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  1. Maybe, but I wouldn't count on it and if it happens it will be long from now.
  2. Yeah you're screwed either way. People will complain when things take time or get delayed. People complain if they come out too early and there are issues. You can't please everyone. But they can make the best choice for the work they are doing. It's an integrity move that most game developers these days would never be able to do. It's not like there aren't a thousand other games out there to experience while you wait.
  3. I haven't noticed any bias. Probably just a coincidence. Although awhile back I got my groin chomped on by 3 female zombies in the Sunstar Hotel.. I think the story made it into one of the Mondoids reports.
  4. Maintenance of any melee weapon would be something to deal with it, some more than others sure, like blades. But compared to when they were used in combat, blade maintenance is not quite as bad as it used to be since they aren't being damage by other blades or armor. Just bone hits. A lot of common spear designs have very straight blades without barbs or other protrusions that are likely to get imbedded in your target. Even if they did, you have both hands to pull with and you're still safer to run away if you had to. Not to mention, a simple spear would be something most people in many situations would be able to fabricate without any special knowledge or uncommon tools. From sharpened wood (even better if fire hardened) to duct taped knives, Scrap metal, sharpened rebar.. Maybe not the best weapons there are, but easy to use and much safer. And most importantly, more available. Regardless of what is best, you can only use what you can get your hands on. The major drawback of a spear is also what give it is power, the size. Moving through an interior location, especially an unfamiliar one, and you'll probably need a secondary weapon. Zombies aside, a spear would put you at an significant advantage against a hostile human armed with a any melee weapon with less reach. If you can't get close enough to swing your weapon without getting impaled, it doesn't matter much what it is. In controlled interior locations, like while on the defense, if you don't have a ranged weapon a couple people with spears down a corridor from you are basically untouchable. But really, it also depends on the person swinging it. A strong person with a real sword like a claymore or albion sword WILL chop your head off or most/all of your torso with one good swing. I seem to recall seeing a video where some big dude pretty easily chopped a pig up with a claymore, and pigs are generally more robust than we are. I would probabably take an axe that could be wielded with both hands before a mace. Maybe a chance to get stuck, but again you can use both hands to pull it free. My main issue with a mace style weapon is that it's only great for headshots. Maybe you could break limbs with it, but you're not really fully shutting down the zombie without killing it. An axe can kill as well as chop off limbs much more easily. You can also chop wood and doors with an axe, and hunt and cook with a spear. There are probably some Youtube channels that address a lot of these questions. Probably Skallagrim and Shadaversity, have to go check out more of their vids.
  5. Not as useful against living beings, yes, but not useless. Blades can still dismember and sever connective tissues. A disabled zombie is less of a threat. Maces are good, but require you to get up close and use a lot of force which would be tiring and dangerous. Outside of ranged weapons, it seems like spears should be the best zombie killing weapon in *most* situations. They don't require much training or as much physical fitness to be used effectively and are perfectly capable of going through a face or head all while keeping the user much more safe. With a lot of people and with it being easier to disengage with, fresh replacements would be easier to cycle in. A shield wall with long spears behind would be devastating against zombie hordes.
  6. Awhile back I tested this myself, used some tools to make myself invulnerable, with unlimited ammo and no need to reload and stood at the giga mart in west point and shotgunned zeds without leaving the area (I think maybe standing in one place the whole time) and after quite awhile and a few truckloads of kills later I ended up giving up because they never stopped coming. I found it odd because as far as I know there aren't actually unlimited zombies anywhere. On the other hand I found it hard to accept that there were that many zombies in earshot. This was probably at least 2-4 years of builds ago though. They will respawn if you leave an area for awhile, however. I think the default is 3 game days without the player present for repopulation. But yeah, the way guns have been implemented in PZ has been a sore spot for me in the game since forever. Guns aren't useful for much other than making a situation worse. In an emergency where your situation would be improved by more rapid removal of threats, you'll just attract a GREAT deal more threats. Out away from towns where they are more safe to use you probably won't be in the situation where they'd be needed. So what's the point? It's not a very realistic or fun way to represent them. Yes, gun sounds in reality are very loud and can travel about two miles (3.22km) away, but outside of the immediate area it is very difficult to pinpoint exactly where the sound originated from. The direction, depending on the area, sure, but not always. The way that sounds bounce around in urban areas can throw it off. Also, a 12 gauge shotgun like the one in PZ looks to be is not significantly louder than an 9mm pistol. A sawed off one would be louder, but the longer the barrel the less loud it tends to be since more of the energy is transferred to the barrel. So a shotgun can in fact produce less sound than a pistol. Going off the model of the shotgun in game, I'd guess that it has a 28" barrel. Which would actually produce less sound than a 9mm pistol. If it was an 18" barrel, to the shooter or onlookers the only really discernable difference would probably be the frequency of the sound. I personally think handguns and rifles are more harsh to hear than shotguns because the sound is higher pitched with more of a crack to them but that's beside the point. Reality aside, I don't think the in game system for guns is fun and I really can't imagine how NPCs will deal with it. All it will take is one idiot NPC firing his gun in town and everyone will be dead.
