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  1. I would think you should. It could be chance but at least for me the times I've selected doctor I've started in nicer houses than most of the other professions I usually use.
  2. Would the lucky trait skew results? Perhaps everyone should be instructed to not select it?
  3. Power Musings

    On 0-2 months power/water sandbox settings Earliest I had water cut out was 8 days. For power I think it was 11 or 12.
  4. Are the story modes no longer planned? What initially attracted to me was the "Kate and Baldspot" demo. While brief it was very interesting. Taking care of somebody else added a layer of emotion and impact to the game that is presently lacks. Gritty lonely survivalism is still fun, but more ways to play is a good thing. NPCs will add some of that back I'd imagine, depending on what non adversarial relationships they can have with players, if any.. So yeah - what about the story/campaign mode?
  5. Me when the car update happens

    Yeah, but getting a new CPU is more expensive, and depending on the age of the rest of your parts (namely motherboard and memory) you may have to replace them all to work with a newer CPU. That and if those are laptops, upgrading RAM is more likely to be feasible than the CPU. Windows 7/10 (64bit) both state 2GB of memory as the minimum requirement. That means that amount is already bare minimum for the operating system alone. Since I doubt those systems have SSDs there is a good chance that a fair part of the poor performance is the system struggling with passing data constantly back and forth between the memory and the hard drive since there isn't enough memory to store everything needed. The cars move much faster than on foot so the game has to load and unload data at a much more rapid rate, that and they are still experimental and undoubtedly will get more optimizations. My advice would be to get 8GB of the fastest memory those systems can support, and an SSD if you aren't interested in getting a newer system. Just loading up PZ on the vehicle build in a new game with nothing going on around it was sitting at 1.2GB of memory used. That will want to spike up the more there is around you and the longer you play, now that amount being split with Windows 7/10? That's going to be a throughput bottleneck. It would also help to pick up a solid state drive. At least the file swapping would be a lot faster, even if the RAM was insufficient. It's also something you could keep using when you finally do upgrade the rest. Putting Windows on an SSD will make a *huge* difference for any system that supports one. I'd even go so far as to saying getting a solid state drive is the single most noticeable upgrade anyone can do to their system. Another thing I didn't remember until just now is using an attached USB or SD card sort of like RAM extension, for those of you with little memory, check this out: It explains what it is and has a good walkthrough of how to do it, it's not difficult.
  6. Me when the car update happens

    Check out for new RAM. You'll want to look at the specifications for your motherboard to see what kind of memory is supported. You can find the information online or in the manual that came with your PC/parts. It's fairly inexpensive these days, outside of the ultra high end exotic stuff.
  7. This might sound dumb but, eyes problem?

    My fiance got bad motion sickness playing Rift (MMO) when it came out. Even after I made a lot of adjustments, she had to take a break every hour or so. We know it was the game because she could play World of WarCraft and other games without issue. If possible: -On a typical PC monitor, it should be between 30 and 40 inches away. Assuming you have average proportions you should just barely be able to reach it, and that you can comfortably see at that distance without squinting or feeling eye strain. -On a TV you should be far enough away you don't need to turn your head at all or turn your eyes far to the sides to see the edges. From what I've read you should sit at least 8-9 feet away from 50" TV and UP. -Make sure you are sitting comfortably, seriously, I've known some people to have a bad set up for extended periods just because that's how they initially arranged things and just never thought about changing them. -Make sure the screen is not overly bright, and game gamma settings aren't too high -If you often play in a dark room, try turning on a light -Any light sources (other than monitor) should not be in your field of view when looking at your screen -You should be looking straight forward, not turning your neck -If possible try to ensure the center of your screen is level with your eyes -Try to find out your frame rate of the game and see if it's below 30fps or spikes up and down wildly. If it is lower settings to increase/smooth it. Around 60fps is good for keeping the movements looking fluid (this is particularly important) -Try enabling VSYNC if you haven't, this can smooth out your FPS and reduce a few other visual problems. (can also help a lot with these kinds of issues) -Update your video drivers -Make sure you're using the highest refresh rate for your viewing device -If you play zoomed out very far most of the time try zooming in closer so your eyes/brain don't try to keep track of as many things -If your system is weak, it could simply be unable to render a smooth viewing experience If you still have issues maybe you should go to your eye doctor. Just because only one thing triggers an issue doesn't mean there isn't anything else going on. If you wear corrective lenses and haven't went for a checkup in more than a year, then there is a chance you need your prescription updated. Another thing that can help is ask someone else to periodically observe you as you do what you're doing. You could be subconsciously squinting or doing something else odd that they can see.
  8. Me when the car update happens

    Haha yeah, gaming on less than 8GB of RAM these days is generally not going to be an optimal experience. To be honest I'm kind of surprised it can even be run at all on a system with only 2GB. I'd say the 8GB minimum has applied for at least.. 5 years or so? So for it to run on 2GB, which is also being gobbled by your operating system and whatever else may be running is an impressive accomplishment for Project Zomboid.
  9. October 13th 2018 11:03am EST.
  10. Appearance Editor

    I really hope so, the more NPCs become a part of the game the more important it will be to be able to recognize someone.
  11. Fix MP Sprinters

    Exactly, a mix would be awesome, so as to surprise you rather than always knowing what to expect.
  12. Burglar alarms make no sense; should be reworked

    The ones I am familiar with are typically hard wired into the house. It would be much easier to simply use smoke detectors or alarm clocks with a battery backups for such a purpose.
  13. Burglar alarms make no sense; should be reworked

    I would think motion activated alarms aren't very common (for homes at least) because so many people have pets or don't want to set it off themselves in middle of the night. Most should also fail within a few days, at most, after the power goes out as their battery backups deplete.
  14. More funding

    I bought a copy for myself and two more for others, and mention it whenever people start asking for game suggestions and other stuff on forums. They get a little more money and the community gets more players, everyone wins. Do your part in spreading word about the game and be sure people know it's a WIP - but it is not a dead early access game like so many others.