would totally be happy with an overlay alternative.
  9. I'm sure you don't need to feel bad for modding the game - it is explicitely desired I think. Do you think thick fog would be within your capabilities in modding the engine? The kind that doesn't let one see 5 tiles far? It probably would be harder than a simple overlay because the area around the player would have to be cut out in order to let one see something. But it would have a nice effect on gameplay I'm sure.
  10. The addition of random zombie speed is great! Hope it will work in MP, too. If it is easy to code in, making their ability to open doors random would be great, too. Is it possible to make another speed level between sprinter and fast shambler to close the gap?
  11. There are 2 landbridges connecting the western and the eastern part of the map - one northwest of the great central lake and one southwest of it. The northern one is really narrow and a perfect spot for bandits to lurk at. The southern one has a road going through it and a town nearby - my idea is to cover all of the southern landbridge with a dense maze-like area (could be anything from urban area to an harbour or even a mining area or a huge construction site, many possibilities...). That way it would make passing through it a tense gameplay moment and maybe you'd have factions trying to gain control over the area. Anyway, I really like the layout of the map
  12. I can't really estimate the size of the map because there is no reference, but if it is really huge what about this: make one town at the coast the spawntown where people can group up and start their expeditions from?
  13. Alternatively make the character emit evil chuckles when you put on the mask
  14. Automatically enable PvP when you put on the mask so you're not invisible upstairs/brhind walls.
  15. Not sure if this has been brought up before: Painted crates (maybe other painted furniture, too) glow in the dark. Lighting mechanics don't seem to apply for them.
  16. Lumbo

    Swing State

    Can you tell me how narrow the recent angles of aiming are approximately? Why doesn't the mod help? Because angles are too wide?
  17. Lumbo

    Swing State

    Excellent idea, Dusty Lens! In my opinion you could even just shrink down the vision cone to the appropriate degree without any color overlay. So when aiming with a gun you can only see zeds/players within a narrow horizon. I'm curious whether there will be changes regarding the linking between sneaking and aiming along the combat/animations overhaul. Because you'd need to detach aiming from general sneaking in order to achieve that. My personal suggestion is using right mouse for gun aiming as I haven't ever been using it with the current controls, I only use ctrl.
  18. Lumbo

    Swing State

    Hype for the map addition, and the safehouse system sounds genious especially with the easy faction system!
  19. Yea, standard chatlog when a newbie joins a server: "I'm new to this game"..."Damn I broke my leg"..."Gonna restart"... have read it more than 100 times.
  20. Lumbo

    Eerie Country Beta

    I've been playing a bit in Eerie County now, I really like it. Haven't gotten to explore all of it, but what I've seen was great work, from lovely designed houses to experimental stuff like the thing with the large yard inside what I think I remember was maybe a cleaning firm? And the cafe with the glass bridge connecting 2 buildings... I could go on and on, but I haven't really seen much of the map yet. Also the train station is well designed, cool spawn point. So, good luck with the further development of it!
  21. One thing that could cause confusion with the nutrition calculations is that the weight of food items is a representative for weight+volume. Personally I think it's kind of unbalanced that nutrition gets superdetailed values and calculations whereas weight and volume are a rough guess. Hope I didn't sound too critical, I just sometimes wish weight and volume were separated or carrying capacity/ main inventory nerfed a lot. But that's just me... edit: nevertheless the weight systems is fine as it is and works for me esit2: and I have no idea how accurate the nutrition system is, I'm giving it a try right now. That's great!
  22. That leads me to an idea for maybe some future updates (I know you're busy with all kinds of stuff right now, so don't bother): to have a calorie burn variable depending on many other things like workout, stress, etc. That way you'd try not to run as often, rather save those calories and walk, just a little thought About the state of nutrition at the moment: Yeah, I think it's plausible to burn lots and lots of calories during apoclypse, haven't gotten to care about nutrition yet in game though.
  23. Lumbo

    Hydrocraft Mod

    I've got the same problem. Tried to play hardcore with sprinters and extremely rare loot, but one food store alone could feed me for a year. If hydro manages to nerf the non perishable food spawn, he should nerf rabbit spawn in corn fields, too. You won't get soaking wet with them and won't get sick from rain, they work.
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