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  1. I'm just going to drop in and say that holy crap, amazing work. Mash deserves all of the hugs.
  2. I've been busy with college, bla bla bla, here's some recent real-time renders in Unreal 4. And a WIP look at the environment itself. Finally, here's my Artstation in case anyone wants to follow the 3D work I do. Keep up the good work everyone!
  3. I'll try to keep this 'update' relatively short. So after MisterInSayne's last post, he sorta just dropped off the radar and we never really talked about the mod, or at all. Despite this, he does still appear online on Steam, so I'll ask him about things when he's next on, provided I can catch him. In terms of the mod, there have been no additional updates, information or even planning in the background, so everything discussed and revealed by InSayne and myself in this thread is everything that makes up the current build of the Companion mod. It's a shame, honestly, however I've had a rea
  4. This is likely to be added when the animation update roles out (likely around build 34 - 35, but no ETA's).
  5. Yeah, my friend lost a character to a zombie spawning inside our safehouse, losing hours worth of skills. A tad annoying, but the technical limitations are understandable.
  6. *Coughs, points at username.* Every chance I get I mess up names, even after all these years.
  7. I love it when ANDY OR ANY DEV tells it how it is. It's oddly very satisfying to read. Well said.
  8. As of right now, I'm focusing on refining the dog animations to make them fluid enough to match my ridiculously high standards. Put simply, nothing new animal-wise too soon, but I'll try. You'll have to bear with me.
  9. Pretty much this. It seems very likely that this is to be included when the animation update hits.
  10. Top banter is the most important thing in life.

  11. From a technical stand point I can't see it being too hard to implement. If a certain amount of zombies are on the border of a chain-link fence, lower HP of fence. Of course, it should have quite a lot of HP since they aren't easy to just tear out of the ground. Keep in mind I'm not programmer. It'd also be really cool to see the fence become gradually less stable, perhaps even having it physically shake back and forth. Could be done pretty easily in 3D without the use of too many polygons, provided it fits in with the other fences that aren't 3D graphically. Here's a quick mock-up because
  12. The procedural house generation is damn nifty, I can't wait to see second stories and more added towards it. Also, I'm hyped for build 33, but what I'm REALLY looking forward to are those new animations. Every time I'm playing I keep imagining how smooth and fresh everything will look, as well as how different it will be to move around. The hype is real.
  13. I think I remember having a conversation on this before, or at least something like it. Overall, it just seems like a bad idea to die or get injured from pure RNG, even if your player is intoxicated and such by your own choosing. I fully support the idea of zombies being able to fall down stairs from being pushed, but most humans (even those that are clumsy and intoxicated) would probably be able to at least realize that they're falling backwards, especially if pushed. Climbing up stairs in any state shouldn't be a risky action, but that's just my opinion.
  14. If I get my way, then yes As others have mentioned, bad smell is not in itself dangerous so primarily this would be for flavour - but that said, feeling horribly sick because of a disgusting smell can debuff things like perception and therefore, as others have said, encourage the cleanup of corpses from your safehouse etc. Furthermore, if we go with negative "bad smell" moodles, then on the flip side, "nice smell" should be a positive moodle. Cook something tasty? Nice smell. In multiplayer, a nice smell of bacon could lead you to realise a house which looked empty is, in fact, occupied. So i
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