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  1. I think these have all been fixed now, changes will not appear until a future build
  2. Thanks for the thorough report Capt. Motty! I've gone through them and have made fixes However, just a couple of comments regarding some things I didn't change: - I don't consider more than one light switch controlling the same light a bug; this is a fairly common feature in many homes - While I altered some fence alignments, not all are "meant" to be aligned and so they were left as-is - Quite a few of your reports of missing light switches were in rooms that definitely have light switches in my files; we're going to double-check to make sure those light switches have the corr
  3. More feedback on performance would be great A large portion of the changes in this update were to do with that, so we need to make sure it's improving for people and iron out bugs! EDIT: jinx, Rath
  4. Hello everyone - a shorter Thurdoid this week, just a few announcements. Build 38 We've just released what will hopefully be the last IWBUMS of build 38 before we finally put it to bed. You can find the changelist for 38.25 here. We'll probably aim to go public with it on Monday, at which point the vehicle build will become the prime build and all hands will move onto it. We've pretty much got the dedicated server system set up on the new build system, so will have updated that soon and will announce it when that happens with hopefully a good chunk of the weekend left to
  5. yup, that gas station was all kinds of messed up with things flipped the wrong way etc. it will be fixed in the new build!
  6. re: crops; yes, I'd like to add back in vegetation at some point, but the way things are right now, the vegetation doesn't change (which is how we ended up with perma-corn). I wouldn't consider the fields a finished product
  7. Something I can answer! Yes, the corn was taken away, as it was a source of perma-corn, and didn't fit with the rest of the changing vegetation in the game.
  8. Hello! Building files cannot overlap... if you have (say) a fence that connects to two different buildings, you can either: 1) build both buildings in the same .tbx file, 2) build them in separate files with the fences that are attached to the building one tile or so outward, then fill in the missing fence tiles in tilzed
  9. Yes, the railroad should be fixed with the next map update They weren't put down before because the cells weren't done, but with EP's noise generation it should be a-go.
  10. Re: fishnets, I appear to have messed up the tile there, that's definitely not how they should look. Will fix
  11. Yes, there are more clothing and hairstyles etc. in the pipeline
  12. Yup, we're definitely going to be adding more skin tones... we actually used to have more, but I think the others were temporarily removed during our character model rejigging. You can look forward to this being back in with the upcoming animation build, or soon after
  13. The stove was actually the very first sprite I upsized in the entire game, so it might be inconsistent with what comes later. I'll take a look Thanks for the kind words, everyone!
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