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  1. No. I really don't undertand how people can be so angry/sad/scared from playing a game (youtubers for example). When i'm angry i'm angry "inside" ;d What do you think about Put In Putin?
  2. But even if they'll collapse you're safe rigth? My point is that these tents should be made from better materials that wouldn't break under a scratches of zombies.
  3. @uberan. Enigma though about this too, this is why he gave me a post block for a *opinion* (without personaly or not harming someone..) about the rule, not even breaking the rule (sexist jokes etc.)
  4. You REALLY like locking topics.... You're the only admin that i seen locking topics so often. When you lock topic not only me can't discuss things but also other people that could say something importnat for OP. But well...

    1. EnigmaGrey


      Eventually, discussion ends.

    2. Adamiks


      So you're playing God and ends them when you want the to end? Btw it's really suspicious that i got warning from you exactly now. You totally not looked for my posts breaking rules. Gonna leave it here, i understand the message :|

  5. "The only possible materials that you could use to build a metal wall are galvanized roofs, and metal sheets, these are thin enough to be pierce by nails." Hey, but people in modern world built everything using only hammer and nails? The answer is no. There is a lot of tools that would help you to do it, but i'm not going deep here because it's just obvious (if it isn't just google it ;d).
  6. Yeah, food-water system need some twiking. Like water should be used more often because characters in PZ are running almost 8 hours for day. And one pack of chips wouldn't feed you for a day of that running etc.
  7. Soo... People with steam can't play with people on non-steam? Well... That sucks. Hopefuly i don't have friends to play with.
  8. +1 for spikes. Also +1 for smithing with a job or recipes.
  9. Now, you only need to make some limites so players will can play with this even on MP! ;d Anyway, great work!
  10. Oh... I don't noticed that. I downloaded Hydrocraft like 1 week ago ;d
  11. Yeah, for me food or water isn't really a problem due to free water at every house, but this isn't really good reason to make water gathering unrealistic. And there is almost no lakes in Muldraugh. If i remember there is only a one house in the woods with the lake and some other cabins with wells but that's all.
  12. Sounds like we have some testing to do! Testing to see if fitness and strength degrade overtime is going to be really really boring to test though. I mean the TV and radio broadcasts aren't in yet, so sitting around the house eating chips all day with nothing to do but read... Well... You made that testing for nothing because i can say you that i got broken leg (due to stupid not-fence looking fence on warehouse...) and i got a LOT of fitness and sprint XP due to "sprinting" (holding shift) so yeah - your XP gain will increase with broken leg rather than decrease.
  13. Great mod! I hope you will be able to add noise to the hunting etc. But the only thing i don't understand - why the heck Hydrocraft don't use it already? It's way better and more logicial than using binoculars with poop on it to find and insta-kill with your hands deer.
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