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  1. October 13th 2018 11:03am EST.
  2. News for new players who think they can live a year

    I average 2-4 months per life and then usually some interior ninja zombie comes out from behind a door or just inside a small room and infects me . Outside of that I usually get tired of never finding a sledgehammer and go on a reckless rampage until I die and start over. Although I've barely played since cars were implemented..
  3. put project zomboid in one image

    *Thump* *Thump* *Thump*
  4. Project zomboid best part and worst part?

    The game is feature rich and well refined for a game still being developed, with seemingly much more to come. The level of customization with the sandbox settings is one of the best things that has been added in my opinion. It gives you a lot of control over the difficulty and how the overall game plays out. A lot of it meshes really well together, the sounds, the music, the aesthetic. I have no doubt it will end up being an even greater experience than it already is. The only things that really stick out as straight up negative to me is probably just because it's still being developed. I'd like to see more variety in town and building design, with some truly unique locations with their own challenges to claim and maintain. That and character visuals that show your bag on your back, if you're carrying one in your hand, more clothing and armor options.. I imagine some of that is just a matter of time, and if it doesn't quite completely address it for me in the end, there are going to be mod options.
  5. Has anybody fortified the racetrack/air strip?

    A word of caution when attacking zombies through fences like was mentioned in this thread.. Unless it's been recently fixed, zombies that get knocked down next to a fence can sometimes stand back up on the opposite side and come after you, so be careful.
  6. I think you can use towels to dry yourself off, maybe that helps? I think metal barricades are more durable and you can put up one sheet and block an entire door/window faster than putting up all those planks. Probably less noisy, but I'm not sure.

    I usually disable the chopper in sandbox settings myself, a bit too trolly for my taste. Especially since the pilot seems to be omniscient and can always find you. You have to tools to deal with it. Yay for sandbox options.
  8. Best and worst traits?

    Anything that lowers your carry capacity/melee damage (below baseline) or causes you make more noise are the least desirable, at least to me. That and deafness, that can be very detrimental. Anything that buffs guns is nearly worthless. As a weapon they will probably get you killed. As a diversion they can be useful for luring zombies to an area but you don't need any skill with them to accomplish that. Best traits really depend on your playstyle. I like Strong/Stout the best overall. Athletic can save your life and save you time.
  9. Appearance Editor

    I really hope so, the more NPCs become a part of the game the more important it will be to be able to recognize someone.
  10. Fix MP Sprinters

    Exactly, a mix would be awesome, so as to surprise you rather than always knowing what to expect.
  11. Burglar alarms make no sense; should be reworked

    The ones I am familiar with are typically hard wired into the house. It would be much easier to simply use smoke detectors or alarm clocks with a battery backups for such a purpose.
  12. Burglar alarms make no sense; should be reworked

    I would think motion activated alarms aren't very common (for homes at least) because so many people have pets or don't want to set it off themselves in middle of the night. Most should also fail within a few days, at most, after the power goes out as their battery backups deplete.
  13. More funding

    I bought a copy for myself and two more for others, and mention it whenever people start asking for game suggestions and other stuff on forums. They get a little more money and the community gets more players, everyone wins. Do your part in spreading word about the game and be sure people know it's a WIP - but it is not a dead early access game like so many others.