  7. I think the panic sounds prior to this were more unique. These new one, while fine on its own seems more like a standard horror movie sound. I'd have to play with it for a while to really get a feel though. I'm surprised the zombie bashing noises are being replaced. I thought they were excellent as they were. I really liked the hands sliding across the windows sound too, I've never heard that effect in any other game. Everywhere else windows are just broken in one go. Hopefully that effect is still present. Another one of those things you'd have to play with to get a feel for. I agree about the engine sounds though, it would be better with slight delay in the shifting, and an accompanying sound wouldn't hurt. But the short delay on it's own may do the job fine alone. About the car door sounds, does anyone else remember that car doors used to sound different than they do now? I remember most car doors in the 80s and 90s sounded more heavy than they do now. Metal hitting metal. Now it's a more of a subdued and clean plastic on plastic clunk sound. The sounds in the linked video (yes I know they are being replaced) sounded more like modern cars than 80 and 90s cars. Minor, but I think it would be nice of the sound of bashing a zombie on the ground wasn't exactly the same sound as bashing them while they were standing. Maybe a tad more thumpy and meaty since there the force is going into the head and ground instead of the body being knocked back into the air while standing. On the mechanic side, blows around ground targets should do more damage as well since there is no available space for decelerating the body. There seemed to be a slight delay that felt odd when the zombies were getting ran over by the high speed cars. Like they were hit, it took a moment to register that it was a fatal blow, then the death sound played. Seems like the hit and death sound should fire off simultaneously?
  8. I agree, sometimes my arms actually make visual contact with zombies, but they don't get pushed. I guess because it was just ever so slightly off center. Often they recover from shoves super quickly and resume lunging at you as well which is like they don't have to overcome inertia, which with the animation update the player has to deal with quite a bit. It seems to me players have to obey the laws of physics more than the zeds do which creates a sort an imbalance and can make things feel off.
  9. They'd be too small to cover most windows, they'd have to be sewn together. A makeshift sack makes since though.
  10. I noticed today that a M16 can't use .223 rounds. I do not find this surprising, but it is factually inaccurate. Most 5.56x45 weapons can safely fire .223 rounds. You don't even need a different magazine. Not quite as good at longer ranges though. A .223 firearm *can* fire a 5.56 round as well, but it is potentially unsafe since a 5.56 round produces more pressure that could in best case wear out the gun faster, get jammed up inside the mechanism, or worst case make it explode in your face.
  11. @Ciber Ninja The map is so big, traversing it without cars was a nightmare. Running and running forever just to get to the next town wasn't fun. I imagine you are in an extreme minority. Cars allows them to add more and more to the map and have it still be relevant to the player.
  12. This conversation confuses me. Why do you think there are like a 1.5 billion cars in the world? Because they are super useful. They travel fast and can store a lot of stuff. That's just their inherent properties. A 2,500 - 3,000 pound fast moving rigid object is going to be powerful. Low speed collisions against soft objects like people doesn't cause much beyond cosmetic damage. Broken lights, damaged hoods, grills, windshields and side view mirrors probably won't last long, but as far as damage that actually would make the car start failing? That's going to take a lot of repeated use. The most concerning damage would probably be the loss of a windshield and radiator damage. Blasting something at relatively high speeds is going to cause a lot of cosmetic damage, but the car will likely still drive fine. This is also in 1993, there are more cars made of mostly steel in this time period as opposed to plastics and lighter weight metals that we use today. Most large american cars would plow through large numbers of zombies fairly easily since most of them will probably be tossed to the sides or over the top, humans are top heavy and zombies aren't bracing themselves or preparing for the collision in any way since they have no self preservation. Larger trucks with a high underside clearance would do even better. Zombies aren't going to stop a car unless they are in massive tightly packed hordes and it would help if it was on dirt, and not pavement. On pavement, a car has a lot of grip on the ground and can apply it's power, weight, and friction advantage. Overall it would vary highly depending on the type of vehicle. Small cheap four cylinder cars can be held in place by as few as four people, if they have thick enough rope secured to it and are properly prepared and bracing for it, and the driver doesn't slam on the gas and instead eases up. With their hands? I'm sure it would take more. But even a medium sized simple pickup truck can take upwards of 16 people to stop it from moving. Again, people with a good grip rope secured to the vehicle who know how to brace their bodies and are all working in unison. A feat zombies could never match. The only advantage zombies would have (if you ignore the fact it would be impossible) is that they presumably don't get tired. What exactly is the intended goal here? What do you really want? Unrealistically and frustrating brittle cars that become a source of constant tedium and frustration? Loud cars that aggro everything in the city like it had no muffler? Cars in game are more or less inferior to cars in reality already. Especially handling and breaking. They already can carry less stuff (and for some of the vehicles WAYYYY less) than cars in reality could, other than some of the larger (but unrealistically light) items like furniture, appliances, and generators, but that's a needed gameplay adjustment. The only solid way that I really see them over performing is the windshield. That would probably break pretty quickly and then you'd have zombies in your face. Using metalworking to weld a bunch of vertical metal bars is what you'd want to do, or a large sheet with view parts large enough to see, but too small to be very dangerous. Bar the radiator too. You'd want a police car that is probably already reinforced, extra heavy, and has one of those big metal bumpers and bar the windows. That or a big truck.
  13. Weird. I have the opposite experience. Unless I'm really going fast it seems like running over a zombie has something like a 1 in 4 chance of actually killing them in the first hit. Also, when I drive through even as little as about 8 of them I lose much of my speed and low speeds rarely seem to actually kill them, not to mention it damages the vehicle over time. But.. I mean, isn't that what should happen? Cars are heavy, rigid, and go can move fast. Zombies also have no self preservation so just take the hits full on without trying to dodge or roll. Seems pretty accurate that you should be able to plow through them. In fact I'd wager it would take a lot more people to stop a vehicle moving in reality than it does in game.
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