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  1. We'd also have make sure that they didn't build the town big enough for everyone.
  2. BoogieMan

    Next update

    I always found it strange that using the name of a gun isn't all that common in games, but using the likeness of a gun is absolutely common. Often with little to no change on it's physical appearance. It's weird how one way is acceptable, but the other is not.
  3. BoogieMan

    Not a fan of Instant Death Trend

    I imagine it's something you're going to have to experience first hand to really get a feel for it and how much it affects you personally. Although thanks for reminding me of this scene.. Applicable, I'd say. When you want a deterrent, it's a good one.
  4. BoogieMan

    Nvidia vs AMD performance

    That may be so, and kind of makes sense given how much more percentage of gamers use NVIDIA instead of AMD so I'd bet more testing and optimization efforts target NVIDIA display adapters. Also, there are some things that the RTX 2070 does better than the 5700 XT, and vice versa. Could be that what the 2070 is better at means better performance in Project Zomboid. According to some benchmarks, the 2070 performs much better at some Direct3D stuff, specifically a render target array and a geometry shader. What exactly that is or how much that means to this game, I have no idea. There is also something else to consider, your AMD card had some problems with it or it wouldn't have been producing visual artifacts so it could also be that it wasn't performing as well as it should. I have a RTX 2070 as well and it's been superb for me in every game I play. Massive upgrade over my previous 960GTX.
  5. BoogieMan

    Katana and Turn Animation Super Weird?

    Yes, it doesn't need to be, but at present it just looks really wonky.
  6. BoogieMan

    Katana and Turn Animation Super Weird?

    I agree, the attack animation looks like you're attacking with your hands and the pommel or hilt and looks very awkward. I think it looks like an animation of someone swinging an object intended to be used with one hand with both hands. Like swinging a regular nail hammer with both hands, which for anything but overhead power attacks would probably far less effective than using it one handed, especially to make follow up swings easier. About the apparent lack of a guard, not all katanas had those. Most probably did, but that is a valid variant. Probably rare outside of Japan, I'd bet. Seems plausible to believe that most recreations that get produced in modern times and bought by random people probably would almost certainly have a guard because it looks more "authentic" but that doesn't really bother me either way.
  7. BoogieMan

    New Infection Options

    I think currently that more or less means that scratches from zombies can infect you. You're probably right that were that an option all on it's own, it may be kind of weird that a scratch could infect you, but not bites. I suppose the definition would have to be changed.
  8. BoogieMan

    New Infection Options

    I agree wholly. It would be nice if dealing with wounds was more of a concern so having someone with that skill can make a difference. Most of the time, you get hurt, you're dead anyway. Seems like a good doctor would probably be one of the most comforting and useful people to have around after the apocalypse.
  9. BoogieMan

    Battery weight

    Loose bullets are like this as well, much heavier than they should be. It would be nice to see items like these changed to be a bit more sensible, if not you can make your own mod. I made one that changes bullets have a more realistic weight that I use just for me.
  10. BoogieMan

    Why dispose of corpses?

    Maybe pile them up together and set em on fire.
  11. BoogieMan

    PZ Community New Outfit Thinktank

    Fast food uniforms to match the in game restaurants.. Motocross, FBI, Paintball, Fisherman, Farmer, Gigamart employee, Hobo, Outdoorsman, Lumberjack, EMT, Jogger, Construction, News People/Cameraman...
  12. BoogieMan

    RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 40.18

    Ohhhh, that makes more sense. Thanks!
  13. BoogieMan

    RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 40.18

    Nice changes, especially the specific sound volume controls. More games need that feature. Thank you! Quick question though.. What's the logic for not being able to sleep in a car unless the engine is running? It seems like it should be clothing/temperature dependent.
  14. BoogieMan

    "don't fall off from stairs"

    That is a good idea. It would be nice if they were impassible to each other too. It would make the crowds look more impressive and they could get knocked into each other, and it would be funny to see them tumble down stairs. I remember mentioning sometime similar about the pushing of zombies in a suggestion long ago, but unfortunately as far as I know it has never changed. That's where when you shove a zombie, they have a predefined duration of backwards stagger which doesn't seem to take any environmental concerns into account and they also seem to be invulnerable during the stagger animation. You can shove a zombie 2ft from a wall and they'll do the same long backwards stagger they do outside with nothing blocking them. They should thump into the obstacle and stop staggering, and be able to be melee struck while staggering regardless.
  15. BoogieMan

    Hydrocraft Mod

    I'd like to see a Hydrocraft-lite offshoot mod. I like what Hydrocraft does in theory, but I feel it makes the game cluttered with huge numbers and variations of items. Most of which you can't really know the value of without stopping a lot to research, and even then most of the time it's just info on the item's stats and not what you actually do with it. I find myself spending a lot more time sifting through my inventory and storage. A lite version that drops out some of the fluff, like Christmas ornaments and paraphernalia and other filler and focuses more on that more interesting and useful crafting and survival aspects.