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  1. I've lived in Florida for awhile and that's pretty accurate, although the "Winter" time here is maybe two months where on average you can get by with a hoodie, if that. Unless you're out at night in which case you might need a light to medium coat if you'll be outside for extended periods of time. I've seen it snow a few times, but it melts the moment it hits the ground and never accumulates. Although in the very northern edge of Florida I've heard that it can make a slight dusting on the ground for a short time. Also see hail pretty much every year down here, which I rarely saw up north, not sure why that is. Most of the time it's unpleasantly hot and humid. And sometimes you can get a sunburn in less than an hour. You can often spot the tourists by how sunburned they are, poor buggers. WEAR SUNSCREEN!
  2. Who wants some pulled pork?! Which do you prefer, a dry rub or wet?
  3. I believe any dropped items are safe. The only exception I'm aware of is if the sandbox setting for cleaning up zombies is enabled that of course they and anything on them will get removed when it triggers. I would feel better if someone could confirm though.
  4. Maybe they could use a slight buff, but in any event I like them. I put medical supplies in one, and basic tools in the the other.
  5. They'd be too small to cover most windows, they'd have to be sewn together. A makeshift sack makes since though.
  6. I noticed today that a M16 can't use .223 rounds. I do not find this surprising, but it is factually inaccurate. Most 5.56x45 weapons can safely fire .223 rounds. You don't even need a different magazine. Not quite as good at longer ranges though. A .223 firearm *can* fire a 5.56 round as well, but it is potentially unsafe since a 5.56 round produces more pressure that could in best case wear out the gun faster, get jammed up inside the mechanism, or worst case make it explode in your face.
  7. As far as I am aware this is how it works: Has a Cold Cause: Being cold and/or wet for long periods of time, hypochondriac trait. Treatment: Staying well fed as much as possible, not getting cold/wet, and probably extra rest. Tissues help muffle sneezes/coughs which may attract zombie attention. Prevention: Equipping an umbrella in one of your hands slows the rate that you get wet and reduces the maximum amount of wetness you can get, changing out of wet clothing, drying yourself with a towel, having Outdoorsman and Resilient traits. Sick Cause: Consuming expired food and (eating) cigarettes and having the hypochondriac and weak stomach traits. Treatment: Staying well fed, and lots of rest. Prevention: Don't eat expired food, having Iron Gut and Resilient traits. Zombification Obviously from being bit by a zombie. Appears to function just like being sick, but once it flares up health begins to rapidly drain until you die, and it cannot be cured by any means. Staying well fed will slow the rate of health loss and buy you a little time. Wound infections Cause: Dirty/untreated wounds, leaving bandages on for too long, and has a small chance to occur regardless. Treatment and Prevention: Keeping the wound and wound dressings(bandages etc) clean. Antibiotics help, but I'm fairly sure they do not help with anything else. Bandages can be reused and cleaned with water and made sterile by using of a bottle of disinfectant on them which also makes them safer to use than bandages only cleaned by water. Vitamins only help with fatigue and exhaustion, and only in a minor way.
  8. Indeed, I was born in 1980 and grew up in Indiana, and it's very similar to Kentucky.
  9. The game does not very accurately represent American homes either in layout/size and like you wondered, the usage of curtains. In my experience it's rare for any window to not have either curtains or blinds. Also in the majority of houses I've ever been in, the bathroom is usually an interior room that has no window. Ones that do exist, sure, but in my experience it's fairly rare. But some compromises have to be made for gaming. Different regions in the US can influence home design quite a bit though.
  10. I haven't done the math but I think Thick Skinned is worth more than 1 guard skill regardless, maybe as many as 3, and it always applies and isn't specific to either blade or blunt weapon use. For what it worth, I'm using the latest version of PZ (iwillbackupmysave) and I just checked and I no longer even see Self Defense Class as an option you can pick, so I guess it's getting removed, or the omission is a bug.
  11. I don't think anything reduces the chance for getting infected, you can just lower your chances by getting hit less often.
  12. I think Thick Skinned is better. The other just raises a skill, which you can do in anyway although it may be slower if it affects your XP gain for that skill. I believe Thick Skinned gives you -10% chance to be scratched, and -3.75% less chance of being bitten. A little less effective if unarmed though. Combined with defensive skills and it can be a nice improvement to your durability. Weapon skills do the same thing more or less, reduce your chances to be bitten/scratched and XP for it is granted on hits/kills with blunt or blade weapons. Thick Skinned is like getting bonus guard from the beginning that will always be effective regardless of defensive skill level. A guard 10 character with Thick Skinned will have even less chance of getting hurt than a guard 10 character without. Seeing as any landed bite has a 100% chance of infecting you, any chance of reduced bite chance is good.
  13. It's not terribly hard to live a long time once you're through the very early game. If you get enough food and supplies and go to a remote area and stay out of trouble and work on farming, your odds go up dramatically. Not as fun though, in my opinion.
  14. Weird. Looks like the room is floating in some empty void.
  15. @Ciber Ninja The map is so big, traversing it without cars was a nightmare. Running and running forever just to get to the next town wasn't fun. I imagine you are in an extreme minority. Cars allows them to add more and more to the map and have it still be relevant to the player.
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