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  1. I've also had mixed results using the setting that disables unprovoked environmental attacks. If I had to guess as to why, I think that perhaps any meta event essentially suspends the setting while the zombies are trying the go in the direction of the sound that attracted them. This leads to them bashing and attacking things much more readily even if it there isn't a good reason to do so. You can really see this if you allow zombies to set off alarms. They will move through in hordes seemingly smashing down every door and window they cross, even if it would be fairly simple to just
  2. Most of the gun related stuff I've found was from the Gun Store and Police stations.
  3. My experience and point of view comes from real life firearm use. I own 9 of various types. I think the first time my dad took me out to shoot, I was about 10 years old. At first I could hit a 12oz can at 8ft maybe 1 in 8 shots and that was probably mostly luck. After some simple pointers about stance, arms, breathing and trigger pulling, it improved considerably. As an adult with more practice, I can hit a man-sized target with a pistol at 25yds (75ft or 22.86 meters) with every shot. Headshots maybe 40% on a good day with the pistol I'm best with (glock 17, ironsights) and 15yds or less (pro
  4. 3/5 hits after standing still for 30 seconds? This will almost never be a circumstance that will happen. Maybe on the first shot. With any more than a few zombies coming after you, you'll never be able to stand still for 30 seconds anytime, anywhere. Throw in a bit of panic, which almost every character will have at some level and yeah, you're going to miss. A lot. And any hits that aren't kills don't really count for much since zombies don't bleed. Some times it seems to knock them down or make them crawlers but it still doesn't count for much in a bad situation.
  5. I've been picking it up and placing it around the edges of buildings I've set up in. I figure at least 3 in a row should increase the odds of me hearing the cracking while the zombies approach before they start banging on entry points. Can't say it has helped a whole lot yet, but it may eventually. It would be nifty if it could be an optional ingredient to crafted explosives/traps to increase fragmentation damage. Or glued to a baseball bat for some bleed damage, although that would only be good against other people.
  6. Cool post. I'd be interested to see if defensive skills help at all with rear attacks.
  7. Yeah you can't sleep unless you're actually tired, unless you have sleeping pills.
  8. Haters gonna hate.
  9. I don't see many environmental stories, and an unfortunate side effect of having them currently is sometimes a nice location is burned down which is a bummer. But what do you mean about armed robberies and fishing and hunting parties? I have never seen anything like that. There aren't NPCs yet, right?
  10. I agree, that would be a good randomly applied to a map kind of thing to have. As it is, other than some abandoned vehicles or boarded up safe house the world is fairly sterile, looking untouched from the chaos.
  11. I agree, sometimes my arms actually make visual contact with zombies, but they don't get pushed. I guess because it was just ever so slightly off center. Often they recover from shoves super quickly and resume lunging at you as well which is like they don't have to overcome inertia, which with the animation update the player has to deal with quite a bit. It seems to me players have to obey the laws of physics more than the zeds do which creates a sort an imbalance and can make things feel off.
  12. They'd be too small to cover most windows, they'd have to be sewn together. A makeshift sack makes since though.
  13. I noticed today that a M16 can't use .223 rounds. I do not find this surprising, but it is factually inaccurate. Most 5.56x45 weapons can safely fire .223 rounds. You don't even need a different magazine. Not quite as good at longer ranges though. A .223 firearm *can* fire a 5.56 round as well, but it is potentially unsafe since a 5.56 round produces more pressure that could in best case wear out the gun faster, get jammed up inside the mechanism, or worst case make it explode in your face.
  14. @Ciber Ninja The map is so big, traversing it without cars was a nightmare. Running and running forever just to get to the next town wasn't fun. I imagine you are in an extreme minority. Cars allows them to add more and more to the map and have it still be relevant to the player.
  15. This conversation confuses me. Why do you think there are like a 1.5 billion cars in the world? Because they are super useful. They travel fast and can store a lot of stuff. That's just their inherent properties. A 2,500 - 3,000 pound fast moving rigid object is going to be powerful. Low speed collisions against soft objects like people doesn't cause much beyond cosmetic damage. Broken lights, damaged hoods, grills, windshields and side view mirrors probably won't last long, but as far as damage that actually would make the car start failing? That's going to take a lot of repeated
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