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  1. If I recall correctly, a base scratch attack has a 25% chance of hitting. Thick skin reduces the chance by 10%, while thin skin increases it by 10%. So 15% and 35% respectively. I believe a zombie has to land a successful scratch to get a chance to bite you, so that also reduces the chances of being bitten as a result. I think I recall reading somewhere it also slightly reduces the chances of developing an regular wound infection from zombie scratches. I don't know if that applies to other wounds like glass cuts, but I imagine it probably doesn't. Your guard skills also affect the chances of an attack landing as well. I think it gets fairly substantial at high skill levels, especially when combined with thick skin. However low it may be, it can still happen and I've no idea how often zombies get to make an attack attempt. But the odds quickly increase with just a few more zombies attacking you since there is that many more attempts being made against you. It DOES help, but it's no sure thing. Lucky increases the chances of finding rare items and can make your item repairs more successful, but I don't know any of the numbers. It does nothing other than those two effects. It is probably less noticeable looting zombies until you've looted a very large number of them, but going to areas with lots of containers like warehouses and storage locations it has more chances to take effect. I imagine the longer you survive with it the more beneficial it becomes. The thing with traits is they have to be carefully balanced so there isn't as much of a chance of certain traits becoming must haves that makes players feel pressured to select them, so the effects have to be a bit subtle.
  2. BoogieMan

    When Will We See Visible Backpacks?

    I think a game like this would benefit more from the smaller attention to details than many other kinds, and I have long wanted more accurate/interesting character appearances in this game. It has never truly bothered me, but I think it would be a great addition. And as been said, the vast majority of people seem to agree. I mean, a game that (as an option) requires you to not only manually load each bullet into a magazine, but then to insert the mag *and* pull back the slide all as separate actions? Even the what is probably the most widely played hardcore military sim game out there, Arma 3, doesn't let you reload individual rounds into a magazine or work your slide. To think of that level of detail but you can't see a backpack is kind of funny to think about. I am by no means knocking it for having that as an option, and as a gun enthusiast with a collection and as a gamer that appreciates attention to detail, I think it's awesome. It's just kind of odd when you really think about it.
  3. BoogieMan

    Upcoming Combat Changes is a bad Idea

    On the opposite side, can you go for a leg hit if you'd prefer to simply disable/slow the zombie instead of taking the time to actually go for the kill? Such as you need a quick out a window or something like that, and just need to delay them a moment rather than go for multiple hits for a kill?
  4. BoogieMan

    Graceful vs. Inconspicuous

    I'd get Graceful, because a lot of the time you aren't in the field of view of zombies, and if you are, you want to no longer be in sight. In most situations I believe that hearing is the zombies most useful sense. Visual detection is limited by direct line of sight, if you're out of sight, the trait is effectively doing nothing. It feels like it really just takes one or a few zombies to spot you and begin moving towards you and making noise, which then draws other nearby zombies with them. So if that logic holds, take the -50% chance and roll for each zombie in a crowd who is facing you. Odds are one or several will see you even if most others don't. It's probably more effective against small numbers of zombies, but small numbers of zombies aren't all that dangerous anyway. In your safehouse, you've probably blocked all your windows so any time you're doing things inside it's not helping. Sound doesn't require line of sight and seems to go through walls and other obstructions at least to some degree. So if there is a zombie anywhere nearby, the trait is doing something unless you're standing still doing absolutely nothing. Remember that visual tracking is only one of four ways zombies seem to be able to track. Others being hearing, smell, and memory. If you're out of line of sight, that sense is out regardless. If you're out of line of sight and make less noise, that's one plus part of another sense they don't have, and still has an effect if you keep moving and looting before they break inside. Last, while experimenting with sandbox settings I find the zombies stupidly easy to deal with if their hearing is set low. Really, it's too effective so I never lower it from default anymore. Even if their vision is low I feel like the other senses do a decent job of making them still plenty enough of a hassle. Even if they can't see well they'll still bash on stuff and draw more friends and know where you are even if their back is to you.
  5. BoogieMan

    PZ Community New Outfit Thinktank

    Fast food uniforms to match the in game restaurants.. Motocross, FBI, Paintball, Fisherman, Farmer, Gigamart employee, Hobo, Outdoorsman, Lumberjack, EMT, Jogger, Construction, News People/Cameraman...
  6. BoogieMan

    RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 40.18

    Ohhhh, that makes more sense. Thanks!
  7. BoogieMan

    RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 40.18

    Nice changes, especially the specific sound volume controls. More games need that feature. Thank you! Quick question though.. What's the logic for not being able to sleep in a car unless the engine is running? It seems like it should be clothing/temperature dependent.
  8. BoogieMan

    "don't fall off from stairs"

    That is a good idea. It would be nice if they were impassible to each other too. It would make the crowds look more impressive and they could get knocked into each other, and it would be funny to see them tumble down stairs. I remember mentioning sometime similar about the pushing of zombies in a suggestion long ago, but unfortunately as far as I know it has never changed. That's where when you shove a zombie, they have a predefined duration of backwards stagger which doesn't seem to take any environmental concerns into account and they also seem to be invulnerable during the stagger animation. You can shove a zombie 2ft from a wall and they'll do the same long backwards stagger they do outside with nothing blocking them. They should thump into the obstacle and stop staggering, and be able to be melee struck while staggering regardless.
  9. BoogieMan

    Hydrocraft Mod

    I'd like to see a Hydrocraft-lite offshoot mod. I like what Hydrocraft does in theory, but I feel it makes the game cluttered with huge numbers and variations of items. Most of which you can't really know the value of without stopping a lot to research, and even then most of the time it's just info on the item's stats and not what you actually do with it. I find myself spending a lot more time sifting through my inventory and storage. A lite version that drops out some of the fluff, like Christmas ornaments and paraphernalia and other filler and focuses more on that more interesting and useful crafting and survival aspects.
  10. BoogieMan

    When did you join pz

    I don't remember how I initially discovered the game, but I bought my first copy on December 29th, 2012.
  11. It's a shame that is even a problem, why so many struggle with it is beyond me. It's an in-progress game. That kind of stuff is going to happen. It is in no way surprising or unexpected. Then again, seems like most people don't even have the self control to flick their finger to use their turn signal while driving so I guess I shouldn't be surprised.. Not unusual for the majority to suffer for actions of a very vocal minority. Oh well.
  12. Interesting stuff, thank you all for your efforts!
  13. There were rudimentary NPCs in the game awhile back. But they weren't very good since they were, as stated, rudimentary. In my experience they almost always all died very, very quickly because they just weren't sophisticated enough to be able to get by in such a difficult, complex, and open world game. I think it was a really good move to push them on the backburner and work on other things that would add a lot to the game and take less time to implement. Designing an AI to play this game convincingly without resulting to outright cheating has got to be very challenging. There are so many actions to take, places to go, dangers to deal with.. And players to interact with. I've no experience with such things, but it seems to me any AI system that can reasonably pull off living in this world is going to have to be very sophisticated, and personally, I'm almost looking forward to just seeing them in action more than simply playing the game just so I can appreciate the artistry they are going to represent. Think about it, this kind of game has more complex decision making and weighing of priorities than most games, and that is further complicated by how often they have to be reevaluated as you gain access to new information. Quality work takes time, and look at how the game used to look. It's evolved considerably. It's natural to be disappointed when something you were looking forward to seeing isn't there, but it will be and to harshly judge this game largely upon that isn't very fair. It still has a lot of offer now in its unfinished state. You're also grossly over simplifying the situation when you say: "....And yet, how could they spend EIGHT YEARS without even bothering to implement some rudimentary NPC algorithms? .... If it is taking that long to create the algorithms necessary to implement functioning computer-controlled ally characters in-game, then perhaps the standards are too high? That statement assumes that's all that's been going on this whole time. When in reality it's more like: More playable area, and new towns Cars/vehicles Vastly improved visuals, the game now has 3d models instead of almost entirely sprites They are working on an animation update which will further improve the look of the game More sounds, especially ambient sounds Zombie behavior refinement Excellent sandbox settings that allow players to fine tune their experience Huge amounts of more content that is too expansive to cover here And of course, multiplayer That's just what I can think of off the top of my head. Putting in NPCs earlier would have delayed all of this progress, which as a whole, have given more to players. NPCs will be an important part but it doesn't make a lot of sense to put them in before a good deal of the rest of the game has firmly taken shape. As new concepts and mechanics get added to the game more and more time would have to go right back into updating the NPCs over and over. That's not an efficient use of time and resources. Better to put down the foundation before you start working on the roof. TL;DR It's an early access game, these things happen.
  14. I would think you should. It could be chance but at least for me the times I've selected doctor I've started in nicer houses than most of the other professions I usually use.
  15. Would the lucky trait skew results? Perhaps everyone should be instructed to not select it?