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  1. What kind of canned beans though? I have typical baked beans in my cupboard a it would be slightly more than half a cup to equal about 170 calories. So in-game that's either a small can of beans or it's or perhaps just literally plain beans with nothing else added. Even if that were the case, a regular sized can of even plain beans would probably be more than 170 calories. That would probably be just a serving and not the whole can.
  2. Hi there, here are some ways to support it that don't require money: 1. Recommend the game to others when appropriate. 2. Leave reviews on websites. 3. Speak about it on forums, youtube videos about PZ, etc. 4. Help with bugtesting and reporting issues. 5. Help new users by answering questions. Personally I've bought it for myself and two others (and probably a third in the future when it's further along) and I speak positively about it whenever given the chance and I try to help with questions or discussions on the forum when I can. It's a good game with a good team, I've never bought multiple copies of an early access game before, and haven't really been tempted outside of Project Zomboid. I'm sure you'll find a way that works for you.
  3. Yeah, I've never used it, but I would have thought it being cloud based it could easily store your userdata somewhere attached to your account that it could pull from as needed, regardless of what system you get connected to. Seems like it would be service suicide to not allow savedata.
  4. BoogieMan


    Haha, that's cool. I wonder how many old DOS commands I can remember... Assuming it uses them. I NEED MORE EXPANDED MEMORY!
  5. Sometimes I play without infection on because the games plays a bit differently then, and medical skills actually count for something. I oddly enjoy using the medical system, so it sucks it plays such a small role in the vanilla experience. I imagine it'll be more important with NPCs, at least.
  6. I don't know the answer to your question regarding the multipliers, but the rest of it It depends on your vision of low initial count and peak count. I've had good experimental experiences setting initial population between 0.50 to 0.75 (instead of 1) and just moving the peak day up earlier. Gives a sense of dangerous deserted desolation early on, then just full on danger.
  7. Gray font on a gray background makes it very hard to read.
  8. @Ciber Ninja The map is so big, traversing it without cars was a nightmare. Running and running forever just to get to the next town wasn't fun. I imagine you are in an extreme minority. Cars allows them to add more and more to the map and have it still be relevant to the player.
  9. This conversation confuses me. Why do you think there are like a 1.5 billion cars in the world? Because they are super useful. They travel fast and can store a lot of stuff. That's just their inherent properties. A 2,500 - 3,000 pound fast moving rigid object is going to be powerful. Low speed collisions against soft objects like people doesn't cause much beyond cosmetic damage. Broken lights, damaged hoods, grills, windshields and side view mirrors probably won't last long, but as far as damage that actually would make the car start failing? That's going to take a lot of repeated use. The most concerning damage would probably be the loss of a windshield and radiator damage. Blasting something at relatively high speeds is going to cause a lot of cosmetic damage, but the car will likely still drive fine. This is also in 1993, there are more cars made of mostly steel in this time period as opposed to plastics and lighter weight metals that we use today. Most large american cars would plow through large numbers of zombies fairly easily since most of them will probably be tossed to the sides or over the top, humans are top heavy and zombies aren't bracing themselves or preparing for the collision in any way since they have no self preservation. Larger trucks with a high underside clearance would do even better. Zombies aren't going to stop a car unless they are in massive tightly packed hordes and it would help if it was on dirt, and not pavement. On pavement, a car has a lot of grip on the ground and can apply it's power, weight, and friction advantage. Overall it would vary highly depending on the type of vehicle. Small cheap four cylinder cars can be held in place by as few as four people, if they have thick enough rope secured to it and are properly prepared and bracing for it, and the driver doesn't slam on the gas and instead eases up. With their hands? I'm sure it would take more. But even a medium sized simple pickup truck can take upwards of 16 people to stop it from moving. Again, people with a good grip rope secured to the vehicle who know how to brace their bodies and are all working in unison. A feat zombies could never match. The only advantage zombies would have (if you ignore the fact it would be impossible) is that they presumably don't get tired. What exactly is the intended goal here? What do you really want? Unrealistically and frustrating brittle cars that become a source of constant tedium and frustration? Loud cars that aggro everything in the city like it had no muffler? Cars in game are more or less inferior to cars in reality already. Especially handling and breaking. They already can carry less stuff (and for some of the vehicles WAYYYY less) than cars in reality could, other than some of the larger (but unrealistically light) items like furniture, appliances, and generators, but that's a needed gameplay adjustment. The only solid way that I really see them over performing is the windshield. That would probably break pretty quickly and then you'd have zombies in your face. Using metalworking to weld a bunch of vertical metal bars is what you'd want to do, or a large sheet with view parts large enough to see, but too small to be very dangerous. Bar the radiator too. You'd want a police car that is probably already reinforced, extra heavy, and has one of those big metal bumpers and bar the windows. That or a big truck.
  10. Uhh.. I think maybe you have a typo there.
  11. Weird. I have the opposite experience. Unless I'm really going fast it seems like running over a zombie has something like a 1 in 4 chance of actually killing them in the first hit. Also, when I drive through even as little as about 8 of them I lose much of my speed and low speeds rarely seem to actually kill them, not to mention it damages the vehicle over time. But.. I mean, isn't that what should happen? Cars are heavy, rigid, and go can move fast. Zombies also have no self preservation so just take the hits full on without trying to dodge or roll. Seems pretty accurate that you should be able to plow through them. In fact I'd wager it would take a lot more people to stop a vehicle moving in reality than it does in game.
  12. Thanks for the reply. There is no blam folder. There is only two within the save: isoregiondata radio While the door was locked, the blood splats on the ground and wall were still there on the inside, and the pile of zombies was maybe 2 car lengths away from the car is still there. I went upstairs and the doors I opened are still opened. I don't know how the game really works, but if that local chunk got reset, would not these thing be gone as well?
  13. I had a fully loaded police truck when I saved and exited the game. It was parked and turned off about 20ft from my location. Loaded up a few hours later and the car was gone. This was parked by the rear exit to the movie theater by the mall. EDIT: Another odd effect. The backdoor to the movie theater is now locked and it was NOT when I last played. As far as I can see, the pile of dead zombies I was disposing out back are still there. So, car and contents vanished, door locked itself. The trunk was nearly full with a few tote bags, a school bag, and a hiking bag loaded mostly non perishable food, building supplies, tools and some guns and ammo.
  14. It may be worth noting that the vast majority of magazine requiring pistols I've found in solo sandbox mode don't have magazines either. EDIT: Seems it affects any weapon that needs a magazine, rifles included. At this point about 85% of all magazine guns I've found in testing has had no mags. Sample size: Approximately 40 gun weapons.
  15. This happened at the stand alone store northwest a short ways of the West Point Police Department. Southeast most window. Zombie broke the glass, fell out and was stuck laying mid-air about where a floor would be if it was on ground level. It was still alive and making sounds.
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