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The walking dead Harrison memorial hospital (WIP)

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Perhaps more gore, like all the corpses in the parking lot(?) Would also make it more recognizable


Looks like a well designed building as it is, btw. 

Sadly there aren't any corpse tilesets otherwise I would be all over that. And there is blood in the hospital itself i'm just to lazy to post interior picture atm.

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On 6/9/2015 at 8:32 AM, xXSly_WolfyXx said:

Wanted to see what some people thought about my first building. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.  It's very much still a work in progress so don't outright say its bad plz.  (clyde)





Floor 1:



Floor 2:



Floor 3:


I'ts Possible can i add it on my Mod-Pack Workshop?


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