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  1. ORGM Rechambered

    Just an idea i really want to see, being able to chamber a bullet with not magazine, ie open the slide of a handgun and drop in a bullet.
  2. Could make zeds stuck on the spikes, so if there is more behind it they will destroy it. Or you can remove one zed at a time to keep it deadly for the next zeds to come
  3. Soul Filcher's Building Time

    I would love the option the create the prison doors, the metal bars one.
  4. Build doors

    Thanks il check it out C:
  5. Build doors

    Hey! so i am looking for a mod that lets me build more stuff, there is already a few out there but its not cutting it. For example the ability to make the doors from prisons etc. Any help would be great! C:
  6. I have that mod and played arround with it, from having the pistol in the back of the pants, in a shoulder holster. A belt holster etc. Would be awesome if they could do it Maybe holsters would be another "layer" on your character
  7. Does anyone know if when it comes out, if we can see holsters ect? it would be perfect for my inner The Walking Dead fan
  8. RELEASED: Build 37.14

    I also backed the game, and it was not cheap just to get a broken game and they running off. As someone who does not have their own job ect this was a lot of money for me back in the day when i backed it
  9. Zombies with watch alarms

    Happend to me in SP, a watch went off and it was on a zed
  10. RELEASED: Build 36.4

    First off, i was trying to run away multiple times and the clicking didnt work at all. And yeah i guess it is preference too but for me i struggle to jump over them. Just dosnt seem like it does the job for me and would love an option to how it was before, but i will try the option you said and click and the bottom and i will see how it goes!
  11. RELEASED: Build 36.4

    Thanks! but that still dosnt work for me, any way to change it back to how it was? kind of frustrating
  12. RELEASED: Build 36.4

    How do i jump over fences ect if it is higher? Ie if i am on a roof with fence i cant jump over anymore.
  13. THE WALKING DEAD PROJECT (Server) Location

    Love this so far! if you need any pictures ect il try to help find them. Also for woodbury dont forget the "gladiator pit"
  14. I just thought of a small thing with the animation stuff. If we could drop stuff lets say bags or guns and stuff like that from windows or if its higher up than just the normal ground. Now that the update with the weight and jumping from windows this would be really neat to have so you don't break your leg or drop all of your stuff. (Sorry for bad English, i wasn't quite sure how to explain it
  15. Hydrocraft Mod

    Normal lights from outside houses. Have the same ones at the other end of my base and a generator there, they